Monday, December 22, 2014

Impulse Buying


I don't know about you, but when I shop for others I often bring home something for myself. I see it while I'm in line to pay or whatever and somehow it is in my cart. This Christmas season is no different except that I started the day after Thanksgiving. BLACK FRIDAY! My daughter wanted to go shopping with her friend and so I took them. There were some good deals so I bought a couple pair of jeans, a coat, 2 T-shirts, and a dress for myself. The deals were good! I had to take them. I also bought some Christmas gifts for the family.

Since that Friday in November, I have been buying presents and collecting a list of what I bought. I was done a LONG TIME AGO and yet I still keep buying things. I try to even out the spending but it is hard when the 18 yr old gets a computer. So, I wasn't going to "den things out", but simply try to be fair and even out the younger children. Somehow I bought WAY too much for my youngest and now 4 of those presents are for her birthday in March. She will not miss them and this way the money is closer. PLUS, her birthday is done.

My husband was the next issue. He wanted a smoker for Christmas. Fine. He wanted it EARLY so he could smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. Fine. He got it early. But then Christmas gifts were sparse since I bought him the smoker. What to do? I came up with some small things and he will be fine with those, but I also know that he is jealous that I am now traveling a lot "for work". (hahhaha: Work) So I booked a trip to Orlando in February. His Birthday is in February so I thought it could be an early present and he could open it in December. Then, I thought, we've been to that conference a couple times. Maybe it would be too boring going again? So… BEER FESTIVAL! I booked another trip for May.

You have to understand, he never goes anywhere. He only works. All. The. Time. The American Craft Beer Festival is in Boston in May and I thought a weekend there would be cool. Fly up Friday stay tip Sunday. So I did it. I call this another "impulse" buy. I was done for Christmas. DONE! But yet I find another thing to buy. I think he will like it, but I don't know how I'm gonna pay for it. Oh well. Some things you just have to do.

All I asked for for Christmas was love and hugs. Something as a mother I never seem to get enough of. I also wanted to publish a book. Well, I made that happen!

Misplaced Affection comes out January 1, 2015.

I have a blog tour set up, so now I need to write posts for it. Last Saturday I was over on Sharing Links and Wisdom with an excerpt for you. A fun Christmas scene with a jockstrap… hahhaa :) 

Misplaced Affection is up for PRE-ORDER on iTunes, Kindle/Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. The PAPERBACK will be for sale on Amazon and Create Space January 1. 

My thoughts for you all are, if you like to IMPULSE BUY, then grab a little something for yourself :) hahah. 

I am happy with this, but then the issue come up that I no longer have a back list. I need to WRITE in order to have more publications! argh. Not really in a writing mood. I think that is why NaNoWritMo never works out for me. I have tried it several years, but November is a busy month because of Thanksgiving. December, likewise, is a busy month because of Christmas. I've been buying and wrapping and baking. I like decorating and putting up the tree, but all this gets in the way of writing. I want to write, and I have loads of ideas in my head, but no time to just sit quietly and get the thoughts out. Even while writing this post, I was interrupted as I had a quarrel with my son. 

I think it is the age. He is 18. He knows everything and I am just an over protective, concerned mother who never lets him do anything. (Not true.) I think I let him do anything and everything he wants. I think I am too easy. I think I give in and get taken advantage of. He doesn't see it that way and it hurts.

Anyway…. December has been busy. I hope to get time to write soon before I go insane. I can only obtain the voices so long before I crack.

Talk soon!

Hugs to everyone,


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