Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursdays - Naming Characters

Hello… I originally posted this in November 2013. It is a post about naming my characters. Let's see what "Works In progress" I listed and see what's changed… (Commentary 2015 in RED)

Sometimes this is the hardest thing for me. Not because I can’t think of a name, but because I often pick the SAME names I already have in other novels. I tend to like names that start with D, T, J, C, and N. I have a list of names on word doc, (I now have a baby name book too!) but it only works when I LOOK at it. I’ve been stumbling along because I named one of my recent characters “Tory”. I like it. Short version of Victor in my current WIP. The problem is that I JUST wrote Names Can Never Hurt me and one of the characters is named Corey. Corey and Tory… (Oddly enough, Tory because Flynn! My WIP at the time was Misplaced Affection)  I’m not much on rhyming names one book right after the other so I figured I needed to change it. Status on facebook and people chime in with suggestions. Some good ones by the way, but also ones that reminded me of my list so I updated it today and discovered I repeat names. Not good.

Latest culprit? Nicholas. Apparently I love that name. I used it three times in various forms. It won’t really cause too much of a problem I don’t think, but it did get me to see that I need to pay attention to naming characters. The problem that you readers can’t factor in, is all the other novels I have planned out or partially written that you haven’t learned the names of the characters yet. AND, the newer ones I added to the list.

When Love Is Not Enough – Jimmy (Jamie), Matt (Matthias), Darian. But also Dan, Cheryl, Joan, Scott, Jason, Kevin, Anna, Emily, Kenny, and Joey.

The Cost of Loving-  Jimmy (Jamie), Matt (Matthias), Darian. But also Dan, Cheryl, Joan, Steven, Hannah, Scott, Jason, Kevin, Bob, Billy, Lori, Ian, Tommy, Anna, Joey, and Fred.

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! – Cole, Ellis, Rob (Robin), Russell, Sara, Lori, Marcus, Mike, Brian, Ben, Brice, Stan, Bethany, Jonathan, Brad, Garrett, and Meredith.

Submitted: Names Can Never Hurt Me – Nick, RC (Raffael), Paul, Corey, Marcy, Tara, Tyler, Terrell, Julie, Laney, Dawn, Elaine, Annia, Cathy, Jennifer (Now is PUBLISHED, not just submitted.)

Newer ones (by me) (Actually OLDER ONES, and they are out of print to be rewritten) you may not have read (because they were published in ’09 & ’10 under a different name) …

Sculpting Clay – Clay, Taran, Javier, Vincent, Geena (I hope to rewrite this in 2015)

All I Want For Christmas – David, Nicholai, Joey, Jack , Tyler, (mention Tony)

Books I am working on:

Current WIP: Misplaced Affection – Zach, Flynn, Keith, Gwendolyn, Amelia, Greg, Tom,

Others:  Works in Progress, but not necessarily being worked on….

Road Trip Recipes – Avery, Cash, Crimson, and three girls I can't choose a name for.
Blue Jays – Jayden, Alex (names I MIGHT move to another book.)
Love Trust and Learning to Live Again- Jimmy (Jamie), Matt (Matthias), Darian. Also Dan, Cheryl, Joan, Steven, Hannah, Scott, Jason, Kevin, Bob, Billy, Lori, Ian, Tommy, Anna, Joey, Fred, Ben, Sara, Ariana, Kyle,

And then the paranormal books. Sci-fi, and fantasy:

My Lover Sucks - David, Nicholai, Joey, and more people.

And a sci-fi/fantasy series with characters: Jackie, Tony, Dominicq, Tadhg, Keegan, Marcellus, Anna, Moyra, Catherine, Cecilia, Tighernan, Edonnon, Molly, Larisa, Galen, Maya, Max, and others…

I have lots of stuff going on. (Still true. LOTS going on)  If I can keep up the consistancy, next year should be a good year!

I think I'm doing well. What started as an English paper of 1200 words (over her requirement by 900 words) is now over 16000 and keeps on coming. I have chapters outlined that I haven't had a chance to write yet, but I have the ideas in my head. I am confident. I wanted to write 50k in november but I don't see it happening. It's okay though. I am writing at my own slower pace, but I AM WRITING. That is the key to writing. Haha- DOING IT! And the last 467 words I did for a paper due on Monday were chilling. Made me cry. Very powerful in my opinion. I think I am improving. This was my start of Misplaced Affection. and I DO think my writing has improved a lot!

