Monday, December 31, 2012

Long Awaited, Much Anticipated, Next Release from Wade Kelly

Yes, it has been a very LONG wait from the last time I had a novel release, but the day is finally here! Mt Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! is OUT!!! When Love is Not Enough Came out August 29, 2011, and THIS is 16 months later. I apologize for the wait, although I have been waiting so much of it myself.

For the faithful few who have stood by me through this struggle of finally publishing a SECOND novel, I thank you from all my heart. There have been a bunch of loyal “fans” who have become like friends. You have stood by me in the long process of rejection with The Cost of Loving and you all have been excited with me over the acceptance of My Roommate’s a Jock. If you don’t know who you are, here is a start…

VIO, Deeze, R.B., Mika, Lena, Candice, L-D, Tina, Tom, Darci, Manuela, Dee, Shirley, Barb, Keri, Kat, Kaje, Pam, Kim, Kade, Monika, Anna, Laura, Dorome, Ijeoma, Ken, Allie, Dee, Chris, Summer, Don, L’Marie, Laura M, Lady McNeil, Dark M, Jamie, Fiona, Barbara, ENNY, Mercedes, Anke, Edina, Carole-Ann, Oceankitty…

I collected these names from “comments” on blog entries and people who interact with me often. If I missed your name, ooops, I’m sorry. I tried to mention everyone who has encouraged me in the last 16 months.

But the wait is over! My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! is out and listed on Dreamspinner Press’ “New Products” page. I will watch the “Best Seller” page with my fingers crossed! It think When Love is Not Enough hit #21/25 at some point. I’d just love to hit the top 25!!! …. Hahhaha… Who am I kidding? I’d love to be #1 for a day! (or two) but that all depends on my readers. If you like romantic comedy “My Roommate’s a Jock” then say so! Shout out! Tell friends. I rely on word of mouth. Conversely, if you hate it, please break it to me gently. I can be sensitive on occasion.

With “sensitivity” in mind, I came across a blog entry that I thought was ironic:

In this entry I mention how someone described ME as a cynical fatalist… LOL… My characters really are me!!! Cole Reid opens the book with that line! HAHAHA. I forgot about that blog entry. It made me laugh.

I’m not sure what else to say about this. I’m stoked! My book is out! GO BUY IT!

Last night I dreamt about a possible “sequel” sequence and characters. I woke up excited about it. I’ve been thinking about how to handle a sequel for this book. I have a title. I have an idea for a plot. BUT…. I was told sequels should be about new characters, not the old ones revisited. That stumped me. How could I write about Cole, but not about Cole? I MAY have come up with the answer! So, if you read this book, and find you are interested enough in this style of writing and the basic characters etcetera, let me know. Comment. I’ll probably write a sequel anyway, but I’d like input. I’ve been writing down content for a sequel since I finished writing the first one. I love my characters!!!

But I am not writing it NOW. I am editing today! The Cost of Loving needs loads of attention! My head needs to be in Matt and Darian!!! Not any new characters. (Although I could see myself jotting down some lines about Nick and RC) Pray for me. Wish me well. Send good vibes my way. Send virtual hugs. I need my “fans” and those out there who believe in me even when I don’t. You are awesome!

