Thursday, January 16, 2014

Avoiding Facebook? Me? Nah, couldn't be.

I feel like I haven't been as active on ace book, or any social media for that matter. Why? One reason is that I've been writing. My "new years resolution" for this year (and I had the same one last year) was to write EVERY DAY. Last year at this time I wasn't "writing" I was editing The Cost of Loving, but out of 31 days in January I only edited for 21. So I missed 10 days. This year I am writing in January with a goal of being finished this book in Jan/Feb, although I think it will be done in March. IDK. But as far as my resolution goes, I have written something 13 out of 16 days of January. (Yes, I wrote some this morning too.) And in the last 8 days I have written what I consider the "goal" amount, which is something significant. (1000-2000+ words) I WOULD LOVE to write 2500 words/day. (I think I read somewhere that is Stephen King's word count goal.) But for me, 2500 is unrealistic. I have moments when the words are flying, but I haven't gotten into the habit long enough to get that much flowage consistently. I hope that will be more easily attained as I make writing a part of my daily routine.

But writing EVERY DAY is hard. I am a mom, wife, and caretaker of a zoo of animals. I run out of time in the day for ALL the things that need to be done. So far, the goal of writing SOMETHING everyday is working. (Except for those 3 days I missed.) And I have also learned, that when I am super focused I CAN write about 1000 words an hour. That is something very exciting for me. It shows me that I CAN have time for the "mom world" and the "writer world" and it doesn't take that much, just commitment. Of course, I am super slow at writing so sometimes the words are not quite flowing at 16.67 words per minute. But when they are, I can potentially write 1000, 2000, 5000 words a day! Or more!!! IF I find the right day to do that. I thought today would be such a day, but I have NO bread, I'm out of lunch meat and dishwashing detergent and there is still one day of school tomorrow, which means I need to go OUT and buy food and other items. This takes up a lll my writing time!! I hate that. But I am learning to balance my time. THIS IS GOOD!

AND SINCE I DIDN'T TALK ABOUT IT WHEN IT HAPPENED, I WON SOME AWARDS. (Sorry, caps lock.) My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! won the Goodreads M/M Romance Choice Awards for Best Athletes, and Best Humorous novel. 3rd place for both. This was very cool since I am always up against some steep competition.

I guess of you like my athletes, I need to write another novel with a soccer player and make it funny. Hmm??

Lately, when I am on FACEBOOK, it is to check Tj's status. Sometimes I don't WANT to check because I do worry about them too much. It is a roller coaster. What I want is smooth sailing. (I have my demands, God!) I want Eric to have a straight and easy road to recovery and what do I find, Incompetent doctors and posts about Eric being terrified. This makes me sad, upset, worried, frustrated… and who am I? Just a fan and fellow writer who happens to have met and talked to them both in October. I'm not in their lives, yet I feel their pain as many of you do out there. They are with us in our hearts and we all want this to go smoothly, don't we? So keep those prayers going!!! What I've seen, is that Tj Klune is probably the most protective and loving man I've witnessed. (*Witnessed from a distance, & online.) And Eric is extremely tenacious and determined. Together they are an incredible force of love and devotion. It makes me cry to read the posts Tj puts up because I wish ALL couple could feel that same amount of love in their hearts. Sadly, few do. I see way too many couples give up, move on, divorce, cheat, or whatever.

Sometimes I wonder if THAT is why people have an issue with gay marriage. Yes, they blame it on religion (blah, blah), but what if it is a subconscious jealousy over the straights' lack of commitment? IDK, I think like this sometimes. If straight people can't get it together--and oh yeah, I've seen LOTS of couples splitting--then maybe they are, without realizing it, railing against gay-marriage because they secretly worry that the gays will get it right. IDK. What do you think? I come up with crazy thoughts all the time. But what I do know, is that lately I have seen MANY gay couples talking about these milestone anniversaries. Like 19/ 20 plus years! For what I have seen in my personal life, way too many couples in know hit 12/15 and they are not he skids. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???? Not cool.

I am an advocate of marriage, of commitment, of monogamy. I believe in two people together forever. So maybe gay-marriage is God's way of giving straight people a wake-up call to show them what they forgot how to do>>>> COMMIT! Because marriage ain't easy. People are all different and living with someone day in and day out can wear you down if you are not working together. Am I always happy? Um, no. But I am in no way ready to call it quits. I want to work on it and make it better. For me and for my children.

Eric and Tj have a tough road ahead of them, but they are off to a great start because they love so deeply and so completely that it makes me jealous. I want to feel they deep sense of dire need to be with my partner. I love their LOVE. And to all the couples out there who have had a long-term commitment or marriage to the one they love --> Ken & Andy, Ryan & Tony, Rick & Bruce, Andrew & Dominic, David & Marc, Jeff & Will <-- you all are an inspiration to couples everywhere. Keep going. Show the younger generation how it's done. AND! Dare I say, show the straight non-committers how it's done!!

I guess that's all I got to say. I'm around. I've written 15,556 words this month. It is exciting and challenging and fulfilling to "live my dream" and create stories that I hope one day you will all enjoy. I hope I will be able to share an excerpt of Misplaced Affection with you soon. I do not write chronologically so sometimes there are gaps in the beginning which need to be filled in before I share. Although, I'm not so sure that Misplaced Affection has as good a beginning as Names Can Never Hurt Me. The prologue to NAMES is a killer. (hahaha) I just loved it. Misplaced Affection's prologue was written in English class. I liked it. I wrote (am writing) a story based off that beginning. Bear with me, I think it is a good story. AND it has a happy ending. I know, because I started writing the ending last night. (See, out of order.)

Remember… If you have means to give, Eric and TJ need your support. They are still in the hospital. Eric's bills do not stop, they multiply. So every dollar counts towards helping them. They're friends and family have raised $41, 685 as of right now and that is incredible!! Please keep the pot growing!! Hospitals are expensive.


  1. Loved your blog today and always :-) I think gay people commit, when they find true love, because they've had to fight harder to get it. This makes you appreciate it more. I've been married for 20+ years (I was a child bride) to my soul mate and I appreciate my good fortune everyday. Sadly, gay marriage has not been around long enough for a true comparison, and in England we have already been tweaking with the current laws to include 'gay divorce'. Plus, young gay men are unashamedly promiscuous but it doesn't carry the stigma it does for young women still. Our community draws together so strongly partly because of opposition and because we want a world where adorable men like TJ and Eric can share their happiness with everyone and just receive joy back. Though I fear that when we have gay marriage everywhere and acceptance is the norm, we will still have sexism.

  2. I love the depth of your compassion and empathy.

  3. Great post Wade. I like your thoughts. I'm glad you're having a good writing month. I'm excited to read your excerpt when you're ready to share. :-) Also - I am right there with you regarding TJ's status-updates - I soar with the good days and feel sick with the bad days. They are both truly warriors and role models.

    1. Exactly. Role models and inspiration for sure!

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - great blog post!

    1. Thank you. :) I just say what is on my mind.