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The Dirty Dozen - LE Franks

Hello and welcome to the Dirty Dozen Blog hop tour. This stop features author LE Franks. In the tradition of the tour, the 12 contributing authors each asked a question and all of us then do the interview by answering all the questions. It give you a little glimpse into the minds of the authors and can be a lot of fun. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the interview with LE Franks :)

LE: I’m excited to be hosted by Wade Kelly for our Dirty Dozen Blog Tour - thanks Wade! GRL is now just around the corner and I’m trying not to freak out…though it’s my favorite time of the year it’s also fraught with packing danger. To wit – this week I’m at a conference in Napa and managed to forget shoes, brush, shampoo…the list goes on and on and Chicago is soooo much farther away. Here’s my stab at answering our group questions and please come by and visit us at GRL:

Wade: What inspires you most when you are writing? 

LE: The little voice in my head? I don’t know, I’m actually pretty random and undisciplined when it comes to inspiration – almost anything including the smallest detail might light a flame - like driving down the freeway and looking over at another driver going 80 mph. Could be the driver, the motion, the car itself, the scenery at the side of the road…anything can spark a story.

Wade: What brought you to write m/m? What keeps you writing in this genre? 

LE: Honestly? I think it was the kindle app. I was suddenly reading tons of romances…a genre I hadn’t spent much time reading since I was a pre-teen, but they were cheap and plentiful. Eventually I stumbled across Jade Buchanan’s “Nut Cream” and I was hooked on the genre. What keeps me writing gay romance? I think the stores are relevant for the time we live in, I think contributing to the truth that ‘love is love’ is important. And besides, the inspiration photos are hot!

Wade: Of all the characters you've written, who is your favorite and why?

LE: I think my favorite character is Davis “Fat Boy” Newman from the 6 Days series. He wasn’t the original romantic foil for my MC Nick – he was just an extra in the scene. Instead of staying quiet and doing what he was told, he completely took over the story and swept Nick off his feet. I love that he has more patience and empathy than either Nick or I do and that he continues to surprise me.

Wade: Many of us have pen names that we use and there are an infinite number of ways and reasons behind them, but I doubt many of them reflect the names we wish we’d been born with.  If you could micro-manage the ultimate do-over, what birth name do you want? What nickname? 

LE: I wanted something more exotic than the name I was born with…instead I hung out with friends who were much older than me so the only nickname that stuck was ‘Kid’. So annoying. My pen name is a combination of me real initials so I’d recognize myself, and my favorite country.

Wade: Name one unusual fact about yourself that you think your readers would be surprised to learn.

LE: I won’t use an umbrella at all – I prefer to get wet.

Wade: LOL, ME TOO!

Wade: What do you do that most injurs the progress of your writing, and why do you do it? 

LE: I’m over committed. I have multiple jobs and family obligations and I don’t say no. Maybe I can’t say no. It’s hard to put myself first and my writing suffers for it.

Wade: If you had to trade writing for another creative pursuit, what would it be? 

LE: That’s easy – painting. I have a talent for it. Color makes my mouth water.

Wade: In one sentence, write the beginning of a sex scene using some kind of food. Think of it as your hook.

LE: I’d order him beers all night if he kept this up—the pink tongue sliding through the foam on his upper lip made me hard—all I needed now was a way to convince him I had better, more satisfying things to lick.

Wade: Name one of your favorite characters of all time that someone else wrote. Can be M/M or any genre.
LE: Jory from Mary Calmes’ A Matter of Time series – he’s my go to read when I want a break. He’s the perfect blend of all the worst and best qualities a character can have with the redemptive heart.

Wade: If you could be one of your characters, who would you be and why?

LE: This is a very hard question – all my characters are pretty flawed… but in The Fourth Act, which is a free read, there is the character of Ford, the stage manager. Ford was a surprise. He’s a former dancer with a core of steel but he moves through the story with physical and emotional grace that I envy.

Wade: How many versions of a book do you usually write before you arrive at ‘the one’, and how does your editor impact that? 

LE: I write one draft (I tend to revise as I go) and submit – sometimes I have it beta read sometimes not, so the editor is vital, sometimes by asking that most simple and most powerful of questions “Why?”… which can change everything.

Wade: If you came with a warning label, what would it be? 

LE: Slippery when wet. No wait those are road signs… sorry. Warning label… hmm… Subject to inappropriate and incomprehensible bouts of humor and sarcasm. An old roommate once came home with a vellum for my door that he’d made at work: “HISS, SNARL, SNAP, GROWL”. Apparently he wanted me to post it as a warning to everyone else to approach with caution when I was in one of my “Moods”. I have no idea what he meant by that… I still have it somewhere.

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                         LE Franks lives in the SF Bay area and writes M/M Romance in a unique mix of humor and drama with enough suspense to produce fast paced stories filled with emotion and passion and featuring characters that are quirky and complicated and sometimes a little bit dark. LE Franks is a best selling author Published through MLR Press, Dreamspinner Press and Wilde City Press and is a 2013 Rainbow Awards Finalist for Prodigal Wolf, a paranormal romance co-written with Sara York, available at MLR Press, Amazon and online bookstores. 
         Check out LE’s books at:


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