Friday, April 26, 2013

Holy Crap! I've gone viral.

That's not true, but wouldn't it be cool? And, btw, what does that actually mean? (Gone viral.) How many shares or hits or views does a page have to have? Thousands? Millions? Google probably has the answer but then I'd have to open another tab and search for the answer. I can't be bothered. I'd rather ask the reader. (haha)

First, apologies for the messed up way the last blog looked when it got over to goodreads. I don't know why it does that! All the words run together and it makes it hard to read. IDK. If I figure out why I will not be doing it that way again.

I may not have gone "viral," but I DID have a "HOLY CRAP!" moment yesterday. I got my royalty statement for the quarter. I was driving when I looked at it. NOT THE BRIGHTEST IDEA. (I promise not to do that again.) My hand started shaking. I was looking at the numbers, but on my phone they are really small and it was hard to make out exact figures. However, the one number that leaped out was # of eBook copies sold of My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! I also had tears in my eyes when I called my closest friend to tell her the news. In three months, I sold over 4500 copies of one little book! To me, this is incredible and mind-boggling. It is amazing and exciting and thrilling! I didn't know it was possible. I know, I know, there are other authors that are way more popular and sell way more books than little ole me, but for ME to see that it is possible to sell so many gives me hope that this could happen again! 4500 copies with one book. PLUS, another 416 copies of When Love is Not Enough, tells me that maybe this isn't just a little hobby. More importantly, these kind of numbers might tell my husband that it is way more than a hobby!!! This is potentially as lucrative as a "real job." IF I wrote more! If I published more. IF I spent more time at it. So, yeah, I'm thrilled beyond belief because people might finally take me seriously.

There is nothing worse than someone chuckling when I say I'm a writer. There are many people who think it is silly and a waste of time. Talk about dumping cold water on my self-esteem. Thanks people. But this is what can happen in the real world where people are often CRAP. (This is my experience and we wonder why I'm bitter and cynical half the time??) Even my accountant has said, "You need to sell more books." ... to which I think, "Well, DUH! I'm trying."

It takes time. Especially when I start off with a book like WLINE that emotionally devastates people. Not a great way to start a new career. I NEEDED Jock. Writing a funny, cute, light-hearted romance was just what my writing needed. To write something that sells and in turn gets people to look around and pick up the first book I wrote is serious motivation to write more! I told you all I can't do this without my readers, without my fans! Sales mean my publisher will like me just a little longer!!! Without sales, I would be self-publishing which means more work for me and less time to write. So, from the bottom of my heart (and the middle and the top) THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF MY WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the very best readers and fans in the world! :D

This is all I have to say for now. I have a full day and need to get out of here. Thank you again.

Feel free to recommend my stuff :) Word-of-mouth travels way faster than my blog posts. ooooh, or you could MAKE me viral by passing this blog post around everywhere. Wouldn't that be cool?



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