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“Go GREEN” is my stolen catch-phrase. It normally stands for an environmentally safe product. Well, dear friends, buying The Cost of Loving in eBook saves trees, right? (Although I’d love you all to buy paperbacks.) My book also has a GREEN cover!! So when you think of or hear the phrase “Go GREEN”, remember ME!!! And buy the eBook. >> The Cost of Loving <<

TCOL is doing well. Hanging in there at #13 today on Dreamspinner Press. Woohoo!! Climbing the charts ever so slowly like a GREEN turtle. Haha. And it is still on the bestseller list on Amazon, only slightly lower than last week at #66. Why do I tell you the details? IDK. I stalk myself. I keep tabs. And I share. I blog about what I am thinking and I am thinking, “Yay, my book is still selling.” This matters. (At least to me.) The more I sell, the less chance people will forget who I am in between books. I am a slow writer. We all know this. If I produce a book a year I DO WORRY that fans will forget me.

In other thoughts… I am writing. I have around 75k in Names Can Never Hurt Me. I have time today to continue writing so I hope to get the count to 77k. (Slow, but sure like a GREEN turtle.) There are times in writing it that I think, “Oh gosh, is this stupid? Will readers think my characters are stupid, or unbelievable?” So, yeah, I don’t know. Matt and Darian (and Cole and Ellis) are so good. I really think they are people I could meet in real life. So sometimes I wonder about Nick and RC. Are they “real” enough? *sigh* I will not know until someone reads the book. I will probably have a beta readers. (I can think of two women who will want that job.) Hopefully they will tell me if the book sucks. I KNOW I like the beginning; my worry is in sustaining the thrill and candor for the duration.

This week has practically been a blur. School has been in for one week and I am already exhausted. The pace of cleaning, cooking, writing, laundry, PR (public relations), homework, filling out paperwork for 3 schools, etc has been very demanding. And soccer hasn’t started yet. (No games anyway.) At this pace, I will not last the year, let alone last to the end of September. I am just plain tired.

Anyway… I’m moving a head one painfully slow step at a time. (Turtle steps. GREEN turtle steps.)

Remember Go GREEN. Buy The Cost of Loving from Dreamspinner Press. (Or Amazon, or All Romance eBooks, or Barnes and Noble, or Rainbow eBooks.) And if you already bought it, and hopefully liked it, then tell your friends. I am no good at marketing. I have little time to breathe let alone saturate the Internet with interesting sales pitches that will make people buy my stuff. Really, I’m relying on word of mouth & REVIEWS.

Speaking of….

Have you seen the newest ones? I discovered today, a review that Amos Lassen did on The Cost of Loving. Although his review stated there was nothing “new” to sink his teeth into (with regard to religion, etc.) he did say that the “book was well written and the character development was excellent.” I think that is pretty awesome to hear! So maybe stop by and give him a comment. Commenting on BLOGS and REVIEWS 1. Lets the reviewer know people READ them, but also 2. Encourages the reviewer to review another book by the same author if what they have to say is of interest. So comment away!

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! has not been forgotten. GGR-Reviews liked it! Please go check out HIS review and leave a comment :)

And The Cost of Loving was reviewed on Rainbow Book Reviews! So check that one out as well and comment.

Comments make people want to read it, as well as encourage reviewers to review it.

** Also, btw, MARY CALMES has my book listed on her site under Booyah! Books- The Dog Days of Summer! I'm thinking we need to show the love and comment on HER page so she knows it is worth the time to recognize other authors. She is a terrific writer and is very kindly recommending others. I personally am very appreciative! ~Thanks Mary!

Thank you all for stopping by. Please, spread the name of Wade Kelly. I need all the support I can get! And it's #FF (follow Friday), wear GREEN to think of The Cost of Loving, and Wade Kelly! (heehee)


Wade Kelly

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Multitaskingmomma makes me cry.

Am I allowed to blog an entire review? If not, let me know and I'll edit it or delete it. Don't want people mad.

The Cost of Loving by Wade Kelly eBookPosted by Multitaskingmomma gets her head out of the over!

**LOL, Apparently, no matter what I do, the color of the letters remains BLACK. So I guess I can't copy it after all. I will continue to try.** YAY, it worked. HUGE, but it worked.

