Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hit The Ground Running

For those who wonder (And I even include myself in that) why I do not and can not write consistently enough to come up with more than a book a year, it is because I have "life obligations."

I got home from GRL and the first thing I did was clean up the dead, bloated body of my lizard. It was very sad (and gross), but I had a feeling when I left he was going to die. He hasn't been looking good. He had a very seizer-type episodes and hasn't been eating. It is very sad, but at least he is not suffering. 

I got home at 1pm, cleans up the lizard, unpacked some, but I had to run back out. My son's "senior night" for soccer had been postponed last week due to rain and moved to last night. I therefore had to make sure aI got there in time to decorate the field with balloons and hang up the posters that each senior on the team had made. There was also a dinner I help set up for and serve. All these things take time and I live 20 minutes from the school. So I left, bought balloons, zip ties for the posters, and made it to the school. Did what I had to do and then rushed home to pick up my other 2 children who arrive home on the bus at 4 & 4:15. Then, at 5:30 we went BACK to the school to watch soccer! Drive, drive, drive, that is all I seem to do.

This is, sort of, a typical day. There always seems to be things that involve lots of driving, which prohibit me from reading OR writing.

Case in point, I have to leave here at 12pm to pick up my son for a Dr. Appointment. The Doctor's Office is 45 minutes away. I wanted to read over my MS today because Misplaced Affection is done, but in the editing stage. I want it to be the best it can be for you readers! But I will run out of time to read because I have to be driving. I am also out of bread, ham, cheese, milk etc because I wasn't here over the weekend and no one thinks to go get food except me.

This year however, has been the most balanced so far. There have been times in the past when I have been on a pendulum and it swung all the way to one side--the "family" side, or the "writer" side. On the writer side, although good for banging out 265000 words in 8 months, my family was completely neglected. And then on the other extreme I was completely dedicated to my family and forgetting how much fulfillment I get out of writing. I forgot to take care of myself and let the writer "out" and became tense and irritated. I NEED to write. It is therapy. But one side or the other doesn't help me. I need to find a happy medium where I can take care of my family, but also satisfy the writer in me. 

This year has been the best so far.

True, I have still only written ONE book. Misplaced Affection was started in late November for English class last year and I completed the story right before GRL in early October. (NAMES took 14 months to write.) But I DO THINK that when readers get it in their hands they will find it was worth the wait. Misplaced Affection, or "MA", might be my best writing yet. I am waiting on the verdict from my betas. I am striving to raise my own bar and push to write better, cleaner, and more concise. You know I ramble! I want to do less of that.

But writing and blogging and family and dinner and laundry and conferences and _____ (fill in the blank) take time. I am looking for the happy medium. This year seems to have balanced out nicely so I hope that 2015 will also go well. I have several conferences planned out, so all I need to do is make sure my family is taken care of while I am away.

I am also trying to hop back in to blogging. 

I took a break. Do you notice? I have been paranoid and worried about saying things online for fear of who is "watching" and waiting for me to say things that they disagree with. I don't like the idea of being "watched." From you my readers it is different. You are here to see what is going on in my life because you wait for the next book, you want to get to know me better, or maybe you like to hear me ramble about my daily thoughts. IDK. Whatever the reason you are here, it is different that OTHER people reading my posts as a way to "catch" me doing something wrong. This is what I am paranoid about. I have lived in fear a very long time. Well, it seems long but really only 4 years. In 4 years, I have been trying to let go of fear. This is not an easy task.

Many of you even walked up to me in GRL to ask how things are going with me and told me you are praying for me in this new "church" situation. That is so encouraging to me. THANK YOU! To know, hear about, and feel your support is a wonderful thing. I need you. And as I told a few people it is a DAY TO DAY thing. Depends on the day how I feel, but I am moving slowly not wanting to make waves. This situation also effects my family. I am not in anything ALONE. And I have also found, this time around, that I am not alone in my struggle. YOU ALL are there with me. Again, THANK YOU! This is an emotional trial of sorts because I am a religious person. (of sorts) I don't want to leave my congregation and therefore I want to take it slowly. If they ask me to leave, fine, but I am not going to jump ship because I am uncomfortable. I feel I need to be there. 

Anyway…. I hope to be editing this week. I also need to out line my up coming projects and see what is most feasible to get out quick. MA is very angsty so I want to write something funny next.  I also have two projects that were previously published and are no longer available. I received the rights back and with some "Wade Kelly" tweaking, I'd like to get them back out there too. One was a paranormal novel about a faerie, and the other a paranormal short about a vampire. The vampire one I would dlike to extend into a full length horror. Well, maybe not full blown horror. I am not THAT dark. More of a comedy that has "horror" moments. It IS a vampire and mine are not sparkly. I also need to write Corey's story, and work on getting Rob and Russell a story. Don't ya think?

So LOTS going on in the near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be back again this week with highlights of GRL, so stay tuned.

Love and kisses,


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