Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Throwing You A BONE - for the hard core fans

Okay, I have danced around being "found out" far too long.

Years ago in the fateful year of 2010 when I was persecuted by my church for writing what I do, I had to hide. I disappeared. You have all heard this. But what was I doing? What had I written before the hammer came down? Who was I before I was Wade Kelly?

When Love is Not Enough was born out of grief and depression. I was told to STOP writing. Could I? I tried. But I am a writer, it is what I do, it is what I think, it is how my brain functions 24 hours a day. I am always thinking about writing if I am not at my computer doing the actual writing. So it was back in 2010. … or back up a month or 2… December 2009.

In December 2009 I published my very first short story in the Dreamspinner Advent Anthology Mistletoe Madness. Title? All I Want For Christmas. Many people have even read this but do not know it was by ME. Why? Because I had to change my identity. The church did crappy stuff. I closed myself off from everything. I could no longer be the person and penname I was in 2009, but I had to delete everything--delete my life. In some ways it felt like dying to me. (I have no other reference for dying.) I chose a different name: Wade Kelly. However, before that, I was ….. *drum roll* Linda Reilly.

I wrote All I Want For Christmas:

Spending Christmas in New York City was supposed to be for fun, not to fall in love, but when David Gilden’s buddy thinks it’ll be funny to crank-call a stranger, David’s perfect, cookie-cutter life takes an unexpected twist. He’s been in denial for years about being gay, and with just one kiss, he realizes all he wants in life is to be with Nicholai Markoff. Even if he knew ahead of time the mysterious stranger was a Vampire, being in the man’s bed would’ve still topped David’s Christmas wish list—and he was Jewish!

Not only this short, but a full length paranormal m/m romance. Sculpting Clay.

When Taran Lorenz enters Clay Stevens's life, Clay is still reeling after his long-time partner, Javier, abruptly ended their relationship. Taran gives Clay the motivation to start living again, but Clay’s insanely jealous ex threatens to nip their relationship in the bud... only Taran won't give up, even when Javier gets their mutual employer, the manipulative billionaire Vincent Torres, to mark Taran for “removal.”

It's the start of a fight on three fronts: Javier confessing his continued love for Clay while he tries to run Taran off, Taran fighting to be loved and accepted for who he is—not what he is—after magically returning from the dead, and Clay trying to figure out how he got stuck in this fairy tale of monumental proportions and where he can find the happily-ever-after ending.

So if you want more Wade Kelly words, but hate to wait the long wait for Names Can Never Hurt Me, here is your chance. Before I was Wade, I wrote as Linda. I have updated my website to reflect this.

Why tell you now? Um, because I am letting go of fear. I only fear they inconsiderate people who de-friended me and my entire family in 2010. Where I am now, I feel different. Most people IN MY LIFE NOW already know what I write. Not all of them understand WHY, but they know. I shouldn't have to remain hidden. And…. little secret…. I have 36k written on the FULL LENGTH sequel to All I Want For Christmas. And it is a funny vampire romp with a little horror and angst. It HAS to get written, right?

So yeah, if you want another "Wade Kelly" novel, check out these titles. They are older. Yes. You'll have to let me know what you think. And whether under the name "Linda" or not, they are MY WORDS. My question now it, how loyal are my fans? Are they willing to give the paranormal stuff a chance when the name on the cover isn't WADE. Will you talk about it, PM your friends, and spread the word that I have other books out there? Will you show support for the slowest author around and read my older stuff while you wait for Names Can Never Hurt Me to come out? And my largest pondering would be, "Will Sculpting Clay or All I Want For Christmas hit the Dreamspinner top 25 again, these many years later, because I have the best fans ever who want to read my words?" Can it happen. The challenge is there.



PS: I know I write like molasses, but I promise to produce more in 2014!! Onward and upward!


  1. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
    ― Bernard M. Baruch

    I know this has been a painful evolution for you and I do not discount that. But I also know it has been a period of tremendous personal growth for you. I met you via email a few months prior to the time when you began pecking away at your shell. The Wade I met at GRL was outgoing, vivacious and embraced life. That is, I believe, who you really are. And although it was a painful process, through it all, you learned who your real friends are and there is value in that. Once again, I am very proud of you

    1. Don't make me weepy! … But yeah, I know what you men. I was solo different 3.5 years ago. I closed myself off. It was good because WLINE came out of that, but it was hard because I wasn't myself. In fact, I didn't know who I was. I felt very lost. Things are different now. And I am so glad! Thank you MEL!!! <3

  2. I have actually read All I Want For Christmas! And no matter who you are I know I love ya and I love reading your written words! I am so excited to read Sculpting Clay! I mean super,super, SUPER excited!

    I am so happy you feel like sharing with us your works from before. And I am beyond thankful that you never stopped writing! I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet you...even if you were unsure at first if you would reveal yourself at the bakery...but you are the sweetest person and you give the most amazing hugs!

    By reading your work you have both made me laugh and cry (sobbing as well!) But I have never wanted to put a book by you down. I am always so thankful you share your talent with us...your gift is amazing and if you wrote it...I am gonna read it! Hugs sweetheart!

    1. Huge compliments Teri. Thank you so so so very much. It has been a journey to find the new ME. Improved and more confident than before. I'm glad you like hugs because I like giving them! I'll have to come in again. Keep you fingers crossed for Names Can Never Hurt Me. I would love to tell people is it coming soon. I think it is a good one!

      And Sculpting Clay is fun and easy. No sobbing. (I don't think.)