Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sorry… caps lock. LOL

Lets see, highlights? I got an A on my final exam on Wednesday so that means I got an A in my grammar class! Very cool. I will miss the peeps in class so hopefully they will not be strangers in town. And I gave my business card out so maybe they will each stalk me and be reading this now…. muahahhaha.

RAINBOW AWARDS last Sunday. My Roommate's a Jock? Well, crap! got third place for the Best LGBT Romantic Comedy. Very cool!

Then on MONDAY I signed a contract for Names Can Never Hurt Me. Although the date of release will not be until July / August of 2014, but at least we know it is coming!

Monday and Tuesday I cleaned and DECORATED and Christmas shopped. The house is not looking too bad. A little clutter, but easily removed. The tree is decorated. Outside lights up. And all my shopping is done! I wrapped most of the presents on Tuesday, but I am still waiting on a few to arrive in the mail. (Love shopping online.)

I voted in the M/M Romance Group poll yesterday on Goodreads for the M/M Choice Awards for 2013. Some of the categories were very hard to choose from! Now, I don't know exactly who nominated my books for so many categories, but WOW--thank you! Incredible. 16 Categories!!

~Favorite All Time M/M Author ---> ME! Wade Kelly. Now that's cool!
~Favorite All Time M/M Romance Book -For WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. That blew me away! Thank you for that :)
~Best Anthology -for 50 Gays of Shade. Did you know I had a short story in that one?? I DO!!!
~Best Book of the Year - for THE COST OF LOVING 
Best long story for  THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Story that Should/Must have a Sequel- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Contemporary (genre)- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Athletes (professions)MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Law Enforcement (Cops/PI/Spies/Secret Agent) (professions) -for THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Medical Professionals (Doctors/Nurses/EMT/Vets) (professions)-for THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Friends to Lovers (themes)- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Humorous (themes)- for MY ROOMMATE'S A JOCK? WELL, CRAP!
~Best Hurt/Comfort (themes) - for THE COST OF LOVING
~Best Tear Jerker (themes)- for THE COST OF LOVING

WOW…. THE LIST WAS LONG.  Thank you so much for the nominations. I appreciate and love you all.

What is going on now? Um, I guess since school is over I have no excuse, I NEED to write my ass off! So when I'm quiet I hope that is what I am doing! :)

TOMORROW- I am featured on Andrew Q. Gordon's blog. 
This is the list of contributors and dates:

December 1  - Andrew Q. Gordon
December 2  - Anne Tenino
December 3  - M.A. Church
December 6  - Anyta Sunday
December 7  - Nephylim
December 8  - Lena Gray
December 9  - JJ (Joyfully Jay)
December 10 – Elizabeth North
December 12 – Lily Velden
December 13 – Wade Kelly
December 14 – Alicia Nordwell
December 15 - Chris T. Cat
December 16 – Cate Ashwood
December 17 – Shira Anthony
December 19 – Amy Lane
December 20 – Melanie Marshall
December 21 – Lorraine Fico White
December 22 – Rick R Reed
December 23 – Festivus Special
December 24- Becky Condit

December 25 – Andrew Q. Gordon

It is a Christmas time and family themed blog hop for authors to describe their experiences. I talk about my son. He is adopted and this time of year reminds me of when I first met him. LOVE that boy!

Anyhow, that is all for now.


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