Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paperbacks on sale!

Hey, good people. Dreamspinner is having a sale!!!! They have sales all the time, but I am pointing this one out today. The sale is 25% off the entire store thru April 1st.

Sitting at #21 on the @dreamspinners Best Seller List, Bankers' Hours is only $5.24 on DSP's site compared to $6.99 @amazon --Just saying'! If you were considering purchasing it, maybe today is the day :) Plus, the paperback is only $12.74 for those who like to get copies signed. I will be in NY next weekend at the Rainbow Book Fair, and at GRL in October. I will have a few copies with me in NY, but I will NOT be selling in Kansas City. Stock up while they are cheap :) Remember, Dreamspinner offers a free eBook when you purchase a paperback! And did you SEE the back cover of Bankers' Hours? It's so cute! No, it's not the most realistic book I've written, but I think the story is adorable. :) It's meant to be light and cute and make you smile. We'll get back to deeper issues and soccer when JOCK 3 comes out later this year.

12/30 people on Goodreads rate it 5 stars.

Read reviews. Read the excerpt on Dreamspinner or Amazon. Follow my blog tour to read more about the characters and find more excerpts. I want readers to be happy, really I do! And part of that involves getting a deal on your purchase. Paperbacks are $12.74!!!!!! <3 :)

Stock up on ALL the paperbacks you will want to take to GRL or The Rainbow Book Fair to have authors sign for you!

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