Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fully exposed, except with my clothes on.

No frontal nudity. Disappointing to some, but believe me, it would scare most! This is the blog where I take the questions readers asked and answer questions about myself. The "self-interview" as it were. The questions themselves where all over the place, so I am not really sure how to categorize them or put order to them. Hopefully you can follow them and get what I'm saying.

Some questions are simpler to answer, so I may just start with them.

1. Vio asked: What do you wake up to? A rooster crowing on my cell phone. 
2. Beach or Mountains? Mountains one weekend, and beach the next. Living in Maryland makes that possible
3. Cats or Dogs? Snakes. … ok, I would pick "dogs." I like OTHER people’s cats, I just don’t want one. I have a dog. But I also have 7 snakes and a turtle in my bathtub. 
4. Macky asked: Laughing Buddha or Thai Buddha? IDK

5. Who would be your ideal dinner date? Like fantasy date? Um, Trevor Wright, because he’s hot. Or Huge Jackman. And I think Ian McKellen would be interesting to talk to over dinner. And Joseph Godon-Levitt is just plain cool! 
6. If you didn't write which other Talent would you like to have? I’d love to sing. My key is very limited and I screech a lot. 
7. If you were an animal what would you be and why? I have a thing for cheetahs because they are super fast! And beautiful. 
8. Deeze wanted to know: If you could have one super power what would it be? Answer: I’d like to fly. And I still have no clue as to what kind of risky areas there could be to a super power? X-ray vision, maybe? Lol... But I just want to fly!
9. Do you have a favorite Musical? On stage: Wicked. Movie: Meet Me in St. Louis 
10. What came first the chicken or the egg? lol. Chicken 
11. Back to  MackyIf Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled Peppers (here's the real question)
How many pecks of pickled pepper did Peter Piper ( actually) pick? My answer: a heck of a LOT   
12. If you could choose any other era to live in when would it be and why would you have liked to have lived then? No, I like living now. Other eras have poor health care, short-lived lives, bodily-waste in the streets… no thanks. I like now. 
13. Do you believe in the supernatural? yes 
14. Do you prefer the old batman series or the newer batman films? Tough call. I think they both have something cool to offer. 
15. If you won a million dollars what’s the very first thing you'd do with it? Pay off my house! 
16. Do you have a favourite song? I have lots. I love music. 
17. What smell would bring on a memory? Moss. And that “wet” smell near streams. My family always went trout fishing together when I was younger. 
18. Would you ever do a reality TV show? No, they seem pointless. I don’t like THAT much exposure. I deal with enough already. 
19. If "Jock" was made into a film who would you choose to play Ellis and Cole? I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could pull off Cole, especially if he grew a goatee and had lighter brown hair. (Or Jamie Bell if he had brown eyes and a goatee.) Ellis: Nicholas Hoult if he had longer hair. What do you think? Can you see it? 
20. How old were you when you wrote your first story? Complete story: 38  
21. Do you get inspiration for your stories from real life or dreams? Both. 

