Friday, December 26, 2014

Gift Cards

I love GIFT CARDS. I do. Generally, when I want something I buy it anyway so when people ask "What do you want for Christmas, birthday, boxing day (lol, jk)?" I normally don't have an answer. I'm thinking, "Well, I wanted _____, but I already bought it two weeks ago." My answer is normally gifts to Kohl's, Target, or iTunes. Those are the most useful in my mind.

This year, I did tell my son about a perfume I wanted and he got it for me. YAY!! And my husband actually paid attention and bought me a few things I liked. One year, he bought me the very same earrings he bought me five years previously and that was sort of a bummer. I was thinking that he didn't pay attention to what he bought. But this year was good. I got a Perry the Platypus blanket. :D I love Perry. And he got me some DVDs of old movies I have on VHS. Singing In The Rain is a classic that I haven't seen for years because I don't have a VHS player. Now I can watch it!

Did I get any gift cards? Well, sort of……

My son asked me if I "take payments in gift cards?" I wasn't sure what he meant, but in the past I have exchanged cash for cards because I can use the cards just fine. Especially Target when I spend loads of money there. He gave me one to Olive Garden and one for iTunes, but then gave me cash to make $100 even. I thought that odd. Then he gave me another $10 and said he now owed me $100.00. To explain, he owed me $210 for something I paid for when he had no money. IN THE SUMMER! I was not going to let this particular debt go and he knew it. (explanation not necessary.) But, to be paid back in gifts cards was not what I meant. I can't pay his debt in gift cards. I DID get money from my mom for Christmas, so I will most likely exchange his gift cards with my personally money and use the cash to pay back the "family money" account for the debt I paid for him back in the summer, but this was not my plan.

All that to say, I now have some gifts cards! I am fine with it over all. I was only going to use my cash for advertising, not on other stuff. I love iTunes because I normally buy my audiobooks off there. Misplaced Affection doesn't come out in AUDIO until the spring. So if you have an iTunes gift card you can't buy my audio YET. (Hint: Save it.) But iTunes also sells eBooks! Amazon is great for eBooks. I don't own a Nook or a Kobo or Kindle Fire or anything. I read off my computer. So it got me thinking… Did you all get GIFT CARDS for Christmas? Or Hanukkah? etc… Gift Cards are great because you can pick the gift. I have several eBooks I want to get. Most of the time I go to Dreamspinner or ARe. But if I have an Amazon gift card, that is fun!

So now I have to peruse the iTunes list of audiobooks. I'm interested in:

Come Onto These Yellow Sands
A Ghost of a Chance
All Kinds of Tied Down
Morning Report
Brokenhearted: Hope Cove

Your thoughts? Good choices?

Anyway, I'm hosting MORE people over my house today. An "open house" sort of deal, but I need to have food. I cooked a turkey and made curried pumpkin soup. I need to make cookies and maybe mashed potatoes or something.

I'll be back again blogging next week as the release date for my new novel gets closer. In the meant time, there is still time to PRE-ORDER Misplace Affection and have it delivered right to your Kindle. (or so Amazon says.)

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Blog tour starts Wednesday over on Jeff Adams' Blog WITH A VERY COOL INTERVIEW. I hope you will stop by and take a look!

RELEASE DAY  is Thursday! And I am on The Novel Approach talking about my book. I hope you will catch all the excerpts on the blog tour. I made them all different and I try to be fun!

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