Thursday, June 7, 2012

Writer's Block?

Yes, I think I have writer's block. A grand total of 10 days after I wrote a blog about WRITING again and I get stuck. Yay me!! I'm not even sure what causes it. Confusion, brain-fry, laziness, worry, tension, or stress etc...? Whatever it is, it has me good. There is NOTHING going on in my head.

I was writing my other book (the one I just started) and then nothing. NOTHING! My mind has gone completely blank as to direction, theme, characters, content etc. I'm seriously stuck. I'm not sure I've felt like this before. Normally I have someone talking to me in my head. Darian, Matt, Cole etc... Somebody begging to be written and shout at the world who they are and what they want to say. But there is complete silence in my mind. I suppose there are people somewhere who enjoy the silence. There are probably people who have "voices" they wish were quiet. Not me. My voices carry me. The people in my head are inspiration to form a tangible person that leaps off a page (hopefully) to a reader so that THEY can hear the voice too!

This feeling of absolute dead silence is disturbing. I know I'll get it back eventually, but for now this is what I am going through.

So what do other author's do to get back the MOJO? I really don't know. I guess I could read. Sometimes that helps. This week has just been really busy for me personally so I haven't had time but I hope to get some reading in next week. I need to do something! I HATE not being able to write. I guess the part that bothers me most is the emptiness in my imagination. Normally it is finding TIME to write that keeps me from it, not WHAT to write. I'm scribbling notes in a notebook. I'm trying to think of content. It is just so hard. This is the most difficult time I've had.

In the past, I have been known to reread a story and then get inspired to write the continuation. When I wrote The Cost of Loving I reread WLINE and started writing where that left off. I suppose I could do that and write the continuation of Darian's tale. (I need to write that anyway.) I was also writing some details for the sequel of My Roommate's a Jock. A sequel to that would be nice to write too. BUT, these are both books that are NOT published. I really wanted to write another novel that I could submit!  (Because we all know that having a "sequel" written does not equate to another publication.)

Somehow this is turning into a long rambler of an explanation of my inability to write anything. Probably because I can't even think of what to write in a BLOG. Very sad. :(   Words, words, everywhere and not a sentence to form....

Whoa is me.


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