Thursday, March 16, 2017


Sorry, It's been MONTHS!

SO what have I been doing between now and last November? Um, I had a couple panic attacks; one of which had me in the hospital. I had some issues with my church. (Which is an ongoing thing and probably will never truly go away.) I've been depressed and sleepy all the time. My thyroid is way off and it's doing weird things in my head. My endocrinologist said I am in a constant state of metabolic flux. YAY! I hope it will get straightened out soon.

Writing: I haven't done any.

Goals: TO WRITE!

I went to the Dreamspinner Workshop and I feel a revitalization coming on. Plus, I often get e-mails asking me about a story for Rob and Russell. My answer is YES, I'm writing it now. I have been working on it since last year, but didn't write for months and months which is why it isn't finished yet.  My goal is to work on JOCK 4 (ROB) and JOCK 5 in order to finish out the series.

Since All Romance eBooks closed it's doors, I have been considering what to do with JOCK 1.5, the little free short that told readers what happened between JOCK 1 & JOCK 2. I decided to add the 4 chapters into JOCK 4. I may tell them from a different POV and condensed, but the information will be in JOCK 4. I also may have the file as a download on my website for those who'd like to have it. Still figuring this all out.

What I want to focus on:

and a Dreamspun Desire book

after these, you never know what will come out of my head. I have LOTS of book ideas!

I haven't gone away, I simply took a break.

Love you all,


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