Monday, July 16, 2012


People tend to have a favorite "theme" in the genre of their choice. Whether it is "cowboys" or "shifters" or "cops" or "rockers" or "you name it!" For me personally, I LOVE rockers! There is something about a bad boy playing guitar that makes me hot. (Sorry, carried away there. Don't mean to give tmi by saying HOT. hehehe) I used to date a guitarist a while ago and there was something in the way he held that thing low on his hips and moved his fingers... *pant pant*

So I guess it is no surprise that my favorite "theme" as it were is ROCKERS!!! It MAY stem from the fact that I can't play worth sh**. I am not musical but I have always wished I was. I would love to play guitar. Or bass, or drums. (I like a hot drummer!) So maybe when I read I am imagining all the things I wished I could do? Reasonable, right? In one way or another we read to escape our own little world and experience a different one. Maybe in MY imagination I'm a Rock Star? (LOL, yeah, okay...)

But I love Rock Stars. I HAVE voted on the list of best Rockers!  I have not read all the ones on the list, obviously, but I will update my personal opinions as I read through the list. I have said this countless times: I LOVE LISTS! Why? I use them! I check out Goodreads list of lists often to think about what to read. YES, I take recommendations from friends. I also add books that "friends" have enjoyed. I ALSO add books that friends have hated just so I can see for myself. I read books sometimes just for the experience of saying I read it! (ie. 50 Shades of Grey on my list now.) But time and time again I go to Goodreads lists because OFTEN, the lists are really accurate with my personal opinion! Of course there are those times where When Love is Not Enough is #30 on a LIST and I disagree! (It should be WAY higher! *hint*) But I look at the lists to motivate me to pick something.

Do you read the lists? Do you VOTE on lists?

With ROCKERS I have only read 6 and am currently reading the one. No Fear more than likely will be on my list so I added it anyway even though I'm not done.

#1 - Conquest. I really liked this book. I would give it more stars if I could. (You can read my review here.) Hot, sexy, and just an all around F*****' good read! And the SONGS SJ Frost wrote into it- excellent!!

#2 - American Love Songs. Just over the weekend the story popped into my head again and I was thinking, "Maybe I should read it again?" I have the paperback. AND I have an eBook. I am drawn tot the innocence and sweetness (can I say that) of Jake and Parker.

#3 - The Curtis Reincarnation. Alec/Tyler is endearing and sweet and I liked the plot a lot. Definitey a book I will reread! Very good story!

#4 - Heaven. Jet Mykles is something else when it comes to writing sex. Johnnie is a very sexy character and I liked the way he came after Tyler.

#5 - No Fear. Well, I haven't finished this one YET so It may move up on the list once I'm done. So far, lots of sex. I don't read a book just for the sex. I like it, of course I like it, but there HAS to be more to the book than that. So far, the plot isn't developing but I am only on chapter 4 or something. We shall see.... brb on this one!

#6 - The Missing Butterfly. Good plot. I liked Cassidy a lot! It was short and there was some cheesiness to the band name but I still could not put the book down.

#7 - Purgatory - Luc was not as strong a character as Johnnie. I guess I just couldn't get passed that.

I will have to read all the Jet Mykles series. I own a couple more (Hell and Faith) but haven't gotten to them. I can't ONLY read Rocker books. That would be boring. I mix them up. I also have Keys to Love in my TBR file so I will be reading more of SJ Frost as well.

What do YOU like about Rockers? What are YOUR favorite ones? I have Adder on my tbr list. As well as Moonlight Becomes You. If you have any suggestions, send me a book recommendation on Goodreads!

I will probably have to WRITE a rocker book eventually! The only problem is I know squat about musicians. Maybe I can find one to hang with and learn some of the ins and outs! (Research is essential!)


>At the moment I am TRYING to write an EPIC love story as I work through Darian's part of my trilogy. The Cost of Loving is still out there hoping to be picked up. I have it submitted to one publisher with an "unofficial" submission to another. There MAY be another publisher who is willing to take it. Not sure. I will HOPEFULLY know where the sequel to WLINE is going in a month or two!

>My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! is still waiting on edits and cover and whatever else before publication. I guess it's in the "queue" and all. I think I dreamt about Cole and Ellis last night. Hmmm. Is that telling me I need to write MORE of them? Maybe I just need to read MRJWC again and refresh my memory of how much I liked it? CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT THIS YEAR!!!

>Other news.... Not a lot going on. I am writing. I am trying to read. Life is crazy and I don't always have time for either. i normally do a blog twice a week but I didn't have much to say last friday so I missed blogging. I WANTED to finish No Fear before I did this blog but that didn't happen. Oh well.

I hope all my readers and fans are doing well =D



  1. I've always been fascinated by the idea of playing guitar, but also singing...two things I cannot do with and have zero talent for. But I do remember a drummer back when I was in 9th grade. He switched schools partway through the year, had long hair and a goofy smile, yet wore gray t-shirts that drove me insane (I always thought guys in gray t-shirt were hot for some reason, only I'm not sure why) and was talented playing the drums.

    Things became really complicated when we had gym together, had the swimming section of it and I got to see him naked. Couldn't stop thinking of what it would be like to have him on top of me...which added to a little discomfort wearing a swimsuit.

    Ah, boys and their instruments.

  2. Well damn Kage! And I thought I was being to descriptive when I said guitarists made me hot! Your bit about seeing him in gym naked... oh god... I think I need to go write a sex scene about something like that :p

  3. I love the Conquest series Evan and Jesse are just..yum!!! I recently read SJ's Heartstrings and that was great too. The Heaven Sent series is wonderful. That Johnny! I love love Z Allora's Dark Angels series. I could go on and on. Looking at your list I see that I have some old friends to re-visit. I enjoyed When Love is not Enough and I look forward to more.

  4. I loved the Heaven Sent series but Jet Mykles wrote another Rocker one called Reverb. It was much darker but a really really good book. I also enjoyed the Conquest series but I think my favorite was S.J. Frost's Black Heart Down which once again was much darker than the others.

  5. Kathy- Thank you :) Glad you liked WLINE!! I'm working on more. believe me! I'll have to look up the Dark Angel series.

    Wicked- I saw Reverb but since I hadn't gotten around to all the other Jet M books I didn't add another one. SJ's BHD was darker? hmmm. I like dark. I'll have to hurry up to it :p

  6. I do both. Rockers are hot! You'll be a new author for me- so I'll check out yours and see what calls to me. I always buy from new authord to see if I'll follow them. You would get added to MY LIST:)))

  7. Well Thank You Suzanne! I like NEW readers ;) I hope I don't disappoint. Mine IS NOT about rockers. Sad, gut-wrenching, partially closeted teen/twenty yr old. Hope you like it.

    Next on in december is a comedy though :D