Review: The Cost of Loving (Unconditional Love #2) by Wade Kelly

The Cost of Loving (Unconditional Love #2)
by Wade Kelly
Published August 16th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press 
Formats Available: .epub, .mobi, html, pdf
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

When author Wade Kelly wrote When Love Is Not Enough (Unconditional Love, #1) way back in 2011, I did not read it. I knew it was good, but I was looking for romantic and sexy MM stories at that time. Since then I have grown (yeah, right!) into this genre that I basically am not scared to read some of the more horrific situations the LGBTQ community goes through. I have time and again said that I may be a brave individual, but no one is braver than someone gay who has to knowingly and willingly face the horrors society throw their way and still live to tell the tale. I don't think I could, to be blunt about it.

When I saw this book on the DSP list of new releases, I thought long and hard before I clicked that option. Well, I finally did. Honestly, I still hesitated as I was too thick in personal insecurities to read it. So yes, it's been long in the Kindle folder before I decided to bite the bullet and just read.

This was one long journey to self-discovery and acceptance for both Darian and Matt. The book opens where the first book ended. If one were to expect an HEA sort of story for a sequel, they are totally wrong. 

This is a psychological drama. Period. 

This is the tale of Darian's spiral down the depression road for trying to cope with a loss profound. The author does not mince words with Darian's experience into the alternate world of psychosis, for that was really what he was going through. I would go so far as to say that he had a Major Depressive Disorder which environmental cause was the unfortunate suicide of Jaime (this is my own conclusion although the author does not mention any diagnosis and there is a lack of history to reach a definitive diagnosis). His journey from its onset all the way to his recovery was very beautifully written by Ms. Kelly. 

Although Matt is the major character in this book, it is really Darian's story. Matt plays a huge role in this recovery and he also goes through the psychologicall and societal wringer as well. The author's approach to his religious background was quite astounding. She did not mince words here, from her blunt insult of the bigotry that is very thoroughly practiced and accepted as norm (believe me, it is NOT the norm although many think that it is) all the way to his father finally finding the right religious community which did accept and love based on their faith and logical sense of morality. It was Matt's role as Dare's"comforter" that was the pivotal discovery by the psychiatrist who had failed in realizing this initially. After which, Matt's role was just MORE and Dare's road to recovery was solidified.

The Cost of Loving is not a light read, far from it. It is a window into the psyche of a survivor. The survivors each take their own course to coping. This is the tale of how suicide has such a profound and sometimes fatal effect on those left behind. It serves as a lesson to those thinking this is the ultimate way out. It is not. 

I have to be honest. I jumped to the last chapter. After reading it, I went back to December 2010 and finished it all the way. There were some parts that were just too painful to read, that were just painfully real. 

This is a beautiful book but I have to be honest and say this is not for everyone. That said, it is impossible for me not to recommend it. 

If you are brave, I think you should read this and just go through the experience.


My life when I’m not writing:

Today marks a new chapter in my life, as well as the “fall semester” of craziness that normally ensues. I’ve said before, mainly in my bio, that I have 3 children. Well, fall SOCCER dominates around here. My son plays varsity soccer T-TH-SUN. My daughter is a gymnast and practices M-F-SAT. This leaves Wednesday night as the only NIGHT free.  I don’t really mind as I LOVE watching my son play soccer. (Yes, Ellis was a soccer player like my son! And Ellis’ “broken leg experience” in JOCK was exactly how it happened to my son. Lol, but not.) But driving everywhere like a taxi driver can be exhausting.

During the day, I am now in school MON & WED. I leave as SOON as my youngest gets on the bus. (I have children in High school, Middle school, AND Elementary!) Tuesday mornings have been designated for those errands that need to happen every other week, every 8 weeks, or whatever like Getting my hair done (tomorrow), getting my nails done (because I want to look classy at GRL), and getting a massage (because I am perpetually tense and need them). Thursday’s I will be able to write between 9-3, and Fridays 9-3. Unless of course I plan a lunch date! Saturdays are pretty much taken by sports, camp-outs, and other family events. Sundays I go to church and my son plays soccer. I have a full schedule.

I used to complain more about all the stuff I did when Gymnastics decided it had to have like a thousand fundraisers and wanted to suck up all my time. I don’t have the time. But though complaining I found that most other moms have the same deal. We multitask, have jobs, and make all the other stuff “fit” somehow. I can’t complain, because I am just like every other mom. Mothers do it all!!! Maybe that is why I am a little “off” in the head. I’m slightly insane so I can handle the demands.

