Friday, August 23, 2013

You’re a winner!

This is the BLOG that started it all: Let’s Play Twenty Questions. And no one ansered ANY, nor did they comment. Because of this, I felt like an EPIC FAILURE, (Title of another blog) and voiced my discontent. Then Mel pointed out that since she already pre-ordered my book she saw no need to enter a contest to win etc… And also, a couple other people told me the same thing, one even called me an “auto-buy”. So, really, am I an epic failure? Apparently not if readers (my fans) are willing to buy my book ahead of time and consider me an “auto buy”. That is actually a very HIGH compliment and extremely flattering. Thank you all so much!

What I have learned from this experience is that IF I want to GIVE AWAY a copy as a bonus to my fans, I have to think of doing it BEFORE there is a pre-order button. The blog hop thing was good to grab the attention of people who don’t read my blog, and/or have not heard about my books. My blog is mainly read by people who HAVE read my books OR people who find my rambling interesting enough to skim through.

In the blogs that followed and on Goodreads, I had 9 commentors. So, I did a random drawing and ANONYMOUS won. (lol, she did leave an e-mail address.) So, lucky winner, you get to wait for the next maybe 8 months to get your prise, but as soon as my next book comes out, I will give you a copy. I did something similar with a “website challenge” to see if people actually visited my website and read it. A girl names Beth won a copy of TCOL because of that and I think she had to wait 8 months to get it. So next time, I have learned to do these “contests” ahead of time.

On the release front. The Cost Of Loving is doing well. Not the “block buster” that JOCK was, but the thing about JOCK was it’s universal appeal. It is light and funny, has a great cover, and I think the majority of m/m Romance readers want light with a HEA. So, JOCK foot that bill. (It is correct to “foot the bill”, right?) JOCK is funny and does not involve a suicide in any way. Jock sat at #1 for a couple weeks, and TCOL has made it as high as #5. Right now, (because the lists change hourly) TCOL is like #39 on the Amazon best seller list for Gay and Lesbian ROMANCE, but on that same list is When Love Is Not Enough!! 2 books on one list is a new experience for me. (note: TCOL is #21 on the GAY romance List, and #19 on the Dreamspinner Best seller list.) Lingering on lists is really good. Even if I’m not #1, (or #10), People are still BUYING my books, they are just buying the other ones MORE. Right? And I KNEW Whiskey and Wry (Sinners Series) would be at #1!!! DUH!

This is me being positive. If you read my blogs at all you will know I am not always a positive person. I am a dour character often. Chin up, Wade!

I also got an e-mail from All Romance eBooks to tell me I was on the best seller list. I even was sent a graphic to post. AND also on the same day someone reviewed WLINE. They said: Submitted By: youngromancelover on Aug 22, 2013
A enjoyable story with hot characters and a happy ending. Short and sweet, ,eh?

So this is what is going on with me. I start School on Monday. I am an official student!! I got my ID yesterday and went to Orientation. I am going to BLOG about that one Monday. “The New Me”…

I can’t think of anything else.

Comment, or e-mail. Let me know your thoughts.

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