Monday, December 2, 2013

GFY - What does that mean anyway?

Dear Thomas, I know I can be confusing when I answer a post. Heck, I can be confusing while holding a conversation, but bear with me. I read your comment on a previous blog post and it got me thinking about what GFY means. I have found the "GFY" category on Goodreads and a loosely written definition and I get it, GFY = Gay For You. So, in part, I understand what it means. But what does that REALLY mean?

I'm writing a post in hope people will respond with their thoughts on the matter. (*hint, hint. Please comment.) Gay for you. Does that mean that a person is perfectly fine being straight until that one person happens alone and they realize: wait, I'm gay. Because that is what the notion sounds like to me. And, question, does that really happen?

I'm throwing this question out there because I wonder. I question. I think… probably. But I have never actually, in person, MET someone that this happened to. GFY. Did this happen to YOU??? Let me know. Personally I write about a lot of things that I IMAGINE really happen. Given the vastness of the human mind, why not? There are a zillion people out there. If I can THINK IT, I bet there are people who live it.

From a writing perspective… I think I have thought about this theme before I knew there was a real category. I think giving the human experience and the vast emotions and feelings and thoughts we have, that GFY can and does happen. Thomas had expressed a particular fondness for that theme. Actually, I have found from reading books that fall in the GFY theme that I like them too. I like the possibilities that things are not predictable. That lives can change so drastically once you meet that certain someone. I like that LOVE can do crazy things in a person's life.

Have I written GFY. I don't know. Have I? Unintentionally maybe. Not sure. Thomas asked about Names Can Never Hurt Me and it made me think about it. You know Thomas, I think I might have. You will have to let me know. NAMES has some angst, although on the "Wade Kelly" scale it is probably around a 5/10. (Where WLINE would be a 10/10.) NAMES, I think, is more about character development and change. Maturing. And possibly GFY. It's about meeting that "someone" who changes everything and makes you see things differently. About meeting the person you would change FOR.

Yesterday was 4 weeks since I submitted it. Thomas asked if I submitted to Dreamspinner. I didn't say because I didn't know if I should. What if they reject it? Would you want to know DSP rejected it? I didn't want to make them look bad. BUT, who else would I submit to initially? DSP IS my publisher. I always start with them. Perhaps, I will branch out and try other publishers and diversify, as it were. IDK. Maybe. For now, it is Dreamspinner. So yes Thomas, I submitted to them on November 3rd. The last manuscript took 5 weeks to hear back that they wanted it. So I am hoping to hear something soon. I really miss my characters. Nick and RC. I miss them.

I didn't want to reread the MS because I tend to change things and I didn't want to do that too soon. When it is close to the editing date, I will probably reread it and make notes of what I want to change. Then add them in the first edit round. BUT, that all hinges on acceptance and a contract and an actual EDIT. Right now, I got nothin'. Waiting. Continual waiting. I hate waiting.

I was trying to write, but I had an English project to do. I made a power point presentation this weekend. It is the first one I have ever done so GO ME! I've never needed to make one before. I did interviews and collected my data to present to the class. It should be fine. I only have one class today, and the last one on Wednesday and then a final next week. Then grammar class is over. Sadly. I liked the class. I will miss the people. I learned a lot. I hope to use what I have learned and write better. IDK. I'll try.

So Misplaced Affection should be back on track this week. I still have the same word count just over 19k. BIG GOAL is to kick some butt on it this month.

Fingers crossed. I'll blog, or shout out to everyone when I hear back from DSP. In the meantime I will worry and obsess over it. I'll worry NAMES is boring. (Although Thomas told me it isn't possible.) and I'll worry it is too long. (Tina has told me the more words the better. lol) And I'll worry that it is just not good enough. Worry worry worry. It is what I can't stop from doing. Why does waiting have to be so hard to do?

Oh, and btw, A SHOUT OUT TO CODY KENNEDY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it is a super terrific one!!

Laterz ya'll.



  1. OK - belated Happy Birthday wishes to Cody!! :)

    GFY? I've read lots of M/M stories over the last few years, and this is still a question I have problems with understanding. I think I understand how one man could be attracted to (and love) one other man; but it puzzles me that a (probably) heterosexual man can do that.

    Now, Bi, I understand. Loving a person, be it male or female, is purely subjective, and I accept that without query. It happens. Deal with.

    So, ultimately (since I don't know any Bi or Gay peeps personally, sad to say), GFY pushes my boundaries somewhat. I'm not against GFY stories one iota: they're usually fun to read and I giggle at the emotions running through the guy's mind; but it's fiction. Does it happen IRL? I don't know. Wish I did, and could understand better.

    Please keep writing (whatever you want to!) and I'll keep reading!!

    1. Deepest thanks Carole-Ann. I hope I can continue to write things that stick with you.

      And GFY?? Yeah. the jury is still out on that one.

  2. Yes, GFY does exist in real life,and is not as rare as people seem to think it is.

    However the real story is not so much Gay for You, but about meeting a person whose chemistry, mental and emotional makeup causes such an intense reaction, that whether they are male or female ceases to matter... you are simply swept away. Honestly the air around the two of you seems to vibrate when you are close or touch..

    There is a degree of angst to the sensation because generally the feeling is like nothing you have ever felt before and it is scary as all hell, especially if you are a person who likes to be in control of yourself.
    Suddenly all you can think about is that person, being with them, pretty much wanting to taste them...all the time 24/7/365.

    Your choice ends up being can you give up that control to be with a person who makes you feel love and loved to the level that everything else comes second? And can you handle the fallout from others who can't understand why this person becomes everything to you?
    If you can and built a life with that person all that passion filters into all the other things in your life and the joy is incredible.

    When this person enters a roomful of people, the only thing you want to do is be alone with them. Whether they are male or female ceases to matter, it is all about the magnetic pull and an almost tangible need to touch and join together as soon as possible. Both individuals experience the pull.

    Some people call this finding a soulmate, but others doubt such a thing exists.

    Also while it may happens that the person is the same sex as you, sometimes the individuals are the mass-society appropriate (?) opposite sex, but sometimes the age of the two individuals are off...
    Like one person can be twenty and the other forty-eight... well, there are going to be some raised eyebrow, some rumors and people advising both parties to break up, telling them that what they are feeling is not real... but only those this happens to know the real deal.
    All this is to say, yes GFY is genuine.

    1. WOW! That is a very long response and to a blog from DECEMBER!! Gee, maybe people really do read my blog! :)

      Anyway… Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts on the matter. It is a subject many question. I think any and all things are possible, so your explanation makes sense. I like how you described it. :) Very vivid.

      Thanks for commenting and dropping by! I guess I need to throw out more questions like this so others might expound on an idea like you did.