Friday, September 25, 2015

My Interview

Hello all,

The Dirty Dozen Blog Hop started yesterday with MY interview on AE Via's blog.

HERE is the link!

I'm not sure how long that link will take you to the interview questions I answered, but it works today. Sometimes blogs have specific posts linked to them. Some don't. Normally when I post a blog link it will be or some sort of notation like that, which takes you RIGHT to the post and to just my blog in general. I don't see how to do that with AE's blog, so there you have it. Each

This is the schedule for all those who want to know:

The schedule is as follows:
Schedule - 
Sept 24th                      A.E. Via                      hosts                Wade Kelly 
Sept 25th                      Aisling Mancy            hosts                Tempe O’Riley
Sept 28th                      Alexa Land                 hosts                T.M. Smith
Sept 29th                      Carter Quinn               hosts                Nicole Dennis
Sept 30th                      Jeff Adams                 hosts                Nic Star
Oct 1st                         L.E. Franks                 hosts                Morticia Knight
Oct 2nd                        Morticia Knight          hosts                L.E. Franks
Oct 5th                         Nic Star                       hosts                Jeff Adams
Oct 6th                         Nicole Dennis             hosts                Carter Quinn
Oct 7th                         T.M. Smith                 hosts                Alexa Land
Oct 8th                         Tempe O’Riley           hosts                Aisling Mancy
Oct 9th                         Wade Kelly                 hosts                A.E. Via

Each hop has a form. (As far as aI know) and you can enter a chance to win a book from each author. 12 books! 1 winner!

All the hops are interview related and each of us provided a question. It was fun. Anyway, stop by AE Via's website for a chance to win and to see
what I had to say and WHOM I am looking forward to writing with in 2016.

Remember: There are 12 interviews to read all together. Don't miss one!

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