Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rally Around a Gay College Student who NEEDS YOU!!

HI. You may "know" me. I write what I think and I think out loud before my brain catches up! I react and I leap before I look. So here it goes. I'm trying to help a friend of mine and I am asking for your consideration to help him too!

Go HERE! and HELP a gay college student. PLEASE!

Hi. I'm Wade. I am hosting a fundraising page for a college student friend of mine who was kicked out for being GAY. His parents withdrew support! I find this outrageous and awful. My parents love and support me in all things. I HATE to think of being in his position!! He has been hit (today) with LOADS semester fees, as well as having NO PLACE to live. (besides his car!) He needs to pay for tuition and a security deposit for an apartment. A month's rent would be nice too. He has a job and will be able to buy food to some extent.

His parents took all his savings because they thought he owed them money for living in their house and took his clothes because he didn't pay for them. He owns a laptop, an 2008 car, a pair of flip flops, and a cat.

It may not sound desperate to some, but imagine where you would be if your parents just up and kicked you out one day? If you had nothing. All the books on your shelves, the photos on your desk. GONE! No clothes, but what you are wearing. And your "friends" who used to talk to you decide "GAY" is contagious. You are a leper and not welcome anymore. Where would you go? Where would you sleep? Sleep in your car for a night or two and feel what my friend feels.

This is my desperate attempt to help him. PLEASE HELP HIM! No one should be treated like this. So to be treated in this fashion because he is GAY, and his family's church deems it an abomination, is just down right despicably wrong!

This page has a fee. Apparently 5% goes to GoFUNDme. Everything else goes to help my friend get out of his car and into an apartment and back in school. He wants to get his Masters of Fine Art in Costume Design. (Already has a BA in History/English. dbl major!) He is smart, he is good and my friend is important! I refuse to leave him struggle alone!

Thank you for considering this need,

Wade :)

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