I would also add my WIPs that I'm working on NOW:

No! Jock's Don't Date Guys - Chris, Alonzo, Doug, Luke, Sebastian, Kat, Candice, Mindy, & others
Book #3 in the JOCK series, title in progress - Doug, Sam, Chris, Luke, and other people
The Honorary Tooth Fayrie - Brandon, Cooper, others

So yeah. That is all for now.

Catch ya laterz,


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesdays - Good Friends

I stole this from a post Matt Rayne did on Facebook. I liked how it referred to "Feeling Deeply" as a SUPER POWER! I think I do feel deeply. I see things in people. I sense things in the way they look at me. I've been able to do that for years. Not always, but extremely often. I believe I have a gift of "reading" people, and I am not alone in this. I have a friend named "L" (for privacy) that reads people very well and is in-tune with things that can't bee seen or explained. Lena (another "L" friend on Facebook whom many may know) can read people and sense thing very deeply. She sensed things about me over the Internet!! 

Sensing emotion can draining because often times it is not happy feelings I read. I can see pain in people's eyes. I can feel loss and sadness. I believe it is a gift God gives to help me and others like me, connect with people on a deeper level than most experience. Feeling Deeply is a good thing.

I shared this photo this morning and tagged a couple people. I can only tag five, per my rule. I will tag more people as the week progresses. I posted yesterday about having a list of 300+ people on it. I made the list so I can better track myself because I'd probably tag the same people over and over because even if I have 2400+ "friends" on facebook, I only interact daily with a small number. 

I'm not naming people specifically on my blog because I know I will forget someone and then hurt a person's feelings unintentionally, so I will talk in generalities for the most part.

Sometimes I meet people who just make me FEEL happy and they don't need to do anything! The person doesn't even have to be in a good mood or feeling happy themselves, but for me it's like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Maybe it is the other person's aura? I don't know. But it is very real to me. I feel it. Often this comforting invisible hug brings tears to my eyes because it feel so wonderful. I wish others could feel that. There are probably a handful of people that generate this "blanket hug/tear inducing/warm-fuzzy" feeling in me without any action on their part at all. I can DEFINITELY think of three for sure! Another couple I think I need to walk into a room with them and see if that same tangible warm feeling wraps around me. 

But even without the tangible happiness, there ARE for sure, people in my life who make me happy without doing anything at all. I am happy knowing you, being around you, hugging you, talking to you, texting you, and any number of things, but it isn't a doing of something that makes me happy knowing you. I HOPE that you know who you are without me saying it. 

By nature, I am a very friendly person and I make friends easily. However, some friendships do turn out superficial and we can talk about the weather, writing, or cooking and such without any problems. I guess those are acquaintance type friends. (Because you know all friends fit into some category or another.) Friend friends get to know me a title more and we talk longer, maybe. The deep level of friendships often take time. Although I do have one friend that no matter how long we are apart, we can jump back in and feel comfortable right away! Those are great kinds of friends to have.

I feel like I am rambling and you have no idea where I am going with this. Maybe I don't have more of a point.

I guess I mainly want to say, I am thankful and grateful for all the types of friendships I have, and to tell you I am not afraid of knowing you (person out there). Chances are I can see it in your eyes before you even bring it up. I'll listen any time, and I'll cry or laugh with you any time. 

And if you can make me smile even on a crappy day, then you are extra special to me! :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Teasers - JOCK!


While gathering little excerpts to read at Birdie's Cafe on Thursday, I came across this little bit. It is when Rob suspects something is going on between Ellis and Cole.

Over breakfast (Rob) carefully observed Ellis. He was quieter than usual, like he was nervous. His eyes darted to everyone as if waiting for them to do something uncharacteristic, except it was Ellis who was acting out of character. And he kept looking at Cole with a bemused expression glued in place. Why?
And then the Madonna song came on and Ellis turned ghost-white, even before Russ’ comment. Ellis was seriously upset and embarrassed beyond anything when Rob outted him to Cole about his virginity. Why would he care? The guys always ragged on Ellis and Rob about it. It was like a quest they had to get the two of them laid. Ellis never caved to pier pressure, which was one thing Rob admired about him. What was it about Cole that got him shaking on what used to be solid ground?
When they left the restaurant, Rob started gathering the clues.

