Thursday, December 18, 2014


From the waiting room of the surgical center..... All I have to do is wait, so while I do I thought I'd download the blogger app for my new iPhone and make use of my time.

My son had ACL surgery. It went well. He is a soccer player so injuries are a part of the game. He will be fine. But, as a Mom, waiting isn't my favorite thing. I watch Grey's Anatomy, and coupled with my wild imagination, it is hard not to think of that .00005% chance of complication. So, I was playing 2048 to distract myself. It worked.

Note: I suck. My high score is like 7400 something.

Along with the waiting in the waiting room add he is I recovery waking up, I am also "waiting" for my new release: Misplaced Affection. (I don't know how to. Links I my post from my phone, so I'll upload them later.) It was brought to my attention that in a post I spread online to advertise the pre-order links, that I miss spelled the title. I wrote Misplaced Perfection.... Lol.... I then wondered if that qualified as a Freudian slip? Ha ha ha. Am I subconsciously suggesting this book is "perfection"? I found that funny, but did go and correct my posts.

I guess I have to wait and see if you all think misplaced affection is indeed "perfection." I don't know how to comment on my own stuff and not sound full of myself. On the other hand, I've spend years posting blogs full of self doubt. All I know is that I tried really hard on this one. Names Can Never Hurt Me I think wad the best I'd ever written... Until now. MA (Misplaced Affection) is pretty darn good. Remember I took a grammar class last year. The story started there. We had to write a bit describing a painting. That is my prologue. The story fell together from there when I postulated that the best man might be in love with the groom. Cliche, yes. But it is a Wade Kelly story. That means nothing is straight forward and hopefully not very predictable. Again, you tell me!

In order to hear what you think I have to wait. I hate waiting!!!! Waiting is stupid! Although, it is only fair since I make you wait forever for my next book. Lol. Sorry. I promise 2015 will be awesome!

Sip, while you all wait for Misplaced Affection to release on January 1,2015 I say go and pre order it. Buy something for yourself while you shop for the holidays. 

Anyway.... I'm going to sit and wait to see my son and take him home. I can't wait!! And I wait top hear what you think about my next book. I really think it is my best work yet!! 

Love and hugs.


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