Monday, December 24, 2012

What is Cole Reid up to for Christmas?

Hello lovely readers! Happy Christmas Eve to all of you.

(For those not celebrating Christmas, Have a happy Monday!)

      A little while ago Zathyn Priest asked around who would like to do a "character interview" for Christmas. He was going to put it in the Scarlet Letter but alas the Scarlet letter is not longer available. (I wish all the best to Zathyn and all he does)... Anyway, I thought I would post the interview I did only because I thought it was funny and a clever idea. I don't think it has any "spoilers" necessarily. If you are worried, then don't read it. I think it is pretty straight forward that My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! is a romantic comedy of the M/M variety and that it has a happy ending. I did not write a horror novel (this time) so the main characters aren't hacked to pieces one by one until only Cole is left. (You knew that, right?) So, I don't think my "interview" will spoil anything. There is ONE week until release day!!! You can still pre-order on Dreamspinner Press. I noticed that ALL my stuff is marked down! (Get it while it's HOT!!!) I also put the EXCERPT from My Roommate's a Jock on my website. It's under BOOKS. It is probably easier to read on my website than on Goodreads (for those who read things on Goodreads.) So, here is the "interview" that Cole did for The Scarlet Letter. Enjoy.

Hi. My name is Cole Reid. I’m from the great state of Pennsylvania. I live in Gettysburg and attend college here. I’m studying Physics. I guess I’m your stereotypical science nerd. I have brown hair, brown eyes, a goatee and I wear glasses. I am SO not muscular. I love wearing funny, science-related T-shirts. I’m cynical most of the time and see the world as a place where nothing good ever happens to me—that is, until this year! I’m 21, and I graduate in the spring. This semester in college I met the love of my life.


1)      What are you doing for Christmas and who are you spending it with?  Are you off to celebrate the day with family/friends or are you staying home?__ Well, for the first time EVER I’m spending Christmas with my boyfriend. Feels weird saying that! I have a history of nowhere relationships that end with me feeling used. The Ellis happened along and everything changed. We agreed to spend part of the holiday with his folks and some of the time with mine.

2)     Tell us if you, or your family, have any Christmas traditions.  If you don’t have one, would you like start your own and what would it be? __Growing up, I remember decorating the tree with my mom. I hate cold weather, so my sister was the one to help my dad hang the lights and decorate the yard. This year, I’m hoping mom will let Ellis help decorate. I’d like to do that together and maybe have our own tree next year for just the two of us to decorate.

3)     What’s your favourite childhood Christmas memory? __My favourite memory was going out to buy a Christmas tree (I think I was 10) and coming home with a dog. The tree farm where my family went had a few puppies and my sister got attached to one. It followed us all through the trees and after my dad cut one down, Bethany begged him to let her keep it. As it was, the owner was trying to get rid of the puppies and said we could take it. Our first dog. My mom named him Sam. It was a golden retriever.

4)     How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? __ Did you work it out yourself, or did you stumble on the truth?  How did finding out the truth affect you?  I kind of don’t remember specifics. I think it was a gradual thing. Like, you hear it at school “Santa isn’t real” but you say to yourself that it isn’t true. My mom always seemed way too interested in what I wanted for Christmas. (Because Santa wouldn’t need her to ask me.) Then one year, I found a present under her bed. I’m pretty sure I was seven. (It was way after Christmas.) She made some lame excuse about Santa hiding it for me, but I think that was the clincher. A year later I went LOOKING for presents under her bed, before Christmas, and found lots! So, it fell apart for me when I was eight-ish. I’m not sure if that was the beginning of my belief that nothing good ever goes my way, but it certainly could have been!

5)     What do you hope to find under the Christmas tree this year?  __I found everything I ever wanted in Ellis. As long as he is with me, I don’t really care if I have anything under the tree. But, a new mop would be nice.

6)     Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol?  __If so, which one is it and is there a specific reason why you like it? Um, NO! Spending this semester with Rob and Russell (Ellis’s friends) cured me of ever wanting to hear Christmas music again!

7)     If you could have one famous person, living or dead, at your Christmas dinner table, who would it be and why?  What one question would you ask this person? __Albert Einstein. He is my idol. I’d like to ask him if he was ridiculed as a child for being different? I mean, he was smarter than everyone else, right? Kids get picked on for everything where I’m from. I’m gay, and in a sense “different” than most where I live. Sometimes it’s hard. I wonder if he was made fun of and picked on for his brains like I am for my sexuality? He had ideas that were WAY OUT THERE given the time. People may have even seen him as “possessed” as far as I could guess. Weirder things have happened.

8)     If you got caught under the mistletoe with someone other than your partner, who would you hope it would be?  (Can be a celebrity or other fictional character) __Again, Albert Einstein. Smart guys are hot! (Although I’d liked to have run into him when he was younger. I’m not into older men.)

9)     If you could name a new reindeer to guide Santa’s sleigh this year, what would it be?  Why would you name him/her this? MONTY …lol… that is my boyfriend’s nickname.

10) Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  If so, what is your resolution for 2013 and do you think you’ll be able to keep it? __ I promise to try to be more positive. Ellis says I always point out the negative. I am realistic and I know the universe is out to get me, but he doesn’t see things that way. He’s a “glass half full” kind of guy. For him, I’m trying to change my outlook. Will I keep it? Probably not. I fail most things that are not related to school.

     I hope you enjoyed reading what Cole thinks of Christmas. (It IS tomorrow, after all!)  So do yourself a favor and PRE-ORDER My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap

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