Rob went to class like usual, but instead of hitting the library with Russ, he thought he’d shoot over to Ellis’. He rang the doorbell and waited.
Cole answered the door and his eyebrow arched up. “Ellis isn’t here.”
Rob got straight to the point. “Alright. Can I come in and wait? He’s probably still at practice.”
“I suppose asking you to wait in the corridor would be uncouth.” Cole opened the door wider. “Hold on, you’re not a vampire are you? If I don’t invite you in, are you forced to remain outside?”
“No.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say. Cole never joked with him before and the vampire comment threw him.
“Then I guess I’m obligated to bid you enter.” He swept his arm wide. “And wipe your feet please.”
Rob walked in and felt an unexpected chill. Either Cole was hiding something or he was Satan incarnate. (Rob leaned on the secretive side since he doubted Cole was Satan.) He wanted to feel him out, but had to think of what to talk about first. “So, Cole, are you going to watch Ellis’ game on Tuesday? It’s a home game.”
“Ah, I guess.” He sounded uncertain. “Ellis didn’t invite me.”
Rob wanted to laugh but didn’t. “Ellis doesn’t have to invite you, it’s open to the public. Five bucks to get in for students.”
“But what if Ellis doesn’t want me there?” Cole asked, as the door opened behind them.
“Doesn’t want you where?” Ellis asked.
“Oh hey, El.” Rob greeted him with a cheery wave. He wished Ellis was a little slower to return home, but oh well.
“Hey.” Ellis nodded, walking right up to Cole. “Want you where?” he asked again.
“At your game,” Cole said.
“Oh,” Ellis answered solemnly.
Rob could swear Ellis looked like he’d been put on the spot about some dire decision. What was the big deal? It was only a soccer game. And Cole seemed nervous. Why? Cole was Ellis’ friend, right, why wouldn’t he want him to come?
“I assumed he knew. Sorry,” Rob apologized to Ellis.
Ellis’ eyes flicked over to Rob. “No, it’s fine. You can come,” he said to Cole.
Rob clapped his hands together. “Great! It’s settled. Soccer and the pizza here after you win.”
Ellis grinned. “Don’t be so confident. We play against the best team in our division.” Ellis placed his gym bag on the floor by his bedroom door and headed to the kitchen. Rob followed him.
“So?” Rob shrugged. “You’re awesome. I’ve never seen a striker with as good of footwork as you. Plus, when you pass, the ball falls right in front of the wing—that guy doesn’t even need to look up!” Rob pointed to Ellis as he addressed Cole, who had followed them into the kitchen. “I’m telling you, this guy could play professionally. He rocks!”
“Stop.” Ellis blushed. Rob didn’t think he’d ever seen Ellis blush.

