Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Submission accepted!

It there a more awesome thing to wake up to than an e-mail saying “I’m pleased to inform you that I’d love to take your story…”? So cool!!

This is for Keirnan Kelly’s project “50 Gays of Shade”. I wrote a short story for it involving Matt and Darian. It’s only just over 3000 words, which is like a chapter for me. I don’t normally like writing something so short. (Or reading short stories etc…) BUT, I couldn’t pass up the chance to write a short for 50 Gays of Shade! Why? Because I’m reading that book! I’m not done reading 50 Shades of Grey.

I haven’t been able to finish but that is because I am distracted with other things. It is hard to read sometimes when I am a writer because when I’m writing, I normally go with the flow of my OWN stories. When I take a break, or my characters stop “talking” then I read. Lately I’ve been in a holding pattern of writing because self-publishing is a daunting task for me and I am trying to wade through it all.

I wrote 700 words yesterday, which seemed like nothing yet it was the most I wrote in a week. It is not like I don’t have dialogue in my head, I DO, but I can’t find the time to jot it down! I discovered this week I tend to pick the same names all the time. I needed a few girls to stick in the story as co-workers etc and I used the same names as in another book. Figures! Now I have to change the names! So, give me some names of people I can use. Girls and guys names. I can never THINK of them when I want to list one! It’s like my brain stops working!

So anyway… My anthology story is more like an excerpt. What it will probably end up being is a scene from book three and I will reference it to keep it in context and show where it falls into the story as a whole (between Matt and Darian) and I’ll probably pick up where it leaves off in book three and give the “what happens after” parts. For die-hard fans you will probably want to read it! For those who don’t care, well, after you read book three you may want to read the anthology bit anyway. Lol

The anthology is called Shades of an Untamed Heart. Synopsis:
Unquenchable desire has a new name: Darian Weston.

Matt knows his lover is a wild-child. He’s pushed the limits between them time and time again, yet Darian seems insatiable. When “pain” enters the equation, and Darian’s reaction is explosive, Matt concocts a kinky plan to visit a BDSM club he knows.

Will a visit to the Shady Business Nightclub shed light on the limitations of Darian’s untamed heart, or will Matt come face-to-face with some revelations of his own?

Sound like a winner?

Good thing for me is that The Cost of Loving will hopefully come out BEFORE that anthology. I have no date for either one. When I have a date in mind I’ll let you know. I’ll probably reveal the cover two weeks before publication. I am waiting on editing, BUT I am also waiting on myself. I have a list of things to do first.

Kindle Direct asks for a “business name”. This seemingly simple item has complicated things. What do I choose? If I choose my name would that be wise? I am going to be using it for things other than books so I thought a different name would be good. I am not going to have a website for the business just for me! will be the official site once I purchase the domain name. (That is on the list too!) I have to fill in a form for the Department of Assessments and Taxation (or something) because I was strongly considering an LLC company. (Wise people I know recommend LLC over Sole Proprietor.) And to fill out THAT form I need a business address. So I wanted to get a PO BOX. (More stuff to do!) I don’t really want to list my personal address for everything.

I’m planning on selling a couple t-shirts for the winter release! They are referenced in My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! My graphic designer (Enny Kraft) has come up with a couple designs that I think will be a hit! I need to set up that account on Café Press to sell my shirts! (More to do!) Cole is a nerdy, science guy. So if you like science related t-shirts, keep a look out for mine! I need to read over Café Press’ “terms and conditions” to understand their rules. I think they pay me “royalties” too. Like, I use their website, they make the t-shirts and collect taxes and stuff, and all I do is upload my image and create a page to sell on. Then they pay me a portion of the price they sell it for. I am 85% sure that’s what I read the first time I considered doing this. I may even look into copyrighting my image. So much to think about!

So… If you know anything about the mentioned above conundrums (ie. copyrights, LLC’s, filling on taxation forms etc…) let me know. PM me or post a comment. I need help and I am not beyond asking for it. I e-mailed my CPA and he hasn’t gotten back to me. Luckily I know another one I will hopefully see today. I just can’t do it all by myself. I read over lists of rules and regulations but it feels better to have someone with me who knows about such things. Right? Make sense?

So… TO DO:
1.     Get PO Box
2.     Call Taxation office to see if my “business name” is available. And then fill out form!
3.     Buy domain name
4.     Change web address officially
5.     Set up a café press account
6.     (after editor is done) fill out Kindle Direct online forms to finish creating an account.
7.     Reveal cover of The Cost of Loving!
8.     Write, write, write… I can’t sit around with finished projects in the process and NOT have another one shaping up for submission! I need to finish writing Names Can Never Hurt Me!
>Oh, and read about copyright laws!

So… loads to do for me! This is why I can’t read at the moment. No time! Or if I’m reading it is over contracts and “guidelines” etc… It feels overwhelming at times.

I also updated my website and changed the look. Is this better? Worse? I like dark colors but that isn't always what everyone else may like. If you have an opinion, comment!

This is all I can think of at the moment.


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  1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of stuff to do! Better you than me. Im sure you will get it all done without a problem though. Youre good like that ;)