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This review of WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH went up on Joyfully Jay yesterday!

Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel
By: Amy

This novel begins with a suicide. It’s a hell of a way to start a book, and I can’t say I wasn’t a little apprehensive about it. I feared the entire novel would follow a course of pain and despair and, while I understood the subject matter means not all will be roses and unicorns, I didn’t think I could handle such an emotional read. What Wade Kelly does, however, is infuse tragedy with hope, pain with healing, and desperation with determination. This is, undoubtedly, a very sad story. But there are lessons to be learned, and there’s an obvious desire to keep others from following this devastating path.
Jimmy Miller is just a regular kid. He’s under a lot of pressure from his mom to get good grades and help around the house, especially since she divorced Jimmy’s dad. Jimmy splits his time between his parents. He has a best friend at home named Matt, who is gay and a bit of a man slut. While visiting his parents, Jimmy meets Darian, and quickly realizes that, not only is he gay, he’s falling in love with this beautiful emo boy.
We know from the first paragraph that Jimmy killed himself and both Matt and Darian are left to deal with the aftermath. As some sort of miracle, they find each other and are able to rely on one another during such a difficult time. Neither Jimmy nor Matt were out, so finding solace from their grief from other sources is difficult. Matt is able to give Darian support and vice versa, and it seems that soon they have more in common than just their love for Jimmy and sadness over his death.
This book is interesting in that Matt finds Jimmy’s journal in the first couple of pages, and so we see this story progress not only from the present day interactions between Darian and Matt, but also through Jimmy’s journal entries and recollections. Of course, we know that the suicide is coming, so you read with trepidation and a bit of dread, but Kelly managed to counterbalance that emotion with the beautiful budding relationship between Darian and Matt. The support that they show to each other is sweet and life-affirming, so it kept me from feeling too miserable about what I knew was eventually going to happen as the plot develops.
I loved all of the characters, though I wish we would’ve been able to be witness to more of Jimmy’s relationship with his mother, however painful that may have been. Because that relationship played such a strong influence in his suicide, I didn’t really feel the build-up as much as I would’ve liked. To me, he seemed like just a kid who was having troubles at home and struggling with his sexuality, but I didn’t feel that despair and loneliness and sense of giving up that I would’ve expected from him.
Besides that, though, I really loved this book. The relationships between both Darian and Matt and Darian and Jimmy (and even Matt and Jimmy) were both loving and adorable but also packed full of chemistry. There’s a joke in the book about how they would’ve made a great threesome and, if I can joke in the midst of this serious subject matter, I completely agree. They all brought out the best in each other, which made it all the more heartbreaking to know Jimmy ends his life before he even has a chance to live.
Toward the very end, Matt gives a speech in church that just cements this novel’s status as a not to be missed read. I find Kelly’s perspective on religion compelling. Matt is Christian and gay and still maintains his devout beliefs, but he’s able to articulate the problems with Christianity — that there are those who simply do not emulate Christ and that, in doing so, they are the ones who are wrong, not those who they persecute under the guise of “saving” them. It’s beautifully written and not at all preachy and focuses on loving your fellow man; I found it to be both powerful and inspiring.
This is not a light read, but it’s one I whole-heartedly recommend. The horrifying reality is people are committing suicide all of the time because they think they have no choice, and this is a moving commentary on the society that inadvertently helps lead them to this decision. It’s heartbreaking, but full of hope. We can hope that Darian and Matt are able to be masters of a different kind of fate — one that is full of love and acceptance and openness. It’s going to be a long, tough road, but they seem up for the task. And there’s a sequel coming soon!

***    I thought this was a great review and captured the feel of what I intended. :)   ***

Also, on Amazon.com, the latest listed review was short but SWEEET!

5.0 out of 5 stars Sadness, Love, Anger, Joy...May 23, 2013
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This review is from: When Love Is Not Enough (Kindle Edition)
I have never read a book that made me feel such intense pain and anger while being seductive. I wanted to hate these characters at times. I fell in love with them more though. Wade Kelly created such a stunning work of art. I truly felt everything the characters felt. I was mad, depressed, joyful, content, scared....everything. I miss Jaime too and he's only a character in this great book.
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Note; I can not hear enough that I created a "stunning work of art" because, believe me, there are plenty of readers that have the exact polar opposite opinion. (More so with Jock than WLINE, but still....)

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who love my writing. I will try to deliver the very best. I'm learning as I go so hopefully future novels will be cleaner and contain less exclamation points and/or random and unnecessary punctuation. lol

POLL: What do you readers seek next? (After Matt's story comes out that is.) Funny or serious? I am sort of working on three books at once.

Names Can Never Hurt Me - a serious one about stereotypes and bullying (kind of). Description on website.

Love, Trust, And Learning to Live Again - Bk 3 in my Unconditional Love Trilogy. It is Darian's part of it all. IDK, are you ready for another emotional  rollercoaster right after The Cost of Loving comes out?

And then for the newest idea I have... Road Trip Recipes. Blurb:

Four hot musicians, three crazy friends, two bouts of stomach flu, and one college graduate with zero job prospects screams: Summer road trip!

Avery had no idea what to do with a BA in English, but the degree meant he’d graduated and therefore had something to show for his efforts. With his friends home for the summer, and then each of them looking to start the next phase of their lives in the fall, no one was looking to get a job and waste what little time they had left before becoming “adults”. So when his best friend Becky suggested they take a road trip and follow her favorite band around the country, Avery responded, “Wait… what?”

Blood Money was an up-in-coming pop/rock/Indy/alternative band with a flare for comedy on stage and random cover-songs thrown in for good measure. They thrived on the unique, and Becky ate up their music like crazy. She drove Avery nuts singing in the car, so the last thing he wanted to do was follow the band around the country and attend every concert. That is, until she showed him a half-naked picture of the lead singer, and then Avery changed his mind. Yes, he could endure the music if he could ogle the hot musicians.

All they needed was a car, money, a map of the United States, and tour schedule—no big!

So, comment, message me, whatever; let me know what you are in the mood for FIRST. Remember The Cost of Loving is about MATT.

Being the “golden child” of his family, Matt never dreamed that coming out would challenge his entire understanding of life. 

His fear of wrath and judgment over his sexuality fueled his paranoia for twenty-three years. Matt is a Christian and has known for years where his church stood on homosexuality; so to avoid religious ridicule, Matt chose to live two separate lives, much like his friend Jamie Miller, until outing himself in front of the church congregation when a self-righteous pastor prompted Matt’s impulsive nature to take a stand for his best friend’s honor. 

What Matt didn’t foresee was how his decisions would affect all those around him. His family, his lover, as well as his friends and coworkers, deal with the impact of his public confession, and the aftermath threatens to tear Matt’s once-perfect world apart. Being “out” forces Matt to come to terms with his guilt, his shame, and his very belief in God.

Laterz... WADE :)

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