Monday, April 8, 2013

Freedom to be myself

This is something I was contemplating this concept over the weekend. Sometimes I do that--think. Hahaha. I have been thinking about my life over the last three years and how much it has changed. 2010= hard/tough year. BUT, 2010=Wrote WLINE. So when I consider what personal trials produced, can I really complain?

Sometimes life needs to take a step back. Ya know? If you, I, someone, takes a step back and looks at the situation we are in I think often we gain better insight into how it can be seen differently and maybe not as harsh. I didn't like 2010 when I was in it. But out of my own personal pain I wrote a book that got freakin' PUBLISHED! Not only that, but it was a damn good book! (When Love is Not Enough is the one I'm talking about for those who are new to my blog.) I don't think I could have written "suffering" as well without experiencing my own degree of suffering. This is my personal opinion, but I do think that old adage "write what you know" has a valid point. And then my life takes a turn and I wrote Jock. lol. Definitely different than WLINE. (My Roommate's A Jcok? Well, Crap! is often referenced as "Jock".) Both ends of the spectrum that can be produced by my brain, I suppose you could say. There are many sides of me and I hope that I can write more variety as time goes on. (If people are still reading my stuff. And IF readers are interested in all the subjects I want to explore on paper.)

I wrote a BLOG ENTRY on January 4th of this year talking about 2013 being "my year". I quoted All Time Low saying I was feeling Weightless, and this was "gonna be my year". I still feel that way. I feel like this is the best time of my life. For a long time, I was in hiding. I was depressed. I was discouraged. I was paranoid. It took a long time to break out of that and become comfortable in my own skin. Getting to that point had to do with PEOPLE. Sometimes I really don't like people. People can be extremely cruel, judgmental, and vicious. So I closed in on myself thinking it was better to just write what I felt and not give a crap about "being a part of the human race". I could be content alone. Trouble is, I'm not a solitary creature. Not by far. I am social. I like talking. Yes, I need me-time just like everyone else, but by in large I like to be around other people. So 2010 just got more depressing by being alone.

Time ticked on... Now it is 2013. I am in a different place, mentally. I am learning not to be afraid to be myself. Why? For one, I have awesome readers who have supported me for years and encouraged me that they like my writing!!! I'm telling you, that does wonders for self-esteem. I am a writer. There is no greater gift than to know what I write is enjoyed!! :) And number two, I've met new people!! Different people. Kinder people. More accepting people. People who like me as I am. Not people who want to change me. That makes so much difference, don't you think? When you make friends with people who like you for yourself. It make me feel good about being ME. I don't feel ashamed.

So that leads me to the next part of my blog entry and my thoughts for future blog posts... What would you all like to know? Often authors do interviews online, or they blog-hop, or they do live chats. I want to know what my interested public, and small fan-base, would like to know? And the mode which you all like to interact?

1. Blog hopping? What blogs do you read and would be interested in seeing something I wrote on?

2. Live chat? Never done it as a large group thing. And how DO you do it? IDK. Is it like joining a chat group on Yahoo or something and I type, you type, we all type things together in a group chat thingy? I did that once when the GR choice awards were being announced in 2012.

3. Interview? What kinds of things would you like to know? And what blog would you like to read them on?

I had a bizarre-o idea of interviewing myself. LOL. What do you think of this? I will collect questions from readers. Example: Suzy Q asks: What is your favorite color? I then write a blog sometime in the near future, possibly the end of April, where I list all the questions (like in my example) where YOU the READER are the interviewer and I answer the questions. What do you think of that? I don't know what blog's you read to know where I should do an interview. Of course, you could tell me. But I DO KNOW that those who read THIS BLOG must be interested, at least minimally, in what I have to say. I know there are more people who read it than are "fans" of mine on Goodreads. There are those who read it solely on Goddreads, and some who only check it out on blogspot. The "stats" on my blog suggest that many of you out there click "Blog" from my website and come over tot read it. I think that is great!

