Saturday, March 30, 2013

Being sick officially sucks.

Hey out there. I've been out of commission for several days due to influenza. I can honestly say that I can not recall ever being this sick in my life. Normally, I feel yucky, take Nyquil, and then I'm fine. Apparently that is not how flu works. Nothing really helps. My fever hangs around 99.0 - 99.8; nothing too bad yet just enough to make every bit of my body ache. Very annoying. My cough is dry and scratchy and tends to burn if I hack too much at once. Thankfully, the doctor gave me cough medicine with codeine, which has eased the coughing considerably. I take Advil for the joint pain but it does nothing for the fever. This is the first day since probably Tuesday that I can think clearly. There is nothing more frustrating than being home, in bed, with TIME to write, yet being to sick to think. And a couple of those days it was exhausting to sit up!

Sweating is the key, I think. (This is information for those out there who are under the inFLUence as well.) haha. Don't do anything!! Sleep. Get about 200 blankets and wear a sweatshirt to bed. Make your body sweat. Drink water. and drink tea. About the tea... I was drinking green tea because I looked online and somewhere it said green tea was recommended for a cold. With honey and lemon to soothe the throat. Ok. I hate green tea. I don't really like the flavor but I thought, "What the heck." I think I had  two cups of it and then my body decided it didn't like it either. I threw up. I went back to bed. (This is Friday morning.) I got back up and I was making myself something to eat. I think I was on my feet too long, because I hadn't really gotten up much at all, and I feel lightheaded, I got some tea and sat down to drink it. I had taken my sweatshirt off because the sleeves where getting in the way and my temperature went down to 97.3. I didn't feel so hot and not long after that I passed out. Literally. Not like I laid down and fell asleep. I went to the bathroom because I thought I'd throw up, and instead I got the tingling warm sensation of impending doom. I am not a stranger to passing out. I know what it feels like. I got down on the floor before I fell onto the floor and I was out. Not long, but long enough to know it happened. Then, in another few minutes, my last cup of green tea was expelled. No more green tea for me!

My friend came over because she didn't like me being in the house alone after I told her I passed out. (Not sure why that bothered her.) She gave me chamomile tea because it is better to soothe the stomach. She was right. I haven't thrown up since. So I've been drinking little cups of pink tea -- that's right, it's pink-- and my throat doesn't feel as scratchy and I haven't thrown up. I still feel exhausted. Getting out of bed makes me tired. BUT, I also haven't eaten much. I guess it is the flu, but I have no appetite. This morning I had like a miniscule amount of energy to go get my computer and crawl back in bed. My brain is functioning enough to write a blog entry, so maybe I can write today. That would be awesome.

Not sure what else to say about all that.

On a different note, my publisher sent me a link to another review I hadn't seen. I'm pretty sure Shirley put this review on Goodreads, but here is the review that is on her review site. Go visit it when you have time and see what other books she likes :)

Rating: 4.25 stars
Published: December 31st, 2012
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Review: After a week and a half of debating what to say or not say about this book, here I go.
I liked this book. A lot. Maybe not as much as I was expecting, but I was so looking forward to this story and I am glad to say that I was not disappointed. It was different, but not enough to stop me from reading it.
I liked Cole – he felt real. He had his issues (big and small) but he wanted to be accepted and loved for who he was was. Socially awkward and cynical to boot, he didn’t think he would ever find that special someone. He was so happy in his own little world of pristine floors, neuron and protons, that when he was faced with a new roommate he felt like his world was tuning on its axis. And then to find that his roommate was a jock? Well that justturned his life upside down.
In comes Ellis. A handsome jock, he was uncertain about his sexuality and moving in with Cole didn’t help matters. He was drawn to him, exasperated by him and just confused. They developed a friendship of sorts based on acceptance and mutual understanding. Until the kiss. That kiss that made Cole’s heart skip a beat and took their friendship that one step closer to an emotional connection.
I enjoy Wade Kelly’s writing. Be it a reading blog post or his debut novel,When Love is Not Enough, he always manages to keep me entertained. This book was no different. Not exactly the what I was expecting, but like I said before not a disappointment. To me it felt more like one of Wade’s blog post. Honest, funny and with an underlying message. While WLINE was dark and angsty, this book was funny and with an understated sense of drama that kept me reading from start to finish with just a minor break when real life showed its ugly head.
I was thoroughly into these characters. I enjoyed both the main and the secondary characters, even if I felt that Mike ‘s POV and his story should have had a lesser role in this book. I appreciated what he brought to the story in the overall resolution to the conflict, but I think that his POV and his actions should would have made a great short story to add to the book lineup. Other than that, I think the secondary characters added beautifully to the story. I especially enjoyed Rob and Russell’s voice and what they added to the overall story. I think there’s great potential there for a meaningful story and I hope Wade finds the time to write it.
Filled with sarcastic humor, insightful moments, adorable characters and an underlying message of acceptance, My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! was a treat to read. I am already a fan of Wade Kelly and I can’t wait for his next book to be released.
No pressure Wade, no pressure at all! But if you could just edit The Cost of Loving a little bit faster I would truly appreciate it. Thanks

That is all I got for now. I'm alive, just moving slow.


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  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. I haven't been that sick since I had bronchitis a few years ago. Hopefully, you'll start feeling better soon. And moving slow is a good thing.

  2. Normally, I go a hundred miles an hour. I always have something going on. My brain getting stuck in the slow lane is really a drag. I need the synapses working! At least I'm not throwing up. It was only a few times. My fever was gone today, so maybe that is trending in the right direction!