Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesdays - Good Friends

I stole this from a post Matt Rayne did on Facebook. I liked how it referred to "Feeling Deeply" as a SUPER POWER! I think I do feel deeply. I see things in people. I sense things in the way they look at me. I've been able to do that for years. Not always, but extremely often. I believe I have a gift of "reading" people, and I am not alone in this. I have a friend named "L" (for privacy) that reads people very well and is in-tune with things that can't bee seen or explained. Lena (another "L" friend on Facebook whom many may know) can read people and sense thing very deeply. She sensed things about me over the Internet!! 

Sensing emotion can draining because often times it is not happy feelings I read. I can see pain in people's eyes. I can feel loss and sadness. I believe it is a gift God gives to help me and others like me, connect with people on a deeper level than most experience. Feeling Deeply is a good thing.

I shared this photo this morning and tagged a couple people. I can only tag five, per my rule. I will tag more people as the week progresses. I posted yesterday about having a list of 300+ people on it. I made the list so I can better track myself because I'd probably tag the same people over and over because even if I have 2400+ "friends" on facebook, I only interact daily with a small number. 

I'm not naming people specifically on my blog because I know I will forget someone and then hurt a person's feelings unintentionally, so I will talk in generalities for the most part.

Sometimes I meet people who just make me FEEL happy and they don't need to do anything! The person doesn't even have to be in a good mood or feeling happy themselves, but for me it's like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Maybe it is the other person's aura? I don't know. But it is very real to me. I feel it. Often this comforting invisible hug brings tears to my eyes because it feel so wonderful. I wish others could feel that. There are probably a handful of people that generate this "blanket hug/tear inducing/warm-fuzzy" feeling in me without any action on their part at all. I can DEFINITELY think of three for sure! Another couple I think I need to walk into a room with them and see if that same tangible warm feeling wraps around me. 

But even without the tangible happiness, there ARE for sure, people in my life who make me happy without doing anything at all. I am happy knowing you, being around you, hugging you, talking to you, texting you, and any number of things, but it isn't a doing of something that makes me happy knowing you. I HOPE that you know who you are without me saying it. 

By nature, I am a very friendly person and I make friends easily. However, some friendships do turn out superficial and we can talk about the weather, writing, or cooking and such without any problems. I guess those are acquaintance type friends. (Because you know all friends fit into some category or another.) Friend friends get to know me a title more and we talk longer, maybe. The deep level of friendships often take time. Although I do have one friend that no matter how long we are apart, we can jump back in and feel comfortable right away! Those are great kinds of friends to have.

I feel like I am rambling and you have no idea where I am going with this. Maybe I don't have more of a point.

I guess I mainly want to say, I am thankful and grateful for all the types of friendships I have, and to tell you I am not afraid of knowing you (person out there). Chances are I can see it in your eyes before you even bring it up. I'll listen any time, and I'll cry or laugh with you any time. 

And if you can make me smile even on a crappy day, then you are extra special to me! :)


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