Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spirit Day

I had to look this one up. And on Wikipedia there are a number of LGBT holidays. Did you know that?  On Wikipedia it says:

For other LGBT holidays, see List of LGBT holidays.
For the religious observance, see Spirit Monday.
Not to be confused with International STAND UP to Bullying Day.
In early October 2010, Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan promulgated the observance of a new commemoration called Spirit Day, the first observance of which took place on October 20, 2010, in which people wear the color purple to show support for LGBT young people who are victims of bullying.[1] Promoted by GLAAD, many Hollywood celebrities wore purple on this day to show their support of this cause,[2][3][4] and many websites added a prominent purple shade to their design.
The name, Spirit Day comes from the purple stripe of the Rainbow Flag, defined by Gilbert Baker, creator of that flag, as 'representing "spirit"'.
The observance was inaugurated in response to a rash of widely-publicized bullying-related suicides of gay school students in 2010, including that of Tyler Clementi.[5]
Over 1.6 million Facebook users signed up for the event globally.[6][7][8]
Further national and international attention was drawn to Spirit Day when Clint McCance, the vice-president of an Arkansas school board,[9] posted incendiary anti-homosexual remarks on the Facebook social networking website.[10] McCance ultimately apologised and resigned on the CNN program Anderson Cooper 360,[11] however he received further criticism for what many perceived to be an insincere non-apology apology, including from Dr. Phil in a later Anderson Cooper interview.[9][12][13] McCance submitted his resignation letter to the Midlands School District effective November 1, 2010.[14]

And the other holidays are:

Spirit Day is listed as October 17th on Wikipedia and to show support you wear purple. I am going to wear all the purple I have, which is very little. Odd for me since I am a RAVENS fan and Ravens are purple. I tried to buy an Under Armor shirt in purple last year and couldn’t find one. They sell them in “compression” fit and I am not sure what size would fit me. Maybe XXXL , haha. I know the “fitted” one I have to get one size larger because it is tight, so I can only imagine how big I’d have to go with a “compression” shirt. I’ll get one this year probably. Anyway, I’m wearing my Freddie’s Beach Bar shirt with purple earrings. I posted a picture on Facebook.

Anyway... T minus3 hours and some change before I depart. Am I ready? No. I am not done packing. I can't find the my blue shirt that goes with my skirt that I am wearing to the brunch on Sunday. I didn't pack any books to get signed. (And I should pack a flat box to ship them home in.) I wanted to get those book inverts like velum or even stickers, but I didn't. I didn't cook anything for my family to take camping. I DID wash my clothes so they all smell fresh instead of smelling like stink bugs. I fed all my snakes and the lizard. I NEED to back up my computer and charge my iPod. I have home work over the weekend so I need to bring my English book. LOL. I did NOT read all the books on my to-do list before GRL. Sorry ya'll, I am not good at reading consistently anyway. I plan to read more of Second Chances on the plane....

What else? IDK. See some of you in Atlanta! ANd the rest--I'll post pictures on Facebook and blog on Monday. :)



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