Thank you,

Wade  J

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let the Editing Commence

I know I'm slow. That's just me. Slow, lazy, procrastinating lump - call me what you will. But I have FINALLY picked up (opened rather) the final editing draft for The Cost of Loving. I've had it since December 7th. Part of the delay was in not wanting to look at it without my full concentration. I like being IN the heads of my characters and for a while now my mind has been in Nick's. (Nick Jenkins from Names Can Never Hurt Me.) I have been trying to write my thoughts and scenes involving Nick and RC but even that has drawn out into this stagnation of guilt for not making the time to do what I love. Sometimes I hate that I'm actually responsible and care about my job and what I need to accomplish in "real life." If I could blow off everything and write when I wanted to maybe something would get done and I could finish some projects. As it is, December flew by. Now, with only TWO DAYS until my next novel (My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!) releases, I decide to look at the MS (manuscript) for TCOL. (The Cost of Loving) Call me crazy. I want to stay one this! I WANT to be diligent and plod through it page by page, chapter by chapter until it is DONE, and done with perfection!! (LOL) As it stands, there are 332 pages. I know that will change. For one, I will probably delete things, scenes, etcetera that are unnecessary. I want to simplify the plot as much as I can without losing the gravity of the information. I'm going to rewrite chapters. THIS I already know!!! Not looking forward to that but it has to be done! KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE! KEEP AFTER ME!! I'm going to update my progress, probably via comments on this blog on the Goodreads version. Today was step one - I opened the document. I am STARTING!!! I plan on doing edits all day.

First I am going through the ENTIRE document and adding the grammar changes and corrections to my original document. My style of editing lately is not just hitting "accept" to the track changes. I look at them, then switch to my original doc and fix things. I'm HOPING this will help me remember the things I get wrong. What I noticed in doing My Roommate's a Jock so recently, is that I make the SAME MISTAKES all the time. So to all you writers out there who are even newer to the publishing scene than I am, make/take notes of what you do wrong! Chances are you make the same mistakes all the time and never catch them! My editor said she spent 50 hours going over this MS. I can not imagine how much she wants (in payment) for dedicating so much time. I can only hope it is more of a flat rate and hourly. Hourly at like $10/ hour for example is a BUTT LOAD of cash! But I see it as education. I NEED a professional telling me what the hack I don't get right. I NEED a professional explaining what works and what doesn't. Luckily, she is willing to wait for payment. She said she'd wait for royalties and such to come in. My cynical self laughs at the absurd notion of even reaching enough royalties to pay her... HAHAHHAHA. But I htink it is kind that she would even suggest it. Plus, she didn't give me a price. I think she is working with me. I think she believes in me and thinks I can learn and improve. She is a great lady!

AFTER I add the corrections, then I am going to go back through and delete and rewrite! Stay tuned for the step-by-step process :D


OH YEAH... in the meantime... buy my new book!!! *winks* (click here!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

What is Cole Reid up to for Christmas?

Hello lovely readers! Happy Christmas Eve to all of you.

(For those not celebrating Christmas, Have a happy Monday!)

      A little while ago Zathyn Priest asked around who would like to do a "character interview" for Christmas. He was going to put it in the Scarlet Letter but alas the Scarlet letter is not longer available. (I wish all the best to Zathyn and all he does)... Anyway, I thought I would post the interview I did only because I thought it was funny and a clever idea. I don't think it has any "spoilers" necessarily. If you are worried, then don't read it. I think it is pretty straight forward that My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! is a romantic comedy of the M/M variety and that it has a happy ending. I did not write a horror novel (this time) so the main characters aren't hacked to pieces one by one until only Cole is left. (You knew that, right?) So, I don't think my "interview" will spoil anything. There is ONE week until release day!!! You can still pre-order on Dreamspinner Press. I noticed that ALL my stuff is marked down! (Get it while it's HOT!!!) I also put the EXCERPT from My Roommate's a Jock on my website. It's under BOOKS. It is probably easier to read on my website than on Goodreads (for those who read things on Goodreads.) So, here is the "interview" that Cole did for The Scarlet Letter. Enjoy.

Hi. My name is Cole Reid. I’m from the great state of Pennsylvania. I live in Gettysburg and attend college here. I’m studying Physics. I guess I’m your stereotypical science nerd. I have brown hair, brown eyes, a goatee and I wear glasses. I am SO not muscular. I love wearing funny, science-related T-shirts. I’m cynical most of the time and see the world as a place where nothing good ever happens to me—that is, until this year! I’m 21, and I graduate in the spring. This semester in college I met the love of my life.


