Sunday, December 9, 2012

A longer wait for you and work ahead for me.

I finally got my edited manuscript back from my editor. It has LOADS of edits. Mostly punctuation, but she also has an aversion to adjectives. AND—this is the bigger and annoying part—she found some errors in the information I use. For example, I reference a drug and apparently it hasn’t been used in the United States in a very long time due to manufacturing issues. Ooops. I look things up for what they DO, and I didn’t think about whether they were still in use or not. This is a “technical” error, but one that I need to look into. Dreamspinner DID look at every “fact” I put in My Roommate’s a Jock and had a link in the comments to show where the information was to back up what I wrote. So I suppose this is the same deal. My editor is trying to back up every claim I make. I was thinking “fiction” and wasn’t trying to make a have every sentence contain factual information. The characters are not real after all. But I can see her point. I AM trying to be realistic. And knowing the drug is out of use is showing that I didn’t research it thoroughly. ON THE OTHER HAND, I am going to need a doctor to interview. And a psychotherapist. Do these people actually talk to writers? I SAW a therapist a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean she’d let me pick her brain to put the information into a book. My therapist (in the book) is a little unorthodox and gets things a little wrong. She is exaggerated for the drama of fiction. So now I am facing a huge, long, editing process for TCOL that I wasn’t anticipating. PLUS, I have to rewrite a chapter. I guess I should be glad it is only ONE chapter I have to rewrite!

Because of all this, the final manuscript will not go to my “formatting” expert to upload onto Create Space. I WILL publish it, but I do not know when. With Christmas coming and the month kind of crazy, I don’t see myself doing ALL of the edits before Christmas. I will look at it this week and see what I can do. It is simply a let down to be SO CLOSE, and yet so far away from a release date! I’m sorry, dear readers. Kepp hanging in there!


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