Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rainbow Book Fair 2014 and my upcoming "events"

Howdy. Yesterday I attended the 6th Annual Rainbow Book Fair in New York City. I have been there before, but NOT as an author with actual "fans" and people who come up and say, "I really liked your book." That was surreal and thrilling. People recognized me, either from Facebook, or from my book covers and asked if I was Wade Kelly. OMG! What a rush. I swear I was on an adrenaline high most of the day!

I did a reading from JOCK. I read a shortened version of page 28-30. (Cole and Ellis' first kiss.) Lynn, my wonderful friend, recorded it, but we are having a delay in posting it because of the file size. (I'll post soon I hope.) It was very fun. I was nervous, but Lynn said I did well. I was super happy that My friend and fellow author Jeff Adams got to the fair in time to hear me read. He is such a dear man. It meant a lot to have these two wonderful people in the audience as I read, knowing they were there for me. I just adore my friends!

Anyway… I really had a great time at the fair. I met LOADS of people! I talked all day!!!! People were friendly and open to stop and talk. I did a drawing for a free audio book and a man named John won. (I emailed him directly.) I was chuffed to have 19 cards in my raffle for the audiobook :) On the raffle card there was an option to be kept up to date via e-mail, 13 of the 19 checked YES. Of the "yeses" 10 had never read my books. I find this a fun fact! I had people stop by and find me interesting enough to get e-mails and they had never read my books before! YAY!! So cool. I only hope I am not too boring and they don't "unsubscribe" too quickly.

Overall, I had a positive experience at the book fair and afterwards Jeff, Lynn, and I joined the NY author meet up group to have drinks at the Ivy on 8th ave. (Group included authors Damon Suede, Taylor Donovan, Kate McMurray, reviewer Monique Thompson, Madeline, Deb, Tina, and other people I can't remember the names of.) I had a delicious cosmo with my dinner. It was a noodle dish with chicken and a ginger sauce. oh my. We talked, laughed, cried a little (well, I did) and then called it a night. I am such the partier that I was in bed by nine! hahahaha.

So, first conference where I went as an AUTHOR, done. CHECK!!

Next up… Rainbow Con in Tampa!

To kick this event off, Rainbow Con is having a "blog hop" like many do. On April 1st, I will be featured on Pants Off Reviews by Darien Moya. (I told him I loved his name.) So stop by there on Tuesday to see what I have to say about Rainbow Con!!!

I also started some of the edits on Names Can Never Hurt Me. I got the blurb edit. Small, but better than nothing. Dreamspinner is backed up with lots of book edits so they are behind on mine. Oh well. I guess they just have too many of your favorite authors writing books to keep up with. That is a good thing! Be patient. As soon as I have cover art and a date and editing news I will let you know!

Next, after I post my blogs and write a blog for Mr. Moya, I will be editing chapter 1 of Misplaced Affection and posting it. check back soon, or subscribe to the right in the box that looks like:


Wade :)

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