1)      What are you doing for Christmas and who are you spending it with?  Are you off to celebrate the day with family/friends or are you staying home?__ Well, for the first time EVER I’m spending Christmas with my boyfriend. Feels weird saying that! I have a history of nowhere relationships that end with me feeling used. The Ellis happened along and everything changed. We agreed to spend part of the holiday with his folks and some of the time with mine.

2)     Tell us if you, or your family, have any Christmas traditions.  If you don’t have one, would you like start your own and what would it be? __Growing up, I remember decorating the tree with my mom. I hate cold weather, so my sister was the one to help my dad hang the lights and decorate the yard. This year, I’m hoping mom will let Ellis help decorate. I’d like to do that together and maybe have our own tree next year for just the two of us to decorate.

3)     What’s your favourite childhood Christmas memory? __My favourite memory was going out to buy a Christmas tree (I think I was 10) and coming home with a dog. The tree farm where my family went had a few puppies and my sister got attached to one. It followed us all through the trees and after my dad cut one down, Bethany begged him to let her keep it. As it was, the owner was trying to get rid of the puppies and said we could take it. Our first dog. My mom named him Sam. It was a golden retriever.

4)     How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? __ Did you work it out yourself, or did you stumble on the truth?  How did finding out the truth affect you?  I kind of don’t remember specifics. I think it was a gradual thing. Like, you hear it at school “Santa isn’t real” but you say to yourself that it isn’t true. My mom always seemed way too interested in what I wanted for Christmas. (Because Santa wouldn’t need her to ask me.) Then one year, I found a present under her bed. I’m pretty sure I was seven. (It was way after Christmas.) She made some lame excuse about Santa hiding it for me, but I think that was the clincher. A year later I went LOOKING for presents under her bed, before Christmas, and found lots! So, it fell apart for me when I was eight-ish. I’m not sure if that was the beginning of my belief that nothing good ever goes my way, but it certainly could have been!

5)     What do you hope to find under the Christmas tree this year?  __I found everything I ever wanted in Ellis. As long as he is with me, I don’t really care if I have anything under the tree. But, a new mop would be nice.

6)     Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol?  __If so, which one is it and is there a specific reason why you like it? Um, NO! Spending this semester with Rob and Russell (Ellis’s friends) cured me of ever wanting to hear Christmas music again!

7)     If you could have one famous person, living or dead, at your Christmas dinner table, who would it be and why?  What one question would you ask this person? __Albert Einstein. He is my idol. I’d like to ask him if he was ridiculed as a child for being different? I mean, he was smarter than everyone else, right? Kids get picked on for everything where I’m from. I’m gay, and in a sense “different” than most where I live. Sometimes it’s hard. I wonder if he was made fun of and picked on for his brains like I am for my sexuality? He had ideas that were WAY OUT THERE given the time. People may have even seen him as “possessed” as far as I could guess. Weirder things have happened.

8)     If you got caught under the mistletoe with someone other than your partner, who would you hope it would be?  (Can be a celebrity or other fictional character) __Again, Albert Einstein. Smart guys are hot! (Although I’d liked to have run into him when he was younger. I’m not into older men.)

9)     If you could name a new reindeer to guide Santa’s sleigh this year, what would it be?  Why would you name him/her this? MONTY …lol… that is my boyfriend’s nickname.

10) Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  If so, what is your resolution for 2013 and do you think you’ll be able to keep it? __ I promise to try to be more positive. Ellis says I always point out the negative. I am realistic and I know the universe is out to get me, but he doesn’t see things that way. He’s a “glass half full” kind of guy. For him, I’m trying to change my outlook. Will I keep it? Probably not. I fail most things that are not related to school.

     I hope you enjoyed reading what Cole thinks of Christmas. (It IS tomorrow, after all!)  So do yourself a favor and PRE-ORDER My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap

Monday, December 17, 2012

Discovering TCOL is listed

             It was a pleasant (and exhilarating) surprise to open Goodreads today and find The Cost of Loving (TCOL) listed under Books by Wade Kelly! WOW! This novel isn’t published yet, and somehow it appears in my repertoire. I’m jazzed! I mean, I really liked being listed in the first place. I like Goodreads. I use goodreads. I vote for books on lists, and read ones I FIND on lists on Goodreads… But to open it and find not only MRJWC (My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap!) listed (last week,) and then discover TCOL listed too????? Well, it gives me a certain sense of pride.

