Monday, November 5, 2012

If I was born on the frontier, I'd be dead by now.

OMG! I have electricity back!

Power out in my house for one week. At first, it's like, "Cool, I'm camping, but in my house!"I got the Coleman stove going, the camping coffee pot, and a nifty headlamp so I can see as I walk around. Day two rolls in, then day three.... Not so much fun anymore. No electric means no water and no heat. Don't be too worried, I have a wood stove so the house was warm. I also live up on a sort of hill, so there isn't normally a danger of flooding. Therefore, I was warm and dry. AND WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY! I discovered how much I like the convenience of Internet and cell phone use. I had neither unless I drove up the street and searched for a signal. Not fun!

Yes, I'm whining. It's difficult not to whine. It is not like I was really put out; that is not what I'm saying. I am just appreciating how much I like LIGHTS and a toilet that flushes!

I have to say though, I have amazing friends! I showered several times at one friend's house and did some laundry. And today I went to another friend's house to do the same thing. I also don't own a generator, because power has never gone out here for more than a day. This time it was off a week! My neighbor lent me a generator to keep the fridge cold. So, I had food! No worries there.

But as my luck has it, I got my MS for My Roommate's a Jock the Friday before the hurricane. So here I am editing on battery power and charging the laptop in my car!!! I was mainly stressed because I had a deadline! Don't worry, I got it in on time :) I went to another friend's house and used the Internet to finish edits and e-mail it back.

What this storm proved to me was I have AWESOME friends! I mean seriously!!! Ever time one of them found out I had no power, he or she told me to drop on by and make myself at home. I actually have never felt more loved. It's been great! I have no real complaints. YES> power was out a week. But also YES> I was fine.

I actually got tears in my eyes when I heard about the woman who lost her children. I felt sick about that. It's horrible. Not to mention all the people who lost their homes and had to go without food and heat etc... It was very tragic. Thinking about all those people made me realize how good I had it anyway. I had loads of people taking me in, and feeding me, and letting me shower in their homes. I am not alone and I LOVE my friends!!! I feel bad for those who are not as fortunate as I am. I hope that they will find people in this tragedy that will help and love them like my friends have toward me. No one should be alone and have no where to turn. It is terrible. :(

So, yeah, I say that if it was the frontier, I would be dead. That is mainly because hauling water up from the stream down the street to flush the toilet is tiresome. Heating hot water on the Coleman stove to wash dishes I made (not thinking the power would be out so long) is also tedious. Going to bed at 8pm because it is too dark to do anything it just ridiculous! And if I had to go out and hunt for some food instead of ordering pizza, well then I would have starved. I am whining only because going without power for a week is hard! I will try to remember that the next time people around me are out. I need to show compassion like those around me showed me. What goes around, comes around, right? Well, I got lots of love thrown my way. My turn will come.

And so will yours!

Take the time to think of those who lost everything. And the next time someone needs your help, I urge you not to turn them away.

Thank you to ALL MY FRIENDS!!

I hope to get back to writing, now that I have electric and Internet!


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