I don’t know.

One thing is for sure, this school year will have to be organized and scheduled, or there will never be clean clothes nor will there be food in the house, and dinner might be served at 9:30pm.

I WILL be online when I can. Luckily I can access most things from my phone. And I can Tweet from my phone. I can FB message from my phone. I just can’t write from my phone.

Writing will have to be very disciplined or it will not happen. So, fingers crossed, the next phase of life begins: Me, as an organized person! Note: This is probably the most girly-sounding blog I have ever written. Hopefully it is not too much of me sounding like a whiny, over-commited MOM, but I will get back to writing related blogs at some point. Unless you like my bitching over life, and the details of my everyday events ;p

Over and out,


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You’re a winner!

This is the BLOG that started it all: Let’s Play Twenty Questions. And no one ansered ANY, nor did they comment. Because of this, I felt like an EPIC FAILURE, (Title of another blog) and voiced my discontent. Then Mel pointed out that since she already pre-ordered my book she saw no need to enter a contest to win etc… And also, a couple other people told me the same thing, one even called me an “auto-buy”. So, really, am I an epic failure? Apparently not if readers (my fans) are willing to buy my book ahead of time and consider me an “auto buy”. That is actually a very HIGH compliment and extremely flattering. Thank you all so much!

What I have learned from this experience is that IF I want to GIVE AWAY a copy as a bonus to my fans, I have to think of doing it BEFORE there is a pre-order button. The blog hop thing was good to grab the attention of people who don’t read my blog, and/or have not heard about my books. My blog is mainly read by people who HAVE read my books OR people who find my rambling interesting enough to skim through.

In the blogs that followed and on Goodreads, I had 9 commentors. So, I did a random drawing and ANONYMOUS won. (lol, she did leave an e-mail address.) So, lucky winner, you get to wait for the next maybe 8 months to get your prise, but as soon as my next book comes out, I will give you a copy. I did something similar with a “website challenge” to see if people actually visited my website and read it. A girl names Beth won a copy of TCOL because of that and I think she had to wait 8 months to get it. So next time, I have learned to do these “contests” ahead of time.

On the release front. The Cost Of Loving is doing well. Not the “block buster” that JOCK was, but the thing about JOCK was it’s universal appeal. It is light and funny, has a great cover, and I think the majority of m/m Romance readers want light with a HEA. So, JOCK foot that bill. (It is correct to “foot the bill”, right?) JOCK is funny and does not involve a suicide in any way. Jock sat at #1 for a couple weeks, and TCOL has made it as high as #5. Right now, (because the lists change hourly) TCOL is like #39 on the Amazon best seller list for Gay and Lesbian ROMANCE, but on that same list is When Love Is Not Enough!! 2 books on one list is a new experience for me. (note: TCOL is #21 on the GAY romance List, and #19 on the Dreamspinner Best seller list.) Lingering on lists is really good. Even if I’m not #1, (or #10), People are still BUYING my books, they are just buying the other ones MORE. Right? And I KNEW Whiskey and Wry (Sinners Series) would be at #1!!! DUH!

This is me being positive. If you read my blogs at all you will know I am not always a positive person. I am a dour character often. Chin up, Wade!

I also got an e-mail from All Romance eBooks to tell me I was on the best seller list. I even was sent a graphic to post. AND also on the same day someone reviewed WLINE. They said: Submitted By: youngromancelover on Aug 22, 2013
A enjoyable story with hot characters and a happy ending. Short and sweet, ,eh?

So this is what is going on with me. I start School on Monday. I am an official student!! I got my ID yesterday and went to Orientation. I am going to BLOG about that one Monday. “The New Me”…

I can’t think of anything else.

Comment, or e-mail. Let me know your thoughts.

Wade Kelly

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Controversial Russia

I tend to talk about writing controversial things, but in real life I am rather dense. I do not keep up on the news. In fact, I am one of those sad people who get their news on Facebook. Yes, that is true. I scroll through the news feed and click links, and voila I read news. Often it is from the Huffington Post. Sometimes other sites that actually post news. Recently I have seen “protests” about the Olympics, and Russia, and the anti-gay rallies etc…

Let me just say I am appalled. Not shocked, but appalled. I am not shocked because I tend to think that people are capable of much worse than Russian demonstrators. Things go on in African countries that could equal the Russian activities and then some. Violence in general is awful, but am I shocked? No, not really. Perhaps shocked it is not worse yet.

