Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let’s play Twenty Questions!

August 5th: questionnaire. (posted early so maybe it will feed to Good reads by tomorrow morning)

This week’s blog is a TEST! Haha. Most people dread “tests” of any kind. This test is more like a way to job the memory and get you readers all excited and geared up for the next installment in the Unconditional Love Series.

Below are twenty-FIVE questions I have come up with for the readers. (twenty seemed too short.) The idea is to answer them from memory. (Like the honor system.) If you search through the book to find the answers then you will have them all right, but is it as fun?? IDK.

Copy and paste the questions, maybe in a word document or right to an e-mail, and include the answers with them. Then e-mail me.

OR message me on Facebook. I believe you can Message me even if we are not “friends”. (Facebook link.)

I will give everyone a week to submit his or her answers to me on Facebook, or personal e-mail. OR message me on Goodreads.  Find a way to get me your answers. The idea is to send your answers to me, and not post them for everyone to see. It is a test. A challenge. A game to see what you remember from the story I wrote 2 years ago. Remember: the sequel comes out in less than two weeks!

So here it goes. These are in no particular order. I just came up with them off the top of my head.

1. What is Jimmy's major in college?
2.What is Darian's birthday?
3 What's Matt's first (full) name?
4. What does Dan Miller call Jimmy?
5.How does Jimmy propose marriage?
6. How many siblings does Darian have?
7. What does Joan hit Jimmy with that causes welts?
8. What tips Joan off that Jimmy is gay?
9. What does Joan Smithers collect?  *hint: that Darian would appreciate.
10. What tattoo does Jimmy and Darian get?
11.What is Jimmy's cousin's name?
12. Where does Matt live?
13. Where do Jimmy and Darian meet?
14. What piercing of Darian's does Jimmy fixate on?
15. Why does Darian get angry he first time he and Jimmy have sex?
16. What does Dan miller find on the floor that signifies Darian has a problem?
17. What is Darian's favorite hobby?
18. What does Jimmy buy for Matt in New York?
19. Who is in the picture on Matt’s nightstand?
20. What is Jimmy a “ringer” at doing?
21. What freaks Matt out at the firehouse picnic?
22. What was Darian doing in the bathroom when Jimmy found him?
23. Why did Jimmy have to write a journal?
24. What school does Darian attend?
25. Where does Jimmy keep his secret things?

Okay! There ya go. Twenty-five questions to challenge your memory. What do you win? A signed paperback copy of The Cost of Loving.

Personally, I wrote it as an allegory of my life circumstances and feelings that surfaced in 2010. Also, it is a question many of us have to answer. What cost are you willing to pay to LOVE the person you love? Or, What cost will you pay to take a stand for what you think is right? In my case, because I am not gay, it is a personal reflection on what I would do or feel in order to stand up for what is right. I do not think bullying and HATRED is right. As my icon often reads: 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and the #1 reason they are on the streets is parental rejection. I think this is awful and sad and needs to change. No one should feel that kind of rejection regardless of his or her sexuality.

Anyway… this is my challenge for you this week.


Wade Kelly

PS: Update on my personal life… I opened a “group” on my personal FB to tell some writers I had known for a while (who probably thought I died) that I am still alive and writing. In this group I also included personal friends, childhood friends, and overseas friends. Some people who have known me my whole life had no idea that I am a published author. I am NOW telling people. It is about time! And on my webpage BIO, there is a link to my first ever publication. Feel free to click, buy, and e-mail me about it ;)    You may even be surprised to find that you already read it!

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