Monday, March 4, 2013

Facebook needs a serious kick in the a**

I have been agitated for a while about Facebook and the constant “adjustments” it makes to supposedly make my experience better. Well, it’s not! It is weird and a little creepy that the opening message on my page is  “Hello, Wade. How are you today?” Although right now it reads, “What’s on your mind?”

Dear Facebook,

Do you want to know what is on my mind? I am pissed off that you dare intrude on my personal messages and delete them before I get to actually READ them!!!!

*makes an obscene gesture*

~Wade Kelly

I get that some “content” posted is labeled as questionable, or unsuitable. Although I don’t like being censored, I understand to some degree the need to block or delete pictures of nude men/women and explicit sexual acts. Ok, I get that. This is a public social network. And I guess “big brother” can’t stand the human body. BUT…. I draw the line at deleting messages from my PRIVATE MESSAGEING INBOX before I even see them! WTF? Example:

I get a message… I get an e-mail telling me I have one on FB. I open it and it says, "This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam."

I was pissed! I didn’t identify it as abusive! It’s MY MAIL!!!

Of course, as MY LUCK has it, as I write this blog post, my messages all reappear. Maybe it was a “glitch” in the system. IDK. But it really irritated me. Sometimes I think I will do away with Facebook all together, but where is another social network to meet people with similar interests? IDK. Another thing that get irritating is the question that come up “Do you know this person outside of Facebook?” when I am accepting a friend request.

I know this has to be linked to stalkers and perverted abusers that prey on little children, right? Please tell me that it has to do with protecting innocent kids. But that said, I’m an adult! I have the right to accept friend requests from ANYONE I want. If I accepted friend requests ONLY from people I knew outside of FB I would have 10 friends and my reason to be on facebook to begin with would be over. AND…. AND… What really ticks me off is that the same social network that wants to put me in jail for accepting requests from people I don’t know, constantly tells me, “You may know these people”. And don’t EVEN let me “friend request” more than like ten people in a week! I’ve given up. People “request” me, and I do not request from anyone because I always get sent to “jail” for doing it.

So what is to be done? I DON’T KNOW!!! Personally, I like I connect with people who have a similar interest in reading. I am a writer, I want to meet readers! Twitter is also good for connecting (somewhat) to other authors, I just need to get better at “tweeting”.

I think I’m done.

And I gave in, I have a Pinterest.




  1. I mostly condone that Facebook doesn't allow pictures of naked people on peoples pages, there is no need for people to be posting naked pictures of their favourite porn stars, because that leads to people posting naked pictures of themselves, or their girlfriend, or their Mom.

    However, I remember a year or so ago, I sent my friend a link to a porn movie, that someone we knew was in, I sent it via private message. The next time I logged in, there was a Facebook warning about inappropriate content. There are plenty of adult social networking sights.

    Now I understand, some robot flagged the actual link, and no one probably read the actual message. But still, it set an uncomfortable precedent.

  2. I don't think naked pictures are necessary on this type of forum. And naked pictures of my mom... Oh my God!
    But my message want even near that. No picture, no link, just a comment. And the comment wasn't even inappropriate. FB was being dumb. .
    The comment came back. All is fine now.

    Thanks for commenting. I love comments!!!

  3. Mr. Mind... Dude, you follow a LOT of blogs!!!

  4. There are quite a few though, but even I know the majority no longer update, so I am continually seeing the same ones at the top of the list.