Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2011 vs. 1939

I had a conversation over the weekend with a friend / reader / fan, in which we referenced a movie called Dark Victory. Has anyone out there heard of it? It stars Bette Davis in one of her best roles (in my opinion), yet this movie is lesser known than say, “Now, Voyager.” The question is: WHY? It is an outstanding film. My friend brought up some interesting facts about the year it came out. 1939. What other films came out in 1939 that would have out shined Dark Victory? Um, a little film called Gone With The Wind! It won best picture that year and beat out another film, which won an award for “best original song”. Can you guess it? The Wizard of Oz. Gone With the Wind received ten academy awards and totally outshined everything that was produced that year. The Wizard of Oz gained popularity over time, because initially it didn’t do as well in the box office as anticipated. (This is my paraphrase from Wikipedia.) Consequently, Dark Victory didn’t do so well at the Academy Awards. Although nominated, it lost.

Bette Davis was up for best actress and lost to Vivian Leigh. Up for best picture, and lost to Gone With the Wind. Up for best score, and lost to The Wizard of Oz. Was it disappointing at the time? Probably. But fans of Bette Davis would still love her for it, Academy award or not. My thought is that they can look back and say, “I was nominated, but I lost to Gone With the Wind!” That is an accomplishment in itself.

Why do I say all this? Well, for one I like Bette Davis films. Two, I always go back to talking about myself. lol.

When Love is Not Enough came out in 2011. Being the conceited person that I am I have to say it is a kick-ass book that will tear your heart out. (Note: This is backed up by many readers who agree with me, so I’m not talking out of thin air. For some, this is true to form.) Anyway, When Love is Not Enough was a great book. It has depth, it has memorable characters, and it leaves many readers feeling drained emotionally because of the content. So, my question is (because I always ponder things about my own books,) why is it not read more? Why is it overlooked and set to the side in lieu of readers picking something else to read?

Here is where I tie in my movie references…

What else came out in 2011? Caregiver by Rick R. Reed, and Bear, Otter, and The Kid by TJ Klune! Oh good golly, I should be happy people read my book at all! WLINE is like Dark Victory in comparison to Gone with the Wind. Outdone, outshined, and out awarded by the other two. I read on Facebook that Caregiver won an EPIC eBook award. Well deserved, I’m sure. I haven’t read it yet. I have the paperback on my shelf and might one day meet Rick and have him sign it. I am sure though, I will sob like a baby. It is said to be a WONDERFUL NOVEL. Rick Reed is an outstanding author so I have no doubt it is. Should I be upset that Caregiver stole the show? No. If anything I should gain inspiration that one day I can be seen as Rick Reed’s contemporary. (Did I use the term correctly? I meant it in reference to publishing books in the same timeframe/year.) Of course, Rick is also on another level than me; he’s multi-published and for years. My truer contemporary is TJ Klune. (otherwise known to me as the Wizard of Oz.)

*Note. I do not intend any mocking, or ill will by these references.

Mr. Klune stole “best score” because he deserved it. And Mr. Reed took “Best Picture of the year” because he earned it. I can not blame them for out-shining me, but I can look to be inspired by their brilliance. If it was not for competition we would never be driven to improve, correct?

 *and I use the word “competition” not in the truest definition but metaphorically. I believe that readers can out-read ANY author’s ability to write, therefore we are a collective whole, like a hive. (–reference to the Borg.) Writers need each other to survive, as much as we spur each other on to improve and learn and grow. (Make sense?) Anyway…

To me, Mr. Klune and Mr. Reed are icons of success and an inspiration for my little ol’ “Dark Victory” to grasp at. I’m trying. I plug away, and over time, When Love Is Not Enough is gaining more support and readership. (I thank you all for that.) I was nominated for “Best Tearjerker with a happy Ending” and lost out to Bear, Otter, and The Kid in the M/M Romance Choice Awards. But I was nominated!

Soon, I will be going to GRL, and who might be there? Um, TJ Klune. How intimidating is that? I can see myself hiding behind a plant in the lobby and ducking when he turns around. Lol.

I’m writing today. I need to produce more. I am not as fast as other authors, to my detriment. But, I hope the wait will be worth while. I’ll keep you updated on the sequel. Until then…



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