Thursday, July 5, 2012

Illegal To Be Me?

I've been contemplating this question with reference to the Kaleidoscope Trust campaign for WORLD PRIDE that happens Saturday. Their statement "It should never be a crime to be gay" is something I'm not sure WE in the US of A are even aware of most of the time. Sure, gays get persecuted. People are mean and stupid and things get out of hand and bashings happen, but so far it is not a CRIME to be gay. It is not ILLEGAL to be who you are. (And please believe me I am NOT making light of gay bashing! Don't hear that.)

In other countries, homosexuality is looked at on a whole other level. It's a crime. A crime punishable by imprisonment or even DEATH! I can imagine and understand hiding the fact you are gay because of a job, because of the people in your neighborhood, because of ridicule from family or friends or whatever; but to hide the fact that you are gay because it might cost you your LIFE is not a position I can wrap my head around yet this happens! And it's wrong!!

YOUTUBE video from Kaleidoscope Trust  (I had issues inserting a video) What if it was illegal to be you?

People should not have to fear for their lives because of the way God created them. They are people! WE are people!! We love, we hate, we work, we laugh, we want to share these things with another human being. Everyone deserves the chance to live their lives free of the fear of death, especially when the fear is focused on one's sexuality. The LGBT community needs to have the same rights as others. This includes the right to LIVE without fear. In 78 countries around the world it is not safe to be yourself. (If you are gay.) In 5 countries you could be put to death! Read This Article in the Huffington Post and think about how it could be YOU, it could be ME.

What if it WAS illegal to be me? (or you?) And for the smallest things. You have blue eyes so they need to be poked out. You have blond hair so we need to pull it out! You are under 5'5" so you need to be shot. You weigh over 150 lbs and therefore must got to jail. These sound stupid but what if they were true? How would you feel? How would I feel?

I hide. People in my town don't know ME for the most part. (Some do, I'm getting braver and letting people inside my wall.) I pretend to be Joe Schmoe (no offense if your name is Joe) and live my life as though I'm NOT a published author. I hate this. It kills me to keep my successes a secret. (I'm writing MY STORY and eventually it will all be out in the open!) My parents know about me and that is not my issue. For some it is! For some people they hide for fear of their family's reaction. Not me for the most part. I fear persecution from the town I live in. (And don't tell me to move, it's not as easy as you think.) But what I go though is NOTHING compared to living in fear of my life!! I can't imagine that.

What do YOU live through? What are YOUR fears? Is there something you keep a secret because of the possible reaction of others? What would it be like if that secret could cost you your life? Or get you thrown in jail? How would that make you feel? How would it change how you live?

Things to think about.

Spread the word about the need for freedom. Take part in WORLD PRIDE.

Over and out,

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