Monday, August 26, 2013

My life when I’m not writing:

Today marks a new chapter in my life, as well as the “fall semester” of craziness that normally ensues. I’ve said before, mainly in my bio, that I have 3 children. Well, fall SOCCER dominates around here. My son plays varsity soccer T-TH-SUN. My daughter is a gymnast and practices M-F-SAT. This leaves Wednesday night as the only NIGHT free.  I don’t really mind as I LOVE watching my son play soccer. (Yes, Ellis was a soccer player like my son! And Ellis’ “broken leg experience” in JOCK was exactly how it happened to my son. Lol, but not.) But driving everywhere like a taxi driver can be exhausting.

During the day, I am now in school MON & WED. I leave as SOON as my youngest gets on the bus. (I have children in High school, Middle school, AND Elementary!) Tuesday mornings have been designated for those errands that need to happen every other week, every 8 weeks, or whatever like Getting my hair done (tomorrow), getting my nails done (because I want to look classy at GRL), and getting a massage (because I am perpetually tense and need them). Thursday’s I will be able to write between 9-3, and Fridays 9-3. Unless of course I plan a lunch date! Saturdays are pretty much taken by sports, camp-outs, and other family events. Sundays I go to church and my son plays soccer. I have a full schedule.

I used to complain more about all the stuff I did when Gymnastics decided it had to have like a thousand fundraisers and wanted to suck up all my time. I don’t have the time. But though complaining I found that most other moms have the same deal. We multitask, have jobs, and make all the other stuff “fit” somehow. I can’t complain, because I am just like every other mom. Mothers do it all!!! Maybe that is why I am a little “off” in the head. I’m slightly insane so I can handle the demands.

I don’t know.

One thing is for sure, this school year will have to be organized and scheduled, or there will never be clean clothes nor will there be food in the house, and dinner might be served at 9:30pm.

I WILL be online when I can. Luckily I can access most things from my phone. And I can Tweet from my phone. I can FB message from my phone. I just can’t write from my phone.

Writing will have to be very disciplined or it will not happen. So, fingers crossed, the next phase of life begins: Me, as an organized person! Note: This is probably the most girly-sounding blog I have ever written. Hopefully it is not too much of me sounding like a whiny, over-commited MOM, but I will get back to writing related blogs at some point. Unless you like my bitching over life, and the details of my everyday events ;p

Over and out,


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  1. I think if you did an unofficial survey, you'd find that most of us who are moms (and some really committed dads like Jacob & Bruce) are in the same boat. Too much to do in too little time. We have a love/hate relationship with our kids' sports. By the end of the season, it's more hate than love, but you know. Write when you can or when muse forces you because what free time we do have is spent reading!

    1. LOL, yes! I learned that this past year. I really can't complain because every other mom is doing the same thing. I am maturing, I hope. And I will write! I gotta keep those readers reading!!