Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cost of Loving

Against my better judgment I am revealing the official cover. Why? Because I’m an impatient person and having this cover on my computer and NOT sharing it is basically torture. The BAD news is that I don’t have an official “release date” to go with the cover. Booo. I know. I’m sorry. I promise to update about that as soon as humanly possible. Note: Enny and I have changed the "font" three times so that may change again :p

This is the blurb I’m going with (unless my editor decides to alter it):

Fear of wrath and judgment over his sexuality fueled Matt’s paranoia for twenty-three years until outing himself in front of the church congregation proves his assumptions true, and forces him to make the ultimate choice.

Matt Dixon is a Christian and has known for years where his church stood on homosexuality. Therefore, in order to avoid religious ridicule, Matt chose to live two separate lives, much like his friend Jamie Miller. However, when a self-righteous pastor prompted Matt’s impulsive nature to take a stand for his best friend’s honor—and at his funeral no less—Matt is forced to come to terms with his guilt, shame, and his very belief in God.

But Matt’s decisions affect all those around him. His family, his lover, as well as his friends, feel the impact of his public confessional and the repercussions threaten to tear Matt’s world apart. Will exposing the truth lead Matt toward the same tragic end that Jamie faced? Or will his perseverance bring him closer to understanding the cost he’d be willing to pay in order to be with the man he loves?

I might also add this contemporary m/m romance novel explores the complexities of coming out, in conjunction with the religious ramifications if that gay male happens to be a Christian, and the guilt and pain of losing a best friend to suicide. This is not an easy read, but then again it goes hand-in-hand with When Love is Not Enough.

This sequel picks up right after the last one ends. I seriously hoped it would come out RIGHT AFTER book 1, not a YEAR after!! Apologies on that one! It does recap to a small extent so if you don’t feel like rereading WLINE you don’t need to. I also tried NOT to jump around as much time-wise. I know people give me crap about that. Again-sorry. When Love Is Not Enough just came out that way. I couldn’t control it, it just was! I am a writer and the story flows how it wants. I tried to change it, but I couldn’t. TCOL is more chronological. I hope that helps.

I was supposed to meet with an editor this week but she was sick :( Because of that I have to wait a little longer. Most other stuff is taken care of so once she has read over it and made minor changes (I say minor because hey, it’s been through several hands already,) I will be ready to format and upload it. I am HOPING for an OCTOBER release. This could change but I think the goal is a good one.

I am also going to look into blog hopping or whatever. I need to contact some blogs. I guess I’ll do that this week.

Other news:
1. I am working on the cover for my winter release from DSP. Paul Richmond is probably doing the cover. YAY! He did WLINE’s cover! So I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for My Roommate’s a Jock? Well Crap! Note: it could also be clip-art of cover models (not necessarily a drawing) but as long as he oversees it, I'm happy. (He has a great eye!)

2. I am rewriting Names Can Never Hurt Me. Really, I am. I haven’t looked at it in days but it is always in my head! I want to finish it by December.

3. I am working on edits of the BDSM short that is going in Keirnan Kelly’s Anthology. It was requested of me to write a tad more and add some sex. HECK YEAH! I can handle those kinds of edits! Remember, this little short comes chronologically after TCOL and somewhere IN book 3. 

So, you heard it here first! Catch you Laterz!

(cover design by Enny Kraft)

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