Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's Been a Year!

WOW. I can't believe it's been a year already. Not a whole lot has changed and yet I feel like so much has changed--and that probably makes no sense. But, I am still alive. I'm around. I'm trying to sort out my life and my head. The last few years have really knocked me around. My pain is not much compared to what some people have gone through, but it is MY pain and real to ME. And I'm working through it.

Right now, it is October which means GRL and the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop, which is happening now. I normally post what's been going on and post links, but I have more problems with Internet than I am really willing to handle. I just put things off because I don't care to expend the energy, and then BOOM an entire year goes by.

I will update this post when I can, hopefully tomorrow, with all the links. Or maybe do another post with all the links. For now, here is the group banner:

Author schedule... 
October 1st- Amy Wasp will hostWade Kelly
October 2nd- Jeff Adams will hostJessie Gin
October 3rd- TM Smith will hostK-Lee Klein
October 4th- AE Via will hostDeanna Wadsworth
October 5th- Lynn Michaels will hostAlexa Land
October 6th- JR Barten will hostMorningstar Ashley
October 7th- Morningstar Ashley will hostJen JR Barton
October 8th- Alexa Land will hostLynn Michaels
October 9th- Deanna Wadsworth will hostAE Via
October 10th- K-Lee Klein will host TM Smith
October 11th- Jessie Gin will hostJeff Adams
October 12th- Wade Kelly will hostAmy Wasp

GRL is coming up next week. Comment and let me know if I should keep a look out for you!
I'll be p[osting about Amy Wasp tomorrow!.

For now,


Wade <3