I saw a post yesterday about Wentworth Miller protesting the Olympics by deciling to speak and “coming out” to Russia. (You can read about it on Apparently he’s been out for years anyway. Maybe Russia is behind the times? Idk. Anyway, way to go Mr. Miller!! I applaud you for taking a stand. There were also a couple of Russian athletes recently who kissed in protest of the anti-gay laws. Good on them.

I was searching to see if there was a symbol or picture I could use on Facebook for my icon as a protest of my own against the Russian rulings etc. In searching Wentworth Miller I came across Johnny Weir. Oh. My. Gosh!

I used to LOVE figure skating when I was younger. LOVE IT. But over the years, and the fact I don’t have TV other than Internet and Netflix, I have seen the Olympics, nor have I seen figure skating in years. So, Johnny Weir was new to me. (Yes, I live under a rock.) First, I had to “pin” him to a board on Pinterest. So gorgeous. Anyway… Seems he is also against the Russian controversy. (Imagine that.) And one article on Huffington Post said he was willing to be banned or arrested if the Olympics are held in Russia. I pause to think: Would I be willing to do that?

I don’t know. I think those types of stands take GREAT courage and personal conviction. I was told in a review of TCOL that I’m ballsy and have cajones, but I seriously doubt my fortitude under such duress. I think people like Wentworth Miller and Johnny Weir are amazing people. And these are just TWO examples. Please, if you know of others, list a comment below. Shout out the true HEROS in the world who will not let people be treated sub-human like they have been in Russia. IT IS WRONG! And as a person who loved watching the Olymics as a kid, I think I'd rather skip them if this is how Russia treats people. If I was an athlete who trained forever to be there??? Well, that would be a very hard decision, but I would hope that I would stand for what is right and not for personal gain. 

I don’t have a “symbol” per se to voice my personal protest, but I stole Johnny’s picture off the internet.

I DO thank you people who are up on the news and who post things for the lame individuals like myself who need help when learning about the world at large. Continue to post. I am reading them.

Other news… TCOL hit #5 on Amazon on Tuesday, but it seems 5 was as high as I go with this one. (Now it’s #14) As long as it lingers in the top 20 or 50 or whatever, that means people are at least buying it. So far I have seen very few reviews to know how you readers are receiving it. I do hope you like it. I am always worried about it.  On a good note it is #17 on Dreamspinner Press. I’m still going to go with the phrase “Go GREEN,” because the cover is green, lol, and buying in ebook saves paper etc. So GO GREEN and buy off Dreamspinner Press. But WLINE is still hanging in on The romance list at#88. :)

I am writing. I have 72k on Names Can Never Hurt Me. I have outlined and structured the chapters so I can see where there are holes. I am pushing to get a first draft done so I can begin edits. I want it to be GOOOOOOD!! This one is somewhat funny, not as serious, and probably a little quirky. I am not a huge reader so I am not sure at what point the “suspension of belief” ends/begins. IDK. I am using my storytelling imagination and going with it. I like my character Nick Jones. I think he is funny in an idiotic sort of way. He gets himself into all sorts of messes on his way to personal and sexual awareness. My newest form of a blurb is:

What if sexuality wasn’t a definable thing, and labels merely got in the way?

Nick Jones couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t popular, when he wasn’t the best looking guy in the room, nor could he recall ever having to coax a woman into bed with him. And recently, Nick even added guys to the list of “been there—done that” when kissing Corey on a dare led to much more and on several occasions. His reputation to “screw anything” was well known, and he didn’t care. Constant sex had never been a problem. So why was the attention of someone new causing such consternation?

RC was a mystery from the moment they met. A frequent customer where Nick worked, getting to know RC was interesting, yet incremental due to the fact that he wasn’t in the “in crowd.” RC was overweight, always sweaty, and lived up to the nickname “scruffy dude”. Still, Nick could not let go of his deep longing for friendship, even if that friendship was with a loser—and a gay loser at that.

When friendship with RC stirs longings deep within his heart, Nick is faced with a need to look past the superficial and take hold of a connection deeper than he’s ever known before. External pressures of social conformity threaten to snuff out the fire before it ignites his soul, but the deeper question for Nick is why one relationship should define his future as he navigates the waters of self-discovery and sexual identity.

