Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank you to all

I am really pleased with the first "blog hop" I've participated in. There were over 250 people who posted blogs to raise awareness and wipeout homophobia. (I wrote about fear.) A special thanks needs to go out to all the people who stopped by and left comments. My goodreads post had 158 views which I believe is one of the highest I've received yet. I had 30 people leave comments! 30! That is really very cool.

Many of you had some wonderful things to say about my post and insightful observations which I am grateful for. Thank you.

As promised I picked a winner among those who commented. Two actually since people left comments on both my Blogspot blog and on They were picked at random.

Michele Montgomery & Kaje Harper

I am not sure if either of you have read When Love Is Not Enough so I will post this and you can comment to let me know. (Or if you already own it and didn't read it yet.) If you do I can offer you a copy of the very next book I publish.

I was very glad to hop around on different author's pages. I will admit, I did not visit ALL 250+. It takes time to read each one. I DID read very many and more than I left comments on. I found several to be educational in the fact that the author brought to mind somethings I'd never thought of before. So thank you.

Currently I am in a state of _____ something. Not sure of the word to use to describe it but I bet it matches the rain that is falling outside my window. I have loads of ideas in my head but I am very uncertain as to which idea to run with first. I am waiting for inspiration and the surge of desire to write to come on strong. I has done that before and I am confident the right words will come when they are ready.

For my small group of faithful fans, fear not. I'm good. Quiet, but good. I'm at a low point but the sun always shines eventually. And then I'll be back yammering about my next MS.

Until then, chin up!


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