Monday, May 28, 2012

Silence is Golden, Golden... except when it's NOT!

Silence from me can normally mean two things, maybe three. I'm depressed, I'm reading, or I'm writing. In this case it is kind-of #3. I AM writing, albeit slowly, but most importantly I am THINKING about what I need to write. Sometimes that takes silence.

Of course, silence in the submission department can be good and bad. Bad because I HATE waiting, but good because I'm not rejected YET! LOL.

I am working on a new book. Not sure what "genre" this will be in. Not sure how it will shape up. But at least you all out there know what I am up to. I'm up to "something" just not sure what. My writing takes time, most of the time. WLINE and MRJWC both took about 2-3 months. TCOL was a n exception to that and took 9 to write and it's still not published!

I am a person with loads of stories in my head at the same time. Although I am currently writing the one with no known destination or genre to categorize it in, I am also contemplating another m/m contemporary romance. I have characters in mind. I can see them. I hear some voices which is a good thing. I have some plot sketched out. I may write that one as I write the other one. The "undetermined one" is more personal. I am trying to capture my life and trials in it. Although WLINE & TCOL do that in some sense, this new book is going to be more controversial and hopefully more mainstream. (Probably no sex in it.) I know having a "dream" of seeing you book on a shelf in Walmart seems like a hokey dream, but I'd seriously  like that to happen eventually. I do NOT see Target carrying m/m romance anytime soon. They can carry Harliquin romances but not Dreamspinner! So unfair!!! So I am going to try and write something with a broader net. If it doesn't work, I can alter it (probably) into m/m romance, but I am going to give it my best shot!

See, I have this vision. I have passion over gay-rights. I have conviction over gay-marriage, I have a desire to change the world's view of homosexuals! The Blog Hop against Homophobia was cool! It helped me thing about way more aspects of this global problem than I had before, But I can't let my thoughts stop with a blog-hop. I want more! So I am writing a book. It's what I do. I'm an author.

I have a friend... "Dude" from another blog weeks ago. "Dude"/ "friend" has been such a terrific surprise in my life. He is also a writer and we share similar thoughts. I am enjoying our friendship and it is spurring me on to write deeper still! WLINE was deep, but I have more to give. "Dude" is helping me see that!

There is so much wrong in the world! I hate it. I hate no being myself 24/7. I want to just be me everywhere I go. But the world and it's fear and narrowmindedness suppress me, suppress you, suppress "Dude"!...  We have a voice and it needs to be heard. Governments need to change. They aren't going to change if we stay silent. If the suppressed fear the judgement, and ridicule. We have to ban together and be brave. I admit, I am not. I hide behind a computer and write. But the more my books are read the closer I am to being outted anyway. It is only a matter of time before someone I know in my town reads WLINE (or this new one I'm writing) and says, "Hey! Didn't YOU write this?" Then It will be out there. I won't be able to change that and I will have outted myself, but at least it will not have been in vain. Some things NEED to be said and if it is a novel form with (potentially) millions of readers, I will not feel alone and isolated in my vision. I hope to find support. Gay-rights is only a simple way to phrase it. The deeper issue is bullying, and harassment and imprisonment and bashing, etc.... People need to be seen as people! We are all human and we have inalienable rights! Staying silent for fear of being the next victim is NOT golden, it's black as death. When I am the next one to be judged in my community, I hope to find "dude" and other people standing beside me in the fight for what is right!

that's all for now!


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