Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Teaser Tuesday on ZA Maxfield's Blog

Stop by ZaM's blog for a teaser from Names Can Never Hurt Me. It is short, but length was requested to be short. I guess that is why it is a teaser. She is also offering a giveaway. (A book from my back long.) For some, that is not incentive to visit HER blog because you might already have my books. Well, I am thinking of a "contest" on my own blog that I will post on Thursday or Friday. So come back.

As far as ZaM's blog, please do stop over and say HI. It is nice of her to include us lesser known authors because she is SOOO prolific and SOOO well known. LOVE Za Maxfield! I'm also going to be on Alisa Rolle's blog sometime so I will have to let you know they day. I have a special snippet in mind for her blog that none but TWO have read.

Note: To Dawn Tate. I remember that you won a copy of NAMES! WAAAY BACK WHEN! So don't worry, I have your e-mail address ;)

This is short, but that is because you are supposed to hop over to ZaM's Blog.

THE CHALLENGE is that um, this book hasn't been released yet. If the names of the characters are blotted out, which ones would you fit in there?

Well, I have posted this particular excerpt before. In it's entirety. It is the Prologue of the book. Do you remember the characters? Hint, one starts with an "N". Do you remember who was kissing in the scene I shared? Hmmm. That is the question!

If you need more hints, I bet the excerpt is elsewhere on my blog, OR posted on the Wade Brigade's wall.



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