Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Books I need to read before GRL

OKAY… If you look at the list below and then compare that with my track-record for reading books, you will see that there is a high probability that I’m on drugs while making this list of “read BEFORE GRL”… HAHAHA.

In theory, I would LOVE to read these before I go to Atlanta because I’d like to meet these authors. (Or, in the case of some, I promised to read them before October 17.) The books on the list are one ones I currently own or have pre-ordered. I probably have more I’d like to read, but I don’t plan on buying MORE before GRL. I might just end up buying books down in Atlanta.

My list: (*Note: they may NOT get read in this order, but I will THINK about reading them in this order.)

1.     FINISH Second Chances by T.A. Webb
2.     Play Me I’m Yours by Madison Parker
3.     Sno Ho by Ethan Day
4.     Zombie Boyz That group of guys. You know who they are.
5.     Aaron by J.P. Barnaby
6.     18% Gray by Anne Tenino
7.     Catch My Breath by MJ O’Shea
8.     Adder by Ally Blue
9.     Tell Me It’s Real by TJ Klune
10. Trust Me by Jeff Erno
11. From The Ashes by Kayla Jameth
12. Stubborn Heart by Ken Murphy
13. Love Like Water by Rowen Speedwell
14. Galley Proof by Eric Arvin
15. Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane
16. Cut and Run
17. Pitch by Will Parkenson (pre-ordered)
18. Don’t trust the Cut by Kade Boehme (I actually need to buy it first.)  Read 10/4/13
19. Disasterology 101 by Taylor Donovan (I don’t have this one either)

WOW. So these are ALL the books I desire to read before October 17th, PLUS I want to finish writing Names Can Never Hurt Me. HAHHAHAHAA. I crack myself up! Who knows what I will read and write between now and then, right? What I need to do is just simply try. I need to KEEP WRITING! Everyday! And maybe when NCNHM is submitted I can take a week and read my eyes out. IDK.

All I know is that there are a large number of authors I would like to meet, take a picture of or with, and maybe get an autograph. See, I can be a “fan” too! :p So who does THIS author want to meet? Well, all of them, really. 100 isn’t too hard to meet in 4 days. But if I had to name names I would say the following are the ones I have heard of the most, read or plan to read soon, talked to online, or have met already.

I asked on FB who was going but not listed on the GRL “author” list. (Because I’m going but I’m not an official “author”.) I forget who said they would be there. You can comment below. Remind me how stupid I can be sometimes. I am looking forward to meeting ALL these people and more.

If you are a fan and not an author, remember I will be there! I can’t officially walk around with swag and hand out or sell books and stuff. (I didn’t sign up for that because I’m poor this year. Maybe next year!) But I can sign stuff if you bring it. I might even have a pen to sign with and hand you to take home. :D I will post a picture of some T-shirts I’ll be wearing, and maybe even a picture of myself on FB. You’ll be able to find me. If you are going to be there, let me know and I’ll look for you! I am making a list. (I didn’t look at the FB list before writing this blog.)

I have awesome fans. I know this! You keep encouraging me over and over and over again! You keep buying my books and asking for more. So, I’m trying. I am working on one now. I picked NCNHM because it was the one that was the closest to being finished and the characters, Nick and RC, were talking to me a TON lately. Okay? This one will be funny and serious at the same time. I hope you like it. I am having some fun writing it.

Dubbed a “player” early on in life, constant sex has never been a problem for Nick—until now.

Nick Jenkins couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t popular, when he wasn’t the best looking guy in the room, nor could he recall ever having to coax a woman into bed with him. And recently, Nick even added guys to the list of “been there—done that” when kissing Corey on a dare led to much more and on several occasions. His reputation to “screw anything” was well known, and he didn’t care. So why was the attention of someone new causing such consternation?

RC was a mystery from the moment they met. A frequent customer where Nick worked, getting to know RC was interesting, yet incremental due to the fact that he wasn’t in the “in crowd.” RC was overweight, always sweaty, and lived up to the nickname “scruffy dude.” Still, Nick could not let go of his deep longing for friendship, even if that friendship was with a loser.

Then, Nick finds out his new friend is gay. Will Nick look past the superficial and take hold of a connection deeper than he’s ever known before? Or will external pressures of social conformity win out—snuffing the fire before it ignites his soul.

Word count 55.3k and counting.

Well, That’s all for now! The Cost of Loving will be available in 24 days! GRL is in 86 days. If you buy a paperback from Dreamspinner Press, the first 20 are already signed. (As far as I know. I signed vellum sheets for that.) OR you can bring it to be personalized. (I am bringing a few of my favorites to have signed. Crossing Border by ZA Maxfield is one.) Or I can sign your copy of When Love Is Not Enough, or My Roommate’s a Jock. I’ll sign whatever you want! Even the shirt on you back. LOL!!!! I’d love to meet those fans and readers who make my dream possible—writing!


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