Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where Have I Been??

I just realized with all the blog posts I’ve been writing that I haven’t updated my ACTUAL BLOG! There are probably some of you who ONLY see what I post here and have no clue as to where I’ve gone and what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been BLOG HOPPING for my JOCK 2 tour!

I started with the cover reveal at GGR. Click here: GGR – cover reveal

Then on Monday, December 7th I officially started the blog hop tour to talk about my new novel: No! Jocks Don’t Date Guys

I was over at Rainbow Gold Reviews talking about  Writing What I know: Emotion! In that post, I let readers know about a giveaway and I’ll fill you in here too.

As a thank you I have several giveaways. Leave a comment on this blog for a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate. I am going to take all the names from all the comments from all the blog stops and put them in a drawing. I have 8 stops including this one. The more comments you make then higher your chances of winning. I will have 3 winners of a $10 Amazon gift certificate, and for those who comment on ALL 8 STOPS, I will enter each of them into a grand prize drawing good for:

1)  An eBook from my backlist of your choice,
2)  A $10 Amazon gift certificate,
3)  A Wade Kelly Spoon in the colors of your choice J, and
4)  One autographed paperback copy of the novel of their choice (Includes all the books in my backlist, as well as JOCK 2 AND Bankers’ Hours coming up in March)

Note: I am willing to mail things to other countries so don’t let that stop you!

These comments must be made on THOSE blog hop posts to enter. I’m telling you about them here so those who don’t normally read about my happenings elsewhere you’ll be able to hop over the other posts and comment to win.

On Monday the 14th, RELEASE DAY, I’ll be over on Jeff Adams’ blog. Jeff Adams – Finding a Muse

As soon as I have links to the other posts, I’ll write another post here on MY blog to point you where you need to go. I am talking about writing on these blog hop posts, so there is no need to worry about spoilers.

Love and hugs to you all. 

No! Jocks Don’t Date Guys Comes out on MONDAY, Dec 14th!

Remember, If you haven’t read JOCK 1.5, it is up for FREE on All Romance eBooks.
Or, you are welcome to email ME and I’ll send you a copy.

JOCK 2 contains different characters than JOCK 1 and can be read on its own, but for the best experience it is better to read JOCK 1, and JOCK 1.5 before reading JOCK 2.

What is a sexy soccer stud supposed to do when “following family tradition” falls 180 degrees opposite his closeted ideal?

From birth, Chris Jackson has been schooled on how to land a cheerleader. After all, his father married one, and his father’s father before him. Heck, even his older brother married a stereotypical cheerleader the summer before Chris went off to college. For two years, Chris dodges invasive questions about relationships by blaming his lack of female companionship on grueling practices and heavy coarse loads. But his lack of interest in girls should’ve given his family a clue. It isn’t until Chris mentions meeting a boy that his father’s synapses short-circuit.

Alonzo Martin is anything but a buxom blond. From his black hair, combat boots, and trench coat to his nail polish and guyliner, the mysterious introvert isn’t easily persuaded to date. Alonzo’s insecurities keep Chris at arm’s length, but Alonzo’s painful past might meet its match in the charismatic jock’s winning smile and sense of humor.

When opposites attract, only cheerleaders and gummy bears can help overcome fear and family tradition.

FYI, I will be attending the 8th annual Rainbow Book Fair in New York on April 9th. I will have paperback copies of all my books. I hope to see you there!  


  1. I just finished Jock 1 and started Jock 1.5. I already got Jock 2. I'm hooked on the series and Wade Kelly writing.

    1. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you! But be aware of the Wade Kelly angst scale because my other books are not as light.

  2. I am excited to read this series. I have it on my TBR list.

  3. Can't wait for more of these series =D

    1. oops forgot my email address (chrisazaria @ gmail dot com)

    2. Thank you! :) More to come, I promise. I just need to find more time to write.