Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Best experiences saved for last RT 2014

When I wrote about RT in the last post, I had no idea how much I would have to talk about from the last day and a half!!!! I thought, "Oh, dance party. Breakfast. Leave. What more will there be to say?" Oh wow, WRONG!

After the Big Book Signing Event, and meeting super bubbly fan Kayla (who was wonderful!), I went to the FAN-tas-tic Day Event that Dreamspinner hosted. I had my "appearance" scheduled at 7:15-7:45 . It was a huge event and lots of people were in the ball room so I guess limiting the time some authors came in helped keep the numbers down as best they could. Can't have 3000 people in the same room I guess. IDK. I went in. I found a table in the back near where Dreamspinner's staff was set up to give away prizes and all. I met a new YA author named Winter. She was super cute. And I got to take another picture with my publisher Elizabeth North. I have been published with DSP since Dec 2009 so I was glad to actually meet Elizabeth. (Lovely woman, btw.)

Party winding down, I am standing around wondering when is best to leave since only one person really came up to me. Glad I lingered! Because near the end of the event was when three sweet French girls come up to me and ask me to sign their book. I knew Karen was going to come to the FAN-tas-tic fun day because she told me she was. She and her friends flew from FRACE for one day at RT!! WOW. They brought with them a scrapbook album that I've seen made from Snapfish. Very professional looking and pretty. Anyway, they had it made so their favorite authors could sign it. (less weight to travel when all the pages are together in one book! SMART)

So Karen is excited, I was too, we hug and she opens her book. And then I cried. ONE WHOLE PAGE was dedicated to me! I was blown away. It was so touching and I had never felt so honored. Thank you Karen, and Sofia, and Stephanie for the privilege of being included. They even quoted from JOCK on the page! I was so emotional over it!

Me crying!
This is what I am talking about in my previous blog about BEING WORTH IT! RT 2014 is for the fans. ANd when moments like this one occurs, it validates my whole reason for writing. I appreciate their love and kindness so much! THANK YOU girls again! Hugs and kisses to you all!! :)

And right after they walked away and my tears subsided, I get a text from my son. "Yeah… just keep believing in your self and you'll reach your goal, I believe in ya mother!" …. and I cried all over again!

The next day I cried some more. J.P. Barnaby made me laugh and cry! LOL. Wonderful lady. I was glad to talk with her more and get to know her a little better. She let me touch her hair and told me I had a fetish. LOL… I have a fetish. I never thought about it like that before but I do! I LOVE touching people's hair. I petted Heather practically all week!!

I went to Jackson Square with Jordan Hawk after breakfast. LOVED hanging out with her. We relaxed and talked and took in the street art displayed all around the park. So pretty. I met an artist and bought something.
I swear I got his card and I was going to link his website, but I can't find it. I'll add the info later I guess.

THEN…… Jordan and I decided to get a drink at the Jackson Brewing Co. on the way back to the hotel. I needed to leave, but I wasn't on a tight schedule. So glad we stopped. We met the most charming, adorable, and interesting bartender EVER!!! I've never thought of bar tending as chemistry, but Dante made it look like it is! I watched as he made this drink for another customer and he had a eyedropper and coated the inside of the glass with something. Then proceeded to use a beaker to add capfuls of something else and stir it. IDK. It looked interesting to me. If I had had more time I am sure Jordan and I would have come back several days. He was funny and very sweet. And kind enough to let us get a picture with him. He even let down his lovely hair! I only which I'd gotten a picture of his tattoo of Eros (God of Love). It was gorgeous. He concocted two drinks for me and I had a great time on my last day in NOLA!


And, Dante gave me a flower ;)  You know I have it on my desk, right? :D

Other really fun things…. I got to hug on a hot actor! (Two, actually.) A first for me. Zach and Eric were very nice to meet and I wish their web series a the best of luck. You will see me linking it on my blog from time to time and I'll put a link on my website. Anything to help these nice gentlemen in their careers.


I think that's all for now. IDK. If I think of something else I'll edit the post or make a new one.

I had a great week! Thanks to all of you for making it FAN-tas-tic! ;)



  1. Sounds like it all worked out well in the end! Coolness!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Oh, it definitely did. I had a wonderful week. Now back to writing.