Monday, October 15, 2012

I "TWEET" now :p


I can't say I'm all that spunky lately. Nothing going on in the publishing realm and I get depressed easily. I'm reluctant to make a move in buying ISBN numbers for my self-pub just because I don't know when that is happening and it is a LOT of money to shell out. (So, I'm waiting.) Same goes for a domain name. I'm waiting. The longer I wait to spend money I have so little of the better.

Things to buy:
1. Domain name = aprox $50 for one year (this can vary)
2. 10 ISBN #'s = $250.00
3. Cover art (I still owe.)
4. upcoming copyright costs =$35 each

I'm not sure I have all this.

I STILL have one more quarterly payment from my publisher for sales of WLINE. But I will NOT hold my breath that it will help much. Sales are way low now that it's been out a year. Being a writer is a poor occupation. I guess that is why so many artists are referred to as "starving". At least I'm not that bad off; I've never really been hungry.

So, to do SOMETHING and try and get out of my funk, I opened a TWITTER account. I have 4 followers as I write this post. YAY! I don't know that I will have loads of grand announcements to make to the twitter world but I do think it will help make me more vocal and less "silent". It's not that I am normally silent in the real world, but I have little time to mess around on Facebook and post updates when I really don't have any. Same reason I haven't posted many blogs this month. I TRY to do a blog every 3-4 days but lately I feel like I have nothing to say. There is nothing going on and it is all depressing when I think about it. So I don't blog. It's not that I don't care about all my readers out there, I do, but I feel like I have nothing interesting to deliver to you. I am not all that exciting sometimes. Sorry, not I sound like I'm pouring on the self-pity... :s

I did write 1200 words over the weekend. And although that sounds great, it wasn't for any book I am currently writing. OF COURSE NOT! That would be too easy! I have to make life difficult and start another book! Why? Because I'm stupid and my brain won't shut off sometimes. I have WAY TOO MANY books rolling around in there! And more and more I am seeing scenes for the sequel to My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! so I hope this one sells better and I don't have to self-pub THIS sequel. (self-pub is hard work!)

For for Twitter sake, I have an app on my phone. I can now "tweet" about the characters in my head and keep you updated so I don't appear to have vanished off the face of the Earth!

My editor DOES have my book but I'm not sure it is going very well. I'm not sure she like the book. If not, I am back to square one. Do I edit it myself? Go with yet ANOTHER editor? I am sick about the whole stupid thing!

One kind-of good thing is that the anthology may not be out until late November or even early next year. This makes the schedule looser. I REALLY wanted The Cost of Loving to come out BEFORE the anthology short "Shades of an Untamed Heart" because it is chronologically after TCOL. So, problem solved there!

Right now I am trying to find just the right guy for the cover of My Roommate's a Jock? and I can't find one! No one looks like Cole on these studio model pictures!!!

I guess that is all I have to say for now :p



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