Saturday, January 19, 2013

No One Pays Attention Anyway

On Saturdays, I mean... The weekends seem to be the time when I receive the least amount of e-mails, notifications, and/or comments. Just makes me wonder what people get up to on the weekend. Do you all read? Family time? Yard work? Or what? The weekends seem to be when I have to most time to reply to e-mails or comment back about my writing, but readers are not that active. When do YOU have time to get on Goodreads? Or check your blogs? I try durning the week, but my time is more of a hop-on/hop-off thing. I've been trying to blog more. Twice a week. For a while I had nothing new to say and it felt boring. And lately I'm basically repeating myself. "My book this" and "my book that", are you bored reading about the reviews I get? I'm hoping that if I list some reviews and tell people out there about the success of my latest book, that maybe my book will get read by someone new. I'm hoping my comments and rambling monologue will catch the eyes of someone new and intrigue the person enough to read one of my books.

Has that happened for you, Reader? Did you read something I wrote and think, "Hmmm, I think I'll check out Wade's book?" Or am I correct to think that no one reads my blog?

(I ask rhetorically, yet I know it's not true)

But seriously, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS are really slow around the Internet! Very few comments or reviews or ratings happen on Saturday. Just a thought that I had to throw out there.

So in the interest of writing something interesting for the one person (hahahaha) that checks my posts, I have been editing most of today so far! The Cost of Loving is coming along. I'm on page 212 of 332. Chapter 25! (out 37) The first stage of editing is correcting the grammar and changing words that my editor suggested. I look at her draft, and then I revert back to my original copy of TCOL and make changes. Here is an example of what I'm doing:

Why am I doing it like this? I hope that my repeated mistakes will sink in! Because, YES, I make the same mistakes over and over and over! After I cross of the words my editor changed, and put new ones in in red, I plan to start all over from page one. I'm going to keep the marked up copy, (like I would if it was a hard copy with real pages) and open a new document as I work on the content. So stage TWO will be content. I need to delete redundancies and condense information into a simpler form. That is, IF this book can become simpler when the topics and events in Matt's life are anything BUT simple.

So... show of hands, who is waiting for The Cost of Loving? (and reads my blog either on Goodreads, or on Blogspot) List a comment. Say HI. Bagger me to get the editing done. Knowing that you (the reader) are out there waiting is what spurs me on to write more. I need you. :)


PS: In case you are interested... There IS an excerpt on my website. ;)

PSS: "Jock" is Still #1 on Amazon!  (10 days in a row now!), WLINE was on Amazon's top 100, but has slipped away again, sadly. And Jock is #1 on Dreamspinner Press for it's 13th day in a row! :)


  1. Ha! Thanks for the update Wade. BTW, I mostly hang out with my kiddies on a Saturday. Like you said, not a lot of people around on Saturday, one reason why I don't post reviews during the weekend. Happy Saturday!

  2. HAHA. COOL. I was only being facetious. I like to hear what people have to say and what they are doing. Thanks for posting! ;) Have fun with your kids!

  3. I read your blogs, Wade, regardless of the day.

  4. Hey Wade!*raises hand* I do read your posts here & on Goodreads even on FB. I just don't comment much lol. And yeah I'm looking forward to Cost of Loving! As for weekends you are right, ppl are busy with ... stuff. Had to work this Saturday and sadly i have to go to work TODAY as well, on a effing Sunday! O.o (I hope I'll read your book soon, haven't already 'cause I'm in a book funk and i don't want to ruin it XD)

  5. Hey, there. :o). I came by your blog in a round-about way today. About a week or two ago I was reading the book reviews on ARE and was intrigued by'Jock' so I took a shot and bought it. Since unknown (to me) authors can sometimes be a crap shoot at best, I was delighted by'Jock' and thoroughly LOVED it!
    I don't think most of the authors I find have blogs, so this morning while reading a blog of an author that I follow, I was happily surprised to see a link to this site.

    So, now I have joined and added you to my dashboard.

    I look forward to reading your updates, news and 'views on life'. :o). I also look forward to reading your other work.

    Take care and just cause you can't "see' us, don't doubt that we are here. :o)

  6. Thank you, Anna! I think you are one in the handful of people i figured would read things i post! :)

    Pat, wow! Cool. So what blog were you on? And I'm glad you enjoyed Jock! I post often on my blog, more recently since"Jock" is doing so well. Promo is a party of my job. But i also believe in the love of my readers and "word of mouth". I'm grateful for ask those who pat reviewers about my book!! :) i hope you like my other stuff too!:)

    1. Hi, I was on Kazy Reed's blog aka avampwriter when I found the link. Word of mouth or should I say blog links, lead me to the most awesome authors and stories. Yours included. :o)