After the game, Rob and Russ went back to Ellis’ place with Cole. They waited for him to get back before ordering a pizza. Once Ellis lumbered in, he disappeared into the bathroom for a shower with less than two grunts at his friends.
“I told you this was a bad idea,” Cole grumbled. “I’m a walking black-cloud of negative energy, I could have told you he’d lose.”
“No, it wasn’t you.” Rob disagreed. “Ellis said they were good. And this is just what he needs after a loss like that; friends, fun and pizza. It’ll be here in thirty minutes. In the meantime we can play Uno® or Yahtzee?” Rob offered, ever striving to be a peacekeeper, he prided himself on knowing what would cheer his friends up.
“Yahtzee?” Russ questioned. “No one plays Yahtzee. Phase 10, Rummycube, or Chicken Foot is where it’s at.”
“Are you a middle-aged housewife now?” Rob joked. “Rummycube?” he scoffed.
Russ punched his arm. “Hey! I’ll have you know these games are fun. I play them all the time with my mom.”
Rob nodded and looked at Cole. “Who is a middle aged housewife.”
Cole snickered. “I actually have Phase 10 in my room.”
“See!” Russ excitedly pointed.
“And your encouragement will only insure he never leaves your house. You know that, right? Russ already likes your company.”
Cole winced. “It there an antidote to counter the effects?”
Rob grinned. Cole’s sense of humor was unusual and often dry; but Rob liked his style, even if he came off gruff and unpersonable at times. “You mean a sure-fire way to keep his Russness at bay?”
“Hey!” Russ was offended.
“Put ketchup on his hotdog and he’ll never grace your presence again.”
Russ huffed at Rob. “If he does that, I’m never talking to you again! I mean it!”
Cole ignored Russ and kept talking to Rob. “Is he allergic to ketchup?”
“No, he’s a Condimentaphobiac.” (I just love that word!)
Cole’s voice went up in perplexity. “A whaaat?”
“A person who’s afraid of condiments.” Rob explained.
“I’ve never heard of such a thing and I’ve memorized a long list of phobias.”
“Wave a bottle of mustard in front of him and see what happens.”
Russ placed both hands on his hips and scowled at the Rob and Cole. “You think you’re funny don’t you? I’ll have you know that hotdogs are perfect just the way they are, plain, the way God created them! They don’t need sauces or spicy mixtures to hide their doggy goodness.”
“God didn’t create the hotdog, Russ. It was some German guy in the 1800’s who sold them on the streets of St. Louis.”
“Whatever! You don’t always have to correct me, Rob.”
“I know, but it’s fun.” Rob blew off Russ’ irritation. Just then, Ellis joined them in the living room. None too happy, Ellis’ shoulders slumped and disappointment exuded from him. “Hey El, you want to play Phase 10?”
He shook his head. “Not really.” He slowly walked to the kitchen. Cole jumped up to follow him which interested Rob immensely. Something was going on and Rob was determined to find out.
“I’ll be right back,” he told Russ.
“Get me a Coke while you’re up.”
Rob cringed at Russ’s loud voice. “Okay,” he said, trying to appease his friend but internally hoping he didn’t ask for anything else. He slinked across the room while Russ was fiddling with the television and attempted to eavesdrop on Ellis and Cole. He knew it was wrong, but curiosity was wriggling in his stomach like crazy.
“I told you I shouldn’t have gone.” Cole said, as soft as a caress. “Everyone says how terrific you are. I go and you lose for the first time.”
“It’s not your fault. I’m glad you came. I’m only sorry I didn’t invite you sooner. I should have. I liked knowing you were watching, even if I sucked.” Rob couldn’t see Ellis, but his voice was… different.
Rob peeked around the corner carefully and caught a glimpse of Cole tenderly stroking Ellis’ shoulder blade. Then his hand dared to finger the strands of Ellis’ wet hair. Guys don’t do that! He and Russ were very friendly at times but something in the way Cole touched Ellis went way beyond the open affection he and Russ shared. It was… tender.
Rob couldn’t see Ellis’ face but he did notice Ellis move his hand to rest on top of Cole’s where they stood by the sink. His thumb made little circles on the back of Cole’s hand just before Cole cleared his throat and Ellis pulled his hand away. Rob knew he’d been spotted. He walked into the kitchen boldly, swinging his arms to clasp his hands behind his back. “So,” he spoke casually, “is it going to be Yahtzee or Xbox?”
Ellis replied, “I think Russ should choose since you gave away his condiment phobia.” Ellis acted as he typically would, but Rob didn’t think the touching he secretly witnessed was normal at all.
“Ah! Really?” Rob moaned, throwing his head back in defeat. “Alright.” He wanted to say something about their behavior, but if he pushed, then he might end up alienating his friends. Rob couldn’t handle that. He’d wait and let things play out as the may.
Still, he couldn’t resist the urge to meddle. “Hey Cole. Do you like camping? There’s a group of us going next weekend if you’re up for it. Ellis is going.”
Cole looked puzzled. “Camping?”
Rob apologized. “I know—squirrel moment—but I was just thinking about how fun it’s going to be and I thought you might like to come.”
Cole seemed unsure how to answer. “I guess.” His eyes darted to Ellis and then back to Rob. “If you want me to.”
“Of course!” Rob confirmed. “It’ll be great! You’ll see. Right, El?” He slapped his buddy on the back.
Ellis looked ill briefly, but managed a thin smile. “Yeah, great.”
Rob congratulated himself. Of course he’d allow things to “play out as they may”, but giving a little nudge wasn’t unheard of. If something was going on between Ellis and Cole, he was sure a weekend together would bring it to the surface.

So, comment and let me know what you think ?  :) I think I could probably read ALL of JOCK and be fine  with it. There are so many fun excerpts to read. Soon, I will post a excerpt of my WIP, which is the sequel to My Roommate's A Jock? Well, Crap!, titled: No! Jocks Don't Date Guys. It is officially "novel length" but not complete.