22. West Thornhill: What is the most important thing you need to keep the writing flowing? Music? Total silence? Both serve to help me think. It depends on the section of the story I am stuck in. 
23. Nyia Pring Thompson: What do you do to relax & get back into the grove when you get writer's block? I read another author’s story. I know I need to read more anyway, (they say writers need to read a lot,) but I tend to read when my muse is silent. Then, I get inspired. And sometimes, it is not a NEW novel I pick up, but one I have read before and loved. I've read American Love Songs, and The Locker Room three times. 
24. Karen Hatfield: How old are you? 44 
25. Lynn Schmitz: What do you like to do when you're not writing? Sleep. LOL, but that rarely happens. Um, eat. I love to cook. 
26. Terry Farris: Were you the jock or the nerd? Nerdy jock. ;) I played sports but was not good at them. Coach liked me because I tried hard. I was kind of a loner, good at math, and very quiet. 
27. Cody Kennedy: How do you manage social media v. shyness (presumption)? Um, I am learning to relax and let go of fear. I am not typically shy anymore, although I used to be. Because of the “social media” and the prospect of meeting people at Bok Fairs and (for example) GRL, I am learning I need to get over being shy and embrace life. 
28. Terry Farris What made you decide to become a writer? And What do you think contributed the most to your being such an amazing writer? I started writing poetry in the 90’s. In 2006 I wrote what was basically a trilogy, and it was the first work that was a complete story. From there, I saw that I had the ability to follow through. Before that, no story ever got finished. So, I just kept writing from that point. As far as being "Such an amazing writer?" Lol… um, Probably going through a bunch of personal shit that pushed the limits of pain and emotion in my life and my only escape was to write it. Writing is my therapy. 
29. VioWhich Hollywood actor of the golden era would you consider to be kissable? Clark Gable (He’s in that era, right?) 
30. Candice, If you could leave something for future generations that would give them a glimpse into life as it is now, what would you leave? I seriously have no idea. Time Magazine, maybe?? IDK. 
31. Deeze asked: If there was a movie about your life, who would you like to see play you in a movie and who do you think would best suit playing you in a movie? lol. Like to see? Meg Ryan because she is my favorite actress. Best suit me? Mere Winningham (maybe) Although I do not look like her. 
32. and then Cody Kennedy asked a gazillion questions: Are you a shy person?
 I used to be. Then I grew out of it. Then I went back in when I was betrayed by people I knew for 10 years. Now I am coming back out of that shy-shell and learning to embrace myself for who I am. And I am NOT shy.  
33. Does social media scare you (like it does me?)
YES, but probably not for the same reasons. 
34. What is your favorite color? LOL, red. Although I wear more grey or brown more than anything. 
35. What do you do on your days off from work/writing? Drive my 3 children all over creation. I'm basically an un-paid taxi driver. 
36. Do you watch movies? LOVE watching movies. Read? Sometimes. Climb mountains? Leap tall buildings in single bounds? No, I’m too lazy for that.
37. Why do you write what you do? 
IDK. Personal pain just sort of inspired them I guess. My therapist asked me where I thought my stories came from. I told her: God. 
38. Which of your stories was the hardest to write and why?
 The one I am writing now. Love, Trust, and Learning to Live Again. It is complicated and being a 3rd book in a trilogy I have to keep facts straight, combine information from the other two, and try to make it interesting to read. (As apposed to boring.) 
39. I have never met you, so what does the real Wade Kelly look like? Long, brown hair, blue eyes, 5’1”, older than most people think. I wear Converse All Stars, and sarcastic T-shirts most of the time. :p   

40.  Since you raised it, why was 2010 an awful year for you?
 LOOONG story condensed to a nut-shell: Wade Kelly is a pseudonym. I was published a few years ago (under a different name) with DSP and the church I attended (at the time) found out it was a gay romance. Someone had stalked me, googled me, and printed out "evidence," went to someone else, who went to the pastor, who showed up at my door. He accused me of "fostering homosexuality" in the youth at that church and told me it was an abomination and therefore I needed to delete my website, Twitter, Blog, identity, etc. and stop writing things that were "very unchristian like." I was shocked, horrified, and terrified. I was going through an adoption and could think of nothing but the possibility of losing my child. So, I consented to do whatever necessary to get them off my back and out of my life. I lost ALL my friends because they treated me like a leper. No one talked to me. And I almost gave up writing. BUT... A different story kept whispering in my ear. WLINE. So, I took my pain, and wrote. 
41. Alternatively, why do you believe 2013 is your year?
 Because life has come full circle. I fear EVERYTHING back then. People I knew for 10 years turned their backs on me. But now, I am in a different place. The church I attend NOW, is supportive of choices, desires, and talents. I have even started to open up to people I know, and they are excited I'm a writer instead of being appalled at what I write. I see the world changing. Not only in my personal life, but in culture. Maryland now supports gay marriage! Life and times effect how people live. For three years I lived in fear of everything and everyone. Now, I am letting go of fear. 