            And feel free to list MRJWC wherever you like. Cole and Ellis are college students. I think Cole is funny. And personally, I think they are the best couple EVER! (But that's just me.)

            It is an accomplishment in and of itself to write ONE novel good enough to get published. I was and still am over the moon about publishing When Love is Not Enough (WLINE) last year. I know it has been a very long wait for my next novel to come out. I’m sorry. Believe me, no one understands the frustration over waiting like ME! (I know other authors go through this, I am simply addressing my readers here.) I finished writing TCOL shortly after WLINE came out. I submitted it. Three times to different publishers. I really go no feedback. I was rejected and that was it. SOME allusion to the low sales of WLINE, however I think that was just a polite decline. I gave TCOL to an editor recently. (After waiting months for different rejections to come in.) I had a cover made. (Enny Kraft did a great job!) My goal was to self publish TCOL just so it would get out there! I have a story to tell, or rather Matt Dixon does, and I didn’t want him silenced forever! BUT THEN I GET MY EDITED MANUSCRIPT BACK FROM MY EDITOR!! Whoa, talk about your letdowns. She had very valid concerns about some of the character actions. She pointed out countless grammatical errors. She questioned validity of drug references etc… To sum it up, my editor tore huge holes in my puffed up pride and made me see a need to simplify the story and rewrite several scenes and conversations. She actually did a great job and a huge service to me. I don’t want to write trash. I don’t want to write things that people whisper after reading, “Shit, that book sucked. Wade really needs to go back to school and learn some things. Not sure I’m gonna read the next one. Wade’s lame.” Etc… I LIKE/LOVE getting 4 and 5 star ratings!!! So do I relish the idea of self-publishing crap and getting 1 stars for my inability to write well? Um, NO!!

            So thank you Miss Editor person!

            I am now going to take on the daunting task of rewriting TCOL to make it worthy of my Goodreads fans, friends, and followers. If you people are willing to read it, then I need to make it the best I can FOR YOU! But this takes time. First I need to go through all the grammar changes and fix what the editor pointed out. This is a very long book and it may take a couple weeks just doing that. THEN, I need to rewrite the parts that stood out as wrong or questionable or unnecessary. I think this will shorten the story. I have in mind ways of correcting my unprofessional use of a psychotherapist, as well as the erroneous reference to a drug that hasn’t been used in the USA for years. (Ooops.) I can get around stuff, it just takes time! I think it will make for a better read in the long run!

            What this means for my other stuff is that Names Can Never Hurt Me (NCNHM) will be put on hold. Nick and RC have been in my head and I really wanted to write a scene with them today but I may wait. TCOL has the priority. Especially after finding it listed on Goodreads! It gives me a stronger desire to get that one done, but done on a more professional level! After I am done writing it, it still isn’t done. (Just an fyi) I am then sending it to my graphic consultant (Enny) who is going to help me format it for upload to Kindle Direct on Amazon. There are stages to this! Enny has been great and if there are other authors out there who need a cover or help in knowing what to do next, ENNY is a wealth of information and talent!

            So, for now, I am in rewrite mode!

            As well as promotion mode! LOL My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! comes out in 14 days. Dreamspinner has the pre-order button on the website. Feel free!!! I signed 20 velum sheets to be inserted permanently in the first 20 paperbacks ordered. I have no access to how many have been sold. I know nothing. I check the website every now and peruse the “bestsellers” list. (I’m not on it yet.) I have NO IDEA how many copies equate to a “bestseller” status. I know about as much as YOU ALL DO. I look at web pages and find TCOL listed on Goodreads and had no idea how it got there! I am not informed before hand.