Catch you all another day! 


Monday, March 23, 2015

Movie Mondays - Hiccup and Toothless


I'm back for a short blog about one of my all time favorite movies:
How to Train Your Dragon 1, and 2

I can't really pick 1 over 2 or 2 over 1 because I think they contain different elements. In the original How to Train Your Dragon there is the developing relationship of Hiccup and Toothless. I love watching how they become "friends" and grow to trust each other. It is innocent and sweet and speaks about true friendship.

See Clip:

And then we have #2… A little while later in Hiccup's life. I think THIS movie is about Hiccup becoming a (young) man and securing the trust and love of his dragon. There are also family dynamics in the mix. I hate to say I liked #2 more, because I think the development of Hiccup and Toothless' relationship in #1 was so wonderful. The best way to watch them is back to back. HAHAHA.

This clip is TERRIBLE, but you get the basic point of one of my favorite scenes where Toothless protects Hiccup. I love this. I cried watching it the first and tenth time.

So anyway… There you have it. My favorite movie : How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2  … I have other favorite films, don;t worry, but this is my favorite animated film :)

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Silent Sundays - MAX


Happy Sunday!

This is my dog Max. He is the best dog ever!

I mean, LOOK at that face!

That is all.

Now go have a cookie :)   ANd read 2 Boys In Love - Sundays with Sam



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Saturday Songs - Evanescence

In the interest of talking about myself and NOT having it all be about marketing etc. (Something I learned on my trip to Orlando) I am going to talk about ANOTHER one of my favorite bands: EVANESCENCE.

I love Evanescence! (Do you remember the top three bands I love?)

I've been listening to Evanescence for years… YEARS!!! Probably from the beginning, but I'm not sure. I know when I was introduced to them by a friend, they only had one album, maybe three. Yes, I think that Anywhere But Home was out too, as well as Origin, but I was latched onto Fallen and listened to it over and over.

The video below is one of my favorite songs ever. I feel like it was written about me! LOL Called Imaginary.

I think Amy Lee has one of the most amazing female voices ever! Plus, she is extremely talented as a pianist. (see the next video and pay attention to her playing!!! wow)


start of lyrics (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, paper flowers) [X2]

I linger in the doorway
Of alarm clock screaming
Monsters calling my name
Let me stay
Where the wind will whisper to me
Where the raindrops, as they’re falling, tell a story

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby (flowers)
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (flowers)

Don’t say I’m out of touch
With this rampant chaos - your reality
I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare I built my own world to escape


Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh, how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light


(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, paper flowers) [X2] end of lyrics

Amy Lee… :)

I guess that is all I have to say for now. Tune in next Saturday to hear me talk about more music! :)

I have recurring themes everyday! (As long as I remember to share them!)

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Hugs to you all!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friend Fridays - Tyler Cook

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've hosted another author on my blog. It is great to reconnect with others :) Tyler is an author I met online, but we haven't met, nor have I read his book. As you may have figured out, I like networking with people. So in the interest of promoting fellow authors I sent Tyler a set of interview question so we could all get to know him better.

So Tyler…

WK: Why don’t you start out with telling the readers a little bit about yourself?

TC: I’m a native of Franklin, North Carolina.  I’m 23, who recently graduated with a degree in communication at Western Carolina University.  I just recently received a job at Keller Williams Realty, doing their social media and assisting with their listings.  On the side, I own a publishing company called Moonshine Press, which helps publish indie authors such as Eva McCall, Timm Muth, myself and potentially many others. 

WK: What inspires your writing?

TC: I use a lot of material in my own life.  I have to look back and find things that are happy, sad or funny in my life that I could apply to the characters or situations that I write about.  These things help me through the hard parts of writing, which then allows me to get the book flowing better.

WK: Are you a full time author?

TC: Sadly, no.  I would love nothing more than to become the next Nicholas Sparks or J.K. Rowling.  But I don’t think that I will be able to write and publish books as fast as some of the career authors that are out there right now. 

WK: ME TOO! Glad I'm not the only author out there who thinks like this!

WK: Who is your favorite author?

TC: J.K. Rowling.  Hands down.  Harry Potter inspired me to read when reading was forced upon students in school.  It also gave me the dream to one day write an epic adventure like the one that she produced.  I have recently discovered Jay Bell, whose writing has made me feel things through a book that I thought were impossible. 

