Monday, April 1, 2013

Back in the groove… hallelujah!

Okay, I think this crappy flu is on its way out. No fever yesterday, or today. It is the worst I have ever felt, personally, but I kinda think it could have been worse. I only threw up twice (I think), and I’ve heard tales of LOTS of throwing up, which I did not do. Maybe I will get lucky and it will never darken my door again! (Fingers crossed.)

But, on the heels of Mr. Flu’s departure, comes a functioning mind that popped with ideas in the middle of the night. I was tempted to get up and type at 2 a.m., but I feared a recurrence of lethargy. I needed rest. I stayed in bed. But this morning I was all a-tingly with anticipation. I was going to write, and it was going to be good!

I can’t give details because it would ruin it. But what was interesting to me was that this was the end of the book. (Maybe. There is always room to change things around after I write the middle.) I have never written a book from the end to the middle, and back to the beginning. It is all a kilter. But sometimes a writer must goes where passion leads. The scene was there! I took it, I ran with it, and I cried the whole way through. Happy ending? Well, yes. I can’t very well kill off all my characters at the end of the book by dropping a house on them or something. I think L. Frank Baum took care of that with The Wizard of Oz but only in the beginning of the book. I could crash a plane, but then I’d be writing the season finale of a TV drama. None here, you have to settle for a good old fashion happy ending. That is what people like anyway, correct? However, I do not guarantee the MIDDLE of the book. Just because a story might end in some happy way, it doesn’t mean all is bliss all the time. You will just have to wait and see. Love, Trust, and Learning to Live Again is well on its way now. I have words on several word doc so the word count is somewhere around 21k. I can’t be bothered yet to add it all up. It’s okay. I’m confident I can make my goal of the end of the month. This novel is harder because I have two other novels to take into account, but it is also easier because I have two other novels and I know where I need to go with my characters.

Will it be believable? IDK. Will it be boring? IDK. Will it keep you on the edge of your seat? IDK. Will it be the best of the three of them? IDK.

As always, I have no clue what kind of reaction I will get until it happens.

In other news, I got a few e-mails today that were uplifting. One reader told me he took my book out of the local library in Seattle. My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! was in a library! On a shelf! OMG!!! That is so wicked! I wish I had a picture of it on the shelf J

Another reader told me I am a gifted storyteller. She read WLINE and was touched deeply. I say thank you. It was a deeply moving book for me to write, and I am always glad to know I have touched someone else.

TCOL is another installment in the Wade Kelly rollercoaster ride. Matt lives though many of my own experiences. I like to think that whatever pain I have gone through, was necessary to produce the stories you all enjoy. Had I not gone through pain, I would not have written it in as much of a personal way. Perhaps it would have been detached. As it is, I felt it, so I wrote it.

You know I had a stalker. I’ve mentioned that. And I’ve been persecuted by the church and accused of things that were untrue. Can I retaliate and take revenge on the people who were involved? No. Not without dredging it all back up and affecting the lives of those around me. I don’t live in a vacuum, and I need my privacy in order to keep writing. I need to write. I have stories that need to be told.

Much of my anguish came about because I was involved with an unpublished author’s website eons ago. I posted some chapters, and although the story was about a gay couple, the excerpts contained predominately M/F relations. Not even explicit ones. This was “frowned” upon and I was told I wasn’t very “Christian like” and I should stop glorifying homosexuality. I backed off, but the damage was done. I was accused of many things and told the church had “printed out evidence against me.” At the time, it sounded like blackmail, but my hands were tied.

I cannot fill in all the details else someone lurking in the dark recesses of the Internet could possibly trace me. You never know? I didn’t know she was stalking me to begin with. I tell you all, because I am moving step by step to be as open and honest as I can be. Each week or so, I will give you a little more. This is also like a build up “Blog hop” or something to promote my up coming release. Timing wise, TCOL is coming out now because now is the time it got accepted. But personally it could not have come out at a better time because NOW is the time in my life when I have never felt more happy, and more accepted for who I am. WLINE, and TCOL are about me. Remember? I’ve always said that. Each character contains a facet of myself and my own experiences. Not autobiographically, but fictional literature based on facts. (If that makes sense.) *EVEN JOCK contains some of my own experiences and true to life situations.

As you read, dear reader, will get to know me inside and out, on blog and one novel at a time. Buckle up, I got months to tell my tale ;)


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  1. Welcome back to the land of the living.

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