Being an author is a lonely struggle at times. It makes me more grateful for all my fans and supporters! Thank you, kind readers!! Silvio, thank you for reminding me WHY I WRITE!


PS: Thank you to whomever on Goodreads updates and adds information about authors! That is really cool of you!!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merchandise and Advertising


I am in the process of creating post cards to send out to books stores nationwide! I think that is a cool idea. I did it for When Love is Not Enough. I'm not sure that it helped, but it certainly can't hurt!! If you know of any LGBT friendly bookstores in your neck of the woods, please comment and leave a name and address of the store. I would CERTAINLY like to mail them a post card!!

I am also currently trying to upload products associated with my new book! My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! References a number of science-related T-Shirts, two of which I coined! You can purchase any number of products from CAFE PRESS with this design! PJ's, hoodies, messenger bags, doggie sweaters, Gym Bags, mouse pads, mugs, pins, magnets, etc... The only thing I would do is make sure the picture they show has ALL of the design on it. I noticed that one mug (a travel mug I think) did not include the whole design. It is uploaded and I have no control over where it goes (that I can figure out) so it is not always accurate. Even My Protons Have Pride is a great gift idea for Christmas, or any holiday you celebrate! (Birthdays included!) I ordered the shirt so I will post a comment about the quality as soon as I get it!

A tie with the same design can be found at ZAZZLE.COM (As well as T-shirts and other assorted designs!) Again, I ordered this tie and I'll let my readers know if the quality is good or not. Beware... The tie is expensive when bought one at a time! I DID pay for it because I wanted to know the quality of product I am pushing! I did not set the price. I set my royalties! I get 10% (recommended per Cafe Press AND Zazzle). It is not a big cut, but I am going for the FUN of have a shirt just like Cole wears on the cover of the book!! However, that said, I did notice difficulty in finding the right color gray. I ordered the Ash Grey one so we shall see!
I'm also attempting to upload THIS T-shirt design in honor or Ellis Montgomery, but so far Cafe Press only recognizes it as a personal design and not one to sell! GRRR! I don't know why things have to be so complicated but it seems like that is my lot in life. DIFFICULTY! Hence, Cole Reid was born!!! LOL!!  I'm also considering designing shirts with favorite lines from the book! If you have a favorite quote that you'd like to see on a T-shirt (either book) list it! comment! I'll consider adding it to my "store" on Cafe Press. (If I can figure out how!)

Chow for now!

lol... Ciao.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

A longer wait for you and work ahead for me.

I finally got my edited manuscript back from my editor. It has LOADS of edits. Mostly punctuation, but she also has an aversion to adjectives. AND—this is the bigger and annoying part—she found some errors in the information I use. For example, I reference a drug and apparently it hasn’t been used in the United States in a very long time due to manufacturing issues. Ooops. I look things up for what they DO, and I didn’t think about whether they were still in use or not. This is a “technical” error, but one that I need to look into. Dreamspinner DID look at every “fact” I put in My Roommate’s a Jock and had a link in the comments to show where the information was to back up what I wrote. So I suppose this is the same deal. My editor is trying to back up every claim I make. I was thinking “fiction” and wasn’t trying to make a have every sentence contain factual information. The characters are not real after all. But I can see her point. I AM trying to be realistic. And knowing the drug is out of use is showing that I didn’t research it thoroughly. ON THE OTHER HAND, I am going to need a doctor to interview. And a psychotherapist. Do these people actually talk to writers? I SAW a therapist a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean she’d let me pick her brain to put the information into a book. My therapist (in the book) is a little unorthodox and gets things a little wrong. She is exaggerated for the drama of fiction. So now I am facing a huge, long, editing process for TCOL that I wasn’t anticipating. PLUS, I have to rewrite a chapter. I guess I should be glad it is only ONE chapter I have to rewrite!

Because of all this, the final manuscript will not go to my “formatting” expert to upload onto Create Space. I WILL publish it, but I do not know when. With Christmas coming and the month kind of crazy, I don’t see myself doing ALL of the edits before Christmas. I will look at it this week and see what I can do. It is simply a let down to be SO CLOSE, and yet so far away from a release date! I’m sorry, dear readers. Kepp hanging in there!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The sign reads: PRE-ORDER!

