Monday, January 25, 2016

Where I'll Be This Year

Last year I attended several conferences and book signings. Dreamspinner Press writer's workshop, Rainbow Book Fair, Ashcombe signing, Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, Rainbow Con, and GayRomLit. This year I have to scale back a tiny bit because the family doesn't like me leaving the house. My plans are to attend:

The Ashcombe Signing: Love Is In The Air 
on February 13th in Mechanicsburg, PA

I am all signed up to go. I need to re-do my banner, but I have new swag and books to display. If you are in the Maryland or lower Pennsylvania area, stop by to say hello. There will be 18 authors in all.

Dreamspinner's Writer's Workshop in March

I have registered, booked my hotel and flight to Orlando! I am looking forward to learning things and meeting others in the Dreamspinner Family.

The 8th Annual Rainbow Book Fair in New York on April 9th

I just booked a hotel. I have my table reserved. Come join me and MANY others in New York! I'll have a prize wheel set up at my table again this year. (Last time it was a hit!) If you would like to donate books or gifts cards to give away to RBF attendees, email me:

And last, I'll be at GayRomLit (GRL) in October in Kansas City. 

Registration opens at the end of February or early March. I'll let you know if I am attending as a Featured Author, Supporting Author, or Reader this year. *fingers crossed*

If you are anywhere close to these locations, please stop by and say hello. 
Mechanicsburg, PA
New York, NY
Kansas City

And I am sure that if you are in Orlando, Fl in March, you will be able to visit me in the Gaylord Palms Resort. You just can't attend the writer's workshop. :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

New Releases, And an Incentive to buy the Audio of Misplaced Affection


It's been a while. I think it's because BLOGGING tend to get shoved to the back of my mind. As far as social media, I use Facebook the most. I'm constantly connected to it. I instant message and "like" posts. I get notifications all day long. Facebook is easy. Blogging takes thought. I have to think about what I want to say and often I've got nothing.

What's been going on lately?

I had a couple releases in December!

No! Jocks Don't Date Guys came out December 14th.

If you haven't checked them out, please do! There is an excerpt of No! Jocks Don't Date Guys on Dreamspinner and Amazon. Reviews are all over the place, but the biggest issue seems to be with the cheerleaders and the dad. Sorry. :/ I was trying to go for an issue that was NOT about Chris being gay. Oh well.  
5 stars (50)  |  4 stars (99)  |  3 stars (43)  |  2 stars (15)  |  1 star (0)

Then, Misplaced Affection went LIVE on AUDIBLE.COM on December 30th.

You can hop over to Audible and listen to an excerpt of Chris Patton narrating Misplaced Affection. The list price is $24.95 for 15 hours. When produced through ACX, they are the ones who set the price in relation to the length. Then there is a discounted price for audible listeners. (Those are members of audible.) When you are a member, you have different levels of membership. I am a member on the lowest level (I think) of 2 credits per month. This means, that for a certain amount of $$ per month, I get two credits to buy audio books. 1 credit = 1 book. I can use my credit on a $17.95 book, on down to a $4.95 book. Whatever book I want. Since I discovered I can listen to more books than read, I joined and I look forward to choosing 2 books every month! So far, I haven't actually listened to 2 books EVERY month, but the option is there. If you haven't tried audio, visit audible and listen to some samples. They have samples of everything! Some narrators you may fall in love with, some you may cringe. Everyone has different tastes. I have some narrators I LOVE to listen to.

If you aren't a member, TRY IT! Sign up, choose Misplaced Affection for your 1st book and let me know. *Then, I'll mark you down and when my next book comes out, I'll send you a copy!

(*Note: Audible lets me know when someone DOES JOIN for the first time and buys my book as a new member. There is an incentive program. If they send me an incentive, then I will pass my joy onto you with a free book. eBook or paperback. **Redeemable at least 30 days after new membership on audible.)

Other News:
I have turned in the last stage of edits on Bankers' Hours. This means it will be up for pre-order soon, probably February for my March release. You may now GUESS on the release date. I have had several guesses already on my facebook group The Wade Brigade. (Join if you are a fan and you're on Facebook!)

I will do a cover reveal soon on my blog and website, but probably not on Facebook or Twitter until there is a pre-order link with it. But feel free to comment on this link and let me know WHEN you think Bankers' Hours will release! I actually already HAVE the date, but I will take guesses until February 5th. THEN, I will select a winner unless the pub date hasn't been guessed. :/ I'll send you a free eBook copy of Bankers' Hours if you win :) Happy Guessing <3

AND..... Some of you will be very happy to know Dreamspinner contracted a narrator to record Names Can Never Hurt Me. By summer, I should have another audio book on the market :)

That is all for now. Hugs!

Friday, January 1, 2016

My YEAR in Review

Happy New Year! Happy 2016. Many of you saw the new year arrive WAY before me, but this was the first time in a long time I stayed up until after midnight.

2015 was an odd year. I was talking to my friend yesterday saying how "I hope 2016 will be a better year because 2015 was a bit..." I stopped and my friend finished with "weird." That was the exact word I had to describe it and I was thankful to not be alone in my assessment. 2015 was weird.

I had LOTS of ups / positives!
- I wrote 297 THOUSAND words. = 2.86 novels!
- I published TWO novels, an audio book, and JOCK 1 was translated into Italian and Spanish!
- I met THE Cody Kennedy! In the flesh :)
- I went to several conventions and met MANY adoring fans, NEW friends, and authors I'd conversed with online but hadn't met in person yet.
- I wrote more consistently than EVER before in my career
- I outlined a writing plan with goals for the next 8 novels! EIGHT!!
- I came up with 3 more ideas for novels. (which means I have a plan for 11 more)
- I paid my mortgage every month!! (I am thankful to have a house to live in)
- A brand new baby came into the family! (Not mine. My niece)
- I think I became a little more confident in myself.
- my daughters are in 9th-, and 5th-grade and seem to be doing well in school. Some struggles, but good for the most part.
- We went on vacation! That hardly ever happens.

Then there were lots of downers.
- I had "issues" with my church again and was removed from teaching the Sunday school class.
- I had some... well, we'll call them "Family issues," which are still present with have affected me emotionally.
- Our dog died

The downer list may be short, but they were difficult things. And actually, two are still going strong and pushing to keep my self-esteem in the toilet.

I am looking toward 2016 as a year for change and hope. I need to think things will get better. I want the positives to overtake all darkness.

I am thankful for SO MANY friends I have online. "People" out there may look down on those types of friendships and ridicule them as insignificant and not real, but I say OH NO! Some of you are VERY real in my life. Especially the ones I've touched and hugged and cried with. More reasons I love conventions because we SEE each other! Online friends become 3 dimensional!

So thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me through all my ups and downs! I truly appreciate you all.

LOVE AND HUGS for 2016!

My new year's resolution is to WRITE EVERY DAY, and make blog posts more consistently. :)

<3 Wade Kelly

Happy New Year!