What do you think? Would you read that? Let me know. Comment. E-mail. FB message me. Tweet me. All of the above. Let me know your thoughts.

And if you liked TCOL, let me know that too.



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Amazon’s Best Seller List

I’m a list girl. I like lists. I make lists. And now, I like BEING ON lists! I have always made lists because I often forget the things I need to do and therefore need to refer to the lists often. When I joined, I discovered LISTS on there on topics from “favorite Holiday story” to “Best M/M tearjerker”, etc… So I voted on some of them. And then people voted for MY BOOKS on some of them. (I love that.) And then I discovered rating lists when My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! (Jock) became popular enough to hit the Best Seller lists on Amazon and ARe. That was just cool! But it also becomes addicting as an author to “re check” the lists to see where my book was.

Friday, August 16, 2013, marked the day that the long awaited, much anticipated SEQUEL to When Love Is Not Enough (Unconditional Love, #1)  (WLINE) came out. The Cost of Loving (TCOL) took forever to get published. I am ever grateful for Elizabeth North who took a chance on me. :) She is awesome. WLINE was not a huge seller at first. Not really. Suicide, and more specifically GAY suicide, is not the topic someone thinks about when looking on Amazon for their next ROMANCE book purchase. BUT I am not the normal writer and I was very down and depressed when I wrote it. It meant something TO ME and therefore I was not looking to write popular just to sell a book. Lucky for me, Ms. North must have seen potential.

THEN Jock came around and I discovered the Best Seller List. I think it was #1 on Amazon for best gay romance for 12 days. What an awesome 12 days! That is only possible because of my wonderful readers!!! THANK YOU. You saw it, liked it, rated it, and recommended it. Jock got my name out there! Jock made me consider being honest about who I am and why I write on a different level. Jock’s popularity helped me “come out” so to say. I never desired to hide who I was from my fans, as much as hide from people I knew in real life. But hiding who you are is a painful thing and I saw the need to BE MYSELF, and like who I am. So I started telling people.

NOW, I am “OUT” to the Internet world, to my friends and family (for the most part) and little by little to the community I was once afraid of. I am embracing being ME. Not to mention embracing being WADE.

I stuck it out and TCOL finally got published. It is another personal story like WLINE. More of why I felt I needed to keep trying to get it into the hands of the fans. I am discovering that readers like to KNOW the authors. My writing comes from within me. I feel these feelings. The characters take on aspects of MY personality and some of their circumstances actually happened to me.

TCOL came out Friday. That was three days ago. Because of my wonderful fans who have not given up on me, and even ones who say “Write anything you want and I will buy it,”  The Cost of Loving is climbing the charts at an alarming rate. (At least in my unbelieving mind.) You fans are amazing. You really are truly gracious and forgiving. I know my writing takes forever and that has to be frustrating. I also whine a lot and that can’t be fun to hear all the time. I also bitch and complain. Yet still, here you are! My fans are there buying my book like crazy. So THANK YOU. Thank you deeply.

I am often checking the Amazon page to see where it lands next. Amazon changes hourly. It was #15 on the Best Seller List for Gay Romance on Sunday at one point, then it dropped. Today it is ranked #17. I am thrilled to pieces. And because people are noticing that one, When Love Is Not Enough is appearing on the charts again too! YAY!!!!!! #70 was not so shabby when WLINE sold 1/6th of the amount that Jock did. Then it rose to #44 before I went to bed. Now it sits at # 55. I think that is awesome!!!

As far as Dreamspinner’s Best Seller List goes, it hit #19 Sunday but has slid back to #22. I’m okay with that. I didn’t expect it to appear at all this quickly. People have to BUY it from Dreamspinner to get it on that list and most people buy off of Amazon anyway.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I will continue to write. I am trying to be more consistent so I can get something submitted by October. (Names Can Never Hurt ME.) After that, I think I will try and write the rest of book 3 of the Unconditional Love series. If I can just write consistently, the books will get written. Right? Right!

I also have some reading promised to people so I need to squeeze that in there.

I think Friday I will draw a winner for the blog challenge of leaving comments. Back a couple weeks when I listed a 25 question contest that epically failed I decided that I need to make things easier and also start them BEFORE books are up for pre-order. So the winner of the “comment” contest will win a copy of the next book I publish. Leave a comment here, or in the past like 3-4 blogs. I’ll do a random drawing.