            So, I get this e-mail last night at 5:31pm that says my novel is now listed on the “coming soon” page of Dreamspinner Press’ website!! *stoked* I click over. It is all the way at the bottom of the “Coming Soon” page because the release date for My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! is December 31, 2012!! So… can you say NEW YEAR’S EVE PRESENT? So freakin’ exciting! So, of course, I texted several friends right away! (Am I using too many exclamation points?) !!!!!!

            Along with my PRE-ORDER link, I got a “package” of promo stuff. Like a banner of the book – gonna put that on Facebook I guess – and some picture that can be used on book marks and postcards. I DID send out postcards to book stores for WLINE. Hmm, maybe I’ll do that again. Can’t hurt.

            With the idea of “pre-order” in mind… R.B. was the first to tell me she pre-ordered it! How exciting is that? Dude! I’m like flyin’!! Sales for When Love is Not Enough were good enough for me, but not so competitive and lucrative for the publisher. (And we all know publishers like to make money, else why do they publish ANYTHING?) So, I’m really looking forward to this one! I need my publisher to be excited about me as an author. I want them to say, “Cool, Wade’s sent another novel over to read. Yay! Better get on it, might be the next bestseller!” … As apposed to the alternative – “Oh, Wade’s sent us another ‘loser’ novel to try and sell. Gee, do we read it now, or wait until we have nothing better to do?” I know I’ve said before that I don’t write for the money; I’m writing what means something to ME!! (And this one totally does!) BUT, if the stuff I write is so lame &/or unpopular that publishers can’t sell it, than it is harder on me.

            The road to self-publishing is rougher than I imagined. And WAAAAAY longer! My editor is making look smarter (because we all know I can’t use punstuation correctly) but the editing is taking so loooong!!! AND I have to re-write chapter 16 so I’m bummed about that! *For those who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, I’m trying to self-publish the sequel to When Love Is Not Enough. It’s titled The Cost of Loving and the cover and book blurb are on my website!*

            And why do I have to self-publish a sequel? Because WLINE was not a very popular book? It’s depressing, it’s extremely sad, it’s about gay suicide, it’s got POV shifts, and the novel is one huge rollercoaster ride of emotions that will rip a reader’s heart out! People don’t seem to appreciate that! ??? Why?

            To be far, I have some really awesome “fans” and followers that read it and some would even read it again! On Goodreads, I officially have 105 fans! I think that’s awesome!! I also have 60 followers on Twitter. (I also have loads of  “friends” on facebook but for the most part, I don’t talk to many. The core group of the Facebook friends are connected to me on Goodreads and Twitter and some e-mail.) I am very appreciative of my fans and followers! Thank you, Thank you! >>I ALSO have 254 "Likes" on my Facebook Fan Page<< Whoohoo!!!

            I’m not great at promotion. Sometimes I don’t really know where to go. I think that if all I do is promote and push people, I’ll lose my time to write the next one. And I’ll be just like every other writer promo’ing the crap out of people and pages. (Or do I already do that on here??) hmm. Anyway. I’m looking into guest-blogging. That sounds good. But I will also rely on my fans. Please spread the word! My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! comes out on December 31st!!!! The “Pre-order” button is on the Dreamspinner Press page, and I signed the first 20 paperbacks! I’d love nothing more than to ROCK THEIR WORLD because of my loyal fan base. You may not be large in numbers, but you are what keeps me writing! And hey, if you like My Roommate’s a Jock when you read it, please—recommend it to friends. Word of mouth is normally the fastest way to spread joy!

            Not sure what else to say? The previous blog has an excerpt. AND cover art! I think this book is going to knock your socks off!

            Later gaters,
            Wade Kelly

>>Forgive the way this blog will mush together when it merges with Goodreads. For easier readability hop over to the official blog post<<