Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We all do it. One thing or another is just too bothersome, too irritating, too tedious so we avoid it. I like to avoid vacuuming. I abhor vacuuming. Luckily, my son kinda likes it so he does it from time to time. I generally sweep constantly because of my dogs hair EVERYWHERE! I have hard wood floors for the most part, so sweeping is easier than vacuuming the floor and carpet and stuff. I sweep a pile and get a minion to clean that up. (I do not like bending over for dog hair.) Also, I have a chinchilla and I don't know if you know this, but they poop a lot. A LOT!!! And the way her cage is set up she has three floors to hop to plus the bottom of the  cage and when she hops, she scatters the little dry poops everywhere. Everywhere being all over my hardwood floor. Luckily it is easily swept up.

So I get more minions (the children) to clean up after all the animals , but even that is tedious because I have to keep after them. No one can think on their own.

Another thing I don't like, and avoid, is dusting. There is plenty in my house. BUT, my son will do that too. :D And windows- I never clean them. My husband does that.

I also get the distinct impression that I AVOID WRITING. Sometimes for longer periods of time than others. This is not the same as writer's block. Writer's block is when the characters do not speak, they are silent, and the muse is on vacation. Avoidance is when the characters are talking and I keep pushing them away. Like I am hearing the scenes played out, yet I still do not take the time to write them down. I do everything else besides write. Why? IDK. I will even sometimes do laundry instead. Or BLOG instead, like now. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons I can not write. I have three children and often I have to drive them all over Westminster. BUT, there are plenty of times when I do not have to drive and yet I still do not write.

I wonder if those are the times I doubt my ability to write something interesting. Or maybe I think it is too much to write, and I have too little time so I don't even start. Sometimes, maybe, I think my ideas are stupid and better left unwritten. Whatever the reason, I've been doing it often of late. The excuses in my head are BLOGGING, blog tour set-ups, soliciting reviewers, setting up Friend Fridays, and watching Teen Wolf. None of these should push off writing until it never happens. Still, avoidance is a huge part of my life. I admit it. Sometimes I feel the inspiration speaking and I ignore it. I have grand plans to do _____ & ______ & _______, but I stall and put them off until the time has run out! And then, I beet my head against the wall because I don't know why I do it.

Misplaced Affection has been like that for me. And I wonder if it is because there is that little thing called "suspension of belief." I am doubting my ability to write a believable story. I know what I want my characters to do, but I wonder if they will come off as believable. Will their actions be believable? I don't know and that scares me. I guess I am scared of failure. I am afraid of writing a story that my betas will send back and suggest rewrites, or worse--hate it! Don't get me wrong, I think parts of this story are incredible and they will LOVE them--It is a Wade Kelly Special, after all--but I worry that those other parts in the middle will seem too far fetched. :(

So I've been stalling.

In that time I thought of some better ways to tell the story. I rethought my character Zach. (formally known as Jack, but renamed for the final time.) I think Zach has a darker story than I originally intended. If he does, I have to keep his "story" in mind while I write Flynn, is best friend. Flynn doesn't know it. Zach's actions would then be confusing at times. Flynn might be protective, and yet frustrated that Zach seems stand-offish when they have known each other for their entire lives. I had an idea for a transitional chapter to advance the timeline, and I avoided writing it for DAYS. And now, I think I have an even better idea. The issue is, this book is going to grow longer and longer as the plot gets more complicated. Is a long book okay? I originally planned on 110k. I think that will be way off.

This book is in three parts. Part 1: Flynn, Part 2: Zach, Part 3: Keith. Each one has a valid reason to be there. Some writers would even do this as three novellas, release them separately, and then sometimes later offer as a box-set. Proof No. 1 that I will never be a millionaire. I don't have the marketing genius or drive to do it that way. In my head it is ONE book, with three parts. (Plus prologue and epilogue.)

On Facebook, there was one of those tag things that goes around and it asked I write the first sentence from first three chapters. I did. Jeff Adams sounded interested to read chapter 2, which has not been previously released. So, because I love Jeff so much, I think I will be posting (or rather Reposting) the prologue and chapter 1, and then … you got it…. chapter 2. I may or may not post chapter 3, idk. I don't like posting too much of a book that isn't finished because things COULD change.

This is JEFF ADAMS week, here on Wade Kelly's Blog, so tomorrow I will post the prologue and chapter 1. (One post in the morning, one in the evening.) and then post chapter 2 on Thursday.

Friday is FRIEND FRIDAY with Jeff Adams as my guest. As with Sue Brown, I did an interview with him. These are standard questions and I hope to expand or change the format eventually, but I think the interview is a good way to go and get to know a writer. :) Speaking of Sue Brown, did you know I was interviewed by Sue WAAAY back in the day? I was! I had forgotten about it. I looked for my link, but it doesn't work. I will have to ask her about it. I think it was in 2011 or 2012. IDK.

Here is Jeff's post about his new book on the Novel Approach from yesterday if you missed it: HERE! Where he talks about WHY he writes about HOCKEY players :)

I think that is all for today. I need to work out my blog tour schedule for NAMES CAN NEVER HURT ME. I am trying to make all 10 ish blogposts different. Wish me luck!. AND, I need to write! LOL.

Remember: Names Can Never hurt Me is up for Pre-order over at Dreamspinner.


  1. First: Watching "Teen Wolf" is a perfectly acceptable reason to avoid writing. :)

    Second: I'm excited you're going to post from "Misplaced Affection" so I can catch up on the excerpts I missed... and to read chapter 2 that so intrigued me from its first line.

    Three: Thanks for so much love on the blog today/this week. *hugs*
    I'm looking forward to being your guest on Friday.

    1. LOL… I have a Teen Wolf addiction. Speaking of which, I have a cool new short to where at GRL :p heehee

      And you are most welcome and worthy of much love!

  2. After reading about everything else your minions do, perhaps your son would be willing to write for you, too? heh heh heh :P

    1. Some of his exploits are inspirations for sure. But oddly, he will tell me things he's done and my reaction a couple of times was, "Oh my gosh, I just wrote that!" Until one time he asked, "You haven't written a teenage pregnancy, have you?" I said no, and he was relieved. lol

  3. This was great to read thank you.