Ciao for now,


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I’m just a girl… a girl named Wade.

I’ve been working on “owning” the name and feeling like Wade is me, is who I am as an author. Most authors have pen-names or pseudonyms, so it should not surprise you that Wade is my chosen alias / pen-name / pseudonym. I have talked to some authors and they have a different name for every genre they write. I don’t know if I would go that far, but I do think that have a couple different names you write under is not a big deal.

I’ve talked about it oodles of times recently, but I feel that one last hurrah is necessary and then I can refer back to this blog when people ask. Why Wade? I ask, why not? In the scheme of things were names are concerned it is not uncommon any longer to have names cross the gender lines. It used to be that girls would spell and name one way and a boy spelled it a different way. Erin/Aaron, Carrie/Cary, Terrie/Terry, Carole/Carroll, Marti/Marty, Gail/Gale, Jo/Joe   … But then times change and people use the same name, same spelling for boys AND girls. And I am not referencing names I have only heard about, I am now sighting names I know people by personally in both genders. Hunter, Devon, Logan, Shannon, Taylor. (as well as a Dana and a Kelly in both genders) So yeah, names can go either way nowadays.

So yeah… I’m Wade. Wade Kelly. Nice to meet you!

Nutshell: I picked Wade because of an 80s TV show called Sliders. Wade Wells was the female character. And Kelly because I like the name Kelly. (And I like the Irish.) Hence the name was born, but it took a while for it to feel like ME. I used to be someone else. When I started writing, I used to introduce myself by a name that wasn’t my real first name just to mess with people. The name stuck and I started under that pseudonym. (I’m not writing it in a blog. The link is on my website.) Anyway, I got published, shit happened in 2010, and I changed my name to Wade.

I am featured on Aisling Mancy’s Blog today in an interview where I talk more about ME, and MY NAME, and my writing, and why I write etc…. Please stop by. I also list my favorite scene in The Cost of Loving! (You know you want to know what it is.) I am feeling like this is more me now. I think I can even get past saying, "Hi. I'm Wade," without it feeling weird. It's a good feeling!

The Cost of Loving hit #31 before I went to bed last night (at 11:30pm) on Amazon’s Best Sellers List for Best Gay Romance. Also, it was ranked #26 on the List for Hot New Releases. I think that is pretty darn good for ONE DAY of sales.

Copied from Amazon (TCOL): 
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,010 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

As of 6:22 am 8/17/13, The Cost of Loving was #21 in the Dreamspinner Best Seller List! Amazing to me to have broken into the best sellers in just one day! The Cost of Loving is #28 on Amazon’s Best Sellers List for Best Gay Romance, and ranked #24 on the List for Hot New Releases. This is a real testimony to how awesome my fans are! You all are so dedicated and tenacious and adoring that I cannot get over it. Thank you all so much from all of my heart! I promise to bring you more stories! I will. I am on a more regimented writing schedule than ever before. I desire to finish writing these stories because they not only bring me joy to write, but it also brings me great joy to hear how they have affected all of you! Thank you so much! I need you all.

You have read in the previous blog one of my favorite reviewer reviews of TCOL, (Tina’s review on The Novel Approach), but here is the first review from a reader, not a “reviewer”….

Melissa's review:
Aug 16, 13
5 of 5 stars
Read in August, 2013

This sequel to When Love Is Not Enough (Unconditional Love, #1) was worth the wait. Wade Kelly has done an amazing job of making Matt & Darian come to life for me. I feel like I know them personally. Once again my heart was ripped out of my body and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love books that touch me on a raw emotional level and both of these books did that for me. Highly recommend these books!!!!

Again, than you all for everything!! If you haven’t already seen or read them, I have been interviewed this week a couple times (different questions), and I also have a review on Mrs. Condit Reads. Check out my interviews and reviews and blog spotlights and remember to comment. There are giveaways involved.

From August 13, 2013 – Mrs. Condit and Friends

From August 15, 2013 – The Novel Approach

From August 16, 2013 – Joyfully Jay

From August 17, 2013 – Aisling Mancy

Thank you all for stopping by and giving me one of the best weeks in history! :)
I have often referenced the song by All Time Low- Weightless, and I think I have to again. The Lyrics state, “Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year…” Well, this IS MY WEEKEND.  This is my WEEK! And it is because of all of you! Thank you so so so so much!


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