I hid who I was because it was the only way I could write, and feel free to express myself, without my stalkers (and the people at the previous "church",) finding out. My intent was not to deceive readers, but hide from those out to persecute me. Now, in a time where I feel more secure about being ME, I feel the need to be honest about myself. Hiding was never about "selling more books," if it was I would never come out about being a woman. I've only got a couple novels published. I hope readers will still enjoy what I bring to them. Gender aside. The Cost of Loving is my experience with the church, in many ways. It comes out in August / September. (I fill you in on the date when I have one.) I have always intended to write from what I see, what I experience, and what I think others need to hear. I desire to bring hope to a broken world. If you want to know more: e-mail me.

Thanks to everyone for the questions, they were fun!



And Cody... I like quiet snakes, not squawking parrots!  ;)


  1. Wade, I don't care whether you are a woman or a man. I love your books and your gender or sexual orientation changes nothing. Keep writing! We at Mrs Condit & Friends are proud of you.

  2. Thank you. I want my life to be about my writing. It is what i love.

  3. Geeezzzzz!! I don't understand why a pastor of a church feels he has the right to tell another person what to write, what to subscribe to!! I'm very glad you were able to protect yourself and keep writing what you need to write!!

    1. Thank you. It has been a process. And a challenge to self-esteem and confidence for sure. One day at a time.

  4. Please ignore the haters. You have done nothing wrong, nothing to apologize for, and have nothing to explain. Mary Anne Evans used the pen name George Eliot in the early 19th century and her works are classics we all read in literature classes - Adam Bede, Silas Marner, etc. I don't remember any English teacher ever saying those books would have been better if she had written them as Mary Anne Evans. Good grief! Keep up the good work.
    -Becky Condit http://www.mrsconditreadsbooks.com

    1. THANK YOU... Not too many haters that I know of. Most people are gracious. I can only present my life, my opinion, my personal struggle and it is up to readers to either accept it or reject it. I WILL keep writing. I have many stories to tell the world, one book at a time. I'm an artist, and writing is my platform to touch people. So far, it is going very well.

  5. Mrs. Condit said it above: You don't owe anyone an apology, as you have nothing to apologize for.

    A few days before this blog post, you were gracious enough to join me in the one-year anniversary celebration of my novella, Safe. Though you and I are friends on FB and we exchange periodic messages and posts, I hadn't had the pleasure of truly coming to know you until then. It was then that you felt compelled to tell me that you were a mother of three... as opposed to a father of three.

    We exchanged emails at length and discussed public persona, and what that means, and you took the time to share your horrid and vindictive experiences with a stalker, your church, abrupt and cruel abandonment by your friends of years, and the near mortal jeopardy to the adoption of your son. You went on to apologize for deceiving me and that stopped me in my tracks.


    I thought to self: this woman's entire world fell apart and collapsed around her ears over ugly issues such as hate and prejudice and she feels the need to apologize to me for using a pseudonym and developing a public persona that may or may not be construed to be male?

    You owe me no apology whatsoever. Above all, Wade, you did battle with the forces of evil and won. You had the strength and fortitude to endure and survive public abuse and private hell, and still had the courage to continue writing. I laud you. You're a fine role model and an inspiration to us all. You'll always be one seriously cool dude to me.


    1. Wade, what Cody said. Yeah. What courage you have.

    2. Cody... I am speechless. Thank you so very much for you kindness and support. It is people like you that makes my writing worth while and the fight worth risking. Thank you.

      Kerry... ditto ;)

  6. I love you, Wade! I am proud of you.

    1. I love you too. You are one of the dearest, sweetest people I have ever "virtually" met. Here's to seeing you in person this year. (I'll drive down.)

  7. I get your fears and being shunned. I'm sorry you had to go through that! :)

  8. I hate that it happened, but I think I am a better person for the struggle. I think I learned a deeper compassion because of it. I also wrote WLINE and that book as touched so many people. And I also think, that sometimes, without suffering, we don't quite understand joy as much. My "suffering" is nothing compared to what some people go through and I hope I can help them find their joy.