So, here is my suggestion and challenge to you out there. COMMENT BELOW!!! Comment about any of my questions. Comment YOUR question. (I'm using Deeze now as an example because I know she reads my blogs.) Comment: Deeze. Hi Wade. My question is: What do you eat for breakfast? (Sorry for the lame example. I am so not the idea-person at times.) But what I will then do is collect these questions and later blog and list the question like: Deeze asks: "What do you eat for breakfast?" and then I will answer. "Coffee." hahaha. I'd love to have a large number of questions to pick from. How many questions get asked normally? 20? 25? If I got more than that I would try to answer them all. Of course, there is the chance I will NOT answer a question. In that case I might consider answering a question in private e-mail. So, below, list your question. Or, send it to me via e-mail: They can be about anything. Writing, personal, future plans, past experiences? Anything. I'll try to be as honest as I can. I know I feel more connect to a writer when I know them better. And I connect more with music when I know the singer/ song writer more in depth. so, I get it. And now that I am not as afraid to be me, I am willing to open up to all of you. Be kind, but I do honestly what to know what YOU want to know?

I guess that is my thought for now. laterz, y'all.


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  1. As far as your questions 1,2, & 3 - I read like three blogs more often than anything. Why? Well, because I used to read a bunch, but it cuts into that thing called writing time or work. So, I cut way back. I check out the ones I used to read once a week or so, but that's all I can do at the moment. Live chat? Heck if I know. LOL Ah, interviews. I would love to interview some of my characters, but can't come up with good questions. Maybe I should ask the few people who read my blog for suggestions. Hmmm... So, now I need to think of a question for you. What is the most important thing you need to keep the writing flowing? Music? Total silence?

    1. ah, interesting question! I will think of the answer and get back to you in the "Interview Blog" ;)

  2. More than you bargained for:
    1. I do not like blog hops. I don't have time to look up, recall, figure out where an author is supposed to be today, tomorrow, etc. That said, I do like authors who take the time to write about different subjects (whether related to themselves or their works) in blog posts when they do a hop (see Madison Parker's current blog hop for Play Me). I also like authors who support each other by sharing blogsites (and reposting the posts of others). BWE: Shira Anthony has offered to host the 1 yr anniversary celebration of Safe's release on her blog on Saturday. Frankly, I was thinking about asking YOU to do it. Ha! Take that, Wade! Begin creating your list of questions now.
    2. Live chat is fun but can be frustrating. It's sort of like public instant messaging. However, when you have ten questions being posed at once, it can become frustrating. Imagine having 10 instant message boxes open on your screen at one time? I worry that I'll accidently miss someone's question; or I worry that I can't think/type fast enough to answer everyone's questions. I recommend going into it with an agenda the first time or two to allow yourself to get used to it. Start it off with a preamble paragraph that sets general subject matter for questions; have excerpts and links handy to post and talk about for slow moments, have small paragraphs handy to post talking about the subject matter/yourself, etc.
    3. From what I see, people firstly like to know about the author as a person. Then, is any of you reflected in your work? If so, which parts of you and where are they in the book? Jeff Erno did a great post on why he writes about bullying. What inspired you to write this book or that book? I prefer to see author's posts on their own blog. I don't want to have to remember whose blog you're going to be on today. If you post on your own blog, I can also easily refer back to it if I want to quote you in an article, post, etc.
    I think self interviews are great! It gives us a chance to see the author as a real person.
    From what I understand, people often like character interviews. I like them. Kaje posted a terrific list of hypothetical questions for characters on Goodreads. Post #21987
    Now, a few questions for you:
    1) Since you raised it, why was 2010 an awful year for you?
    2) Alternatively, why do you believe 2013 is your year?
    3) Are you a shy person?
    4) Does social media scare you (like it does me?)
    5) What is your favorite color?
    6) What do you do on your days off from work/writing? Do you watch movies? Read? Climb mountains? Leap tall buildings in single bounds?
    7) Why do you write what you do?
    8) Which of your stories was the hardest to write and why?
    9) I have never met you, so what does the real Wade Kelly look like?
    Have fun, Wade!
    P.S. I love Jock! Great story.

    1. LOL, Cody! This might turn into an interview by Cody Kennedy on Wade Kelly. HAhaha. Good questions, though. (Love Kaje. She's great.)

    2. Any time, Wade. (If you dare.) :D