WK: How many books have you written so far?

TC: Two.  The first was A Guide to Historic Dillsboro, a non-fiction book that celebrates a historic town near where I live.  The book was my senior project at WCU that I had to complete in order to graduate.  I wrote it with two other students, which sparked the fire in me to write my debut novel shortly after. 

WK: Tell us a little about your novel, The One. 

TC: I personally don’t like to give too much away about this book, but it’s about a guy named Eli who becomes another victim of heartbreak.  His situation is different from the rest of the world because he suffers in secrecy, due to the fact that there’s a secret that may change how people look at him. 

WK: How long did it take you to complete it?

TC: That was fairly easy.  Only five months.  The idea for the book hit me while I was in Mexico.  Once I returned to the states, I immediately started writing.  I wrote every chance I got.  I took a notebook wherever I went.  And during one of my part time jobs, I would write during my breaks.  I was so moved by this story, it was as if the story was bleeding out of my soul. 

WK: Who is your favorite character in the novel and why?

TC: My favorite is Tori.  Originally, this character was only supposed to appear in one spot in the book.  But the deeper I got into the story, the more I realized that she was needed throughout the book.  She is what I call a “major-minor” character.  I enjoyed writing her so much, that I have thought about writing a story specifically about her and making it a sequel to The One. 

WK: I find it interesting that your favorite character is a girl. hmm. Cool. I guess all our favorites tend to be the ones we enjoy the most:)

WK: When someone reads The One, what do you hope they gain from reading it?

TC: A sense of objectivity.  I want them to put the book down after reading it and have a new perspective on life.  And for some, I want it to change their attitudes about some stereotypes and prejudices. 

WK: Do you have a favorite literary character?

TC: Harry Potter, duh!

WK: If you could sit down to dinner with one person, past or present, who would it be and what’s the one question you’d love to ask?

TC: I would say Abraham Lincoln (I’m a history minor and researched him for a story in A Guide to Historic Dillsboro).  And I would probably ask him if he really believed if he could restore the Union the way he did. 

WK: What is your suggestion or piece of advice to new and upcoming writers?

TC: Keep on pushing through.  There were times when I was ready to give up on my books.  But I knew that there was a message that needed to get out there, so I persevered.  And don’t worry about what happens after you finish the book.  First, focus on the book itself.  Then, you can decide whether you want to get a publisher, or if you want to publish independently. 

WK: Where we can find you on the Internet?

TC: My book are on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and your local bookstore.  My website is and my Facebook is 

WK: I'd like to say thank you for providing links! It helps when we want to find you! And I am super glad you stopped by!

WK: Could you please share your favorite excerpt from The One with us?

“Diane got Eli’s attention again by saying, “Eli,  how are you supposed to find the love of your life if you don’t take a chance at finding it?  And even more importantly, how am I going to get any
grandbabies if you don’t find a good girl?”  

“Oh God,” Eli moaned, cringing. 

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “But you’re twenty-two years old.  When I was your age, I was married, pregnant with you and had a car and house payment.”  

“Things have changed in the last twenty-two years,” he said.  He stopped, and then said, “You know, most parents would be glad that their kids aren’t getting knocked up or getting someone knocked up.  But you just can’t wait until I get someone pregnant.”  

Diane ignored the laughing from Carrie and said, “Eli,” she placed her hand on top of his arm from across the granite counter top to keep him from walking away, “I am very glad that you haven’t gotten anybody pregnant.  Sure, you’re not ready to have a child, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start the journey that leads to that.  I want you to be happy, and if you come straight home from work every night, I don’t see that happening for you.”

He walked around the counter next to his mom and said, “Thanks for the confidence, mom.”  He smiled, showing that he didn’t take any offence to what she said.  He kissed her on the cheek goodbye.

She kissed him back, “Have a great day, sweetie.  And remember; start finding your soul mate!”

Eli shut the door behind him and went down the back porch steps that lead to the driveway where his white Civic Hybrid sat.  He got inside, and sat there for a second before turning the car on and putting it in reverse.

I wonder what they’d think if they knew the truth about me. 

Thanks to all the Friend Friday guests so far. Sue BrownJeff Adams (TWICE)Gregory Payne Chris ShirleyTammy Middleton,  DS Kenn,  Whitley GrayFelice Stevens, and Bronwyn Heeley.