Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Never Cared

So I’m reading this short story by Michele L. Montgomery. First impression (because I’m not finished): Damn Good! As with my normal routine when reading anything, I didn’t read reviews and I didn’t look at the blurb on the back. (Although she has an explanation in the beginning of the story.) I didn’t know it was about suicide. If you have read MY BOOK, then you know I write about the topic too! But Ms. Montgomery takes a different point of view. The Bullier!!! I think this is great.

I haven’t read on from this POV and I think it is a good thing to explore. Often, tales are told from the pov of the bulliee and how hard it is to deal and the circumstances that push them to the edge. This isn’t like that and I find it a refreshing change! Plus, I thought it was going to be over gay bullying, it is but it seemed there was more to it than that. (AND the things they did to this kid.) I thoroughly enjoy reading things that I can’t predict! If you are a writer, I hope you can understand what I am saying. Predicting plots make the reading very difficult for me. I almost feel like why bother? But You Never Cared was surprisingly different than I expected and I am very glad for it. Actually, as I read I thought, “Everyone should read this!”

It is good to see things from the other person’s view point. Even people who seem like the party in the wrong often have feelings that get over looked because maybe the other person’s are seen as way worse or more painful. I would not have thought of a “bully” as this remorseful. Thank you Michele for delivering something that expands my thinking!! I need it sometimes! Reading the same old-same old gets boring.

Also, maybe reading has nudged me in the right direction. I am thinking clearer. I’m going to finish reading You Never Cared and then I might try writing again.

I’ve also been in a “bad place” because of personal reasons. Just so those out there who worry about me know, I am thinking clearer now. I will be okay! (You know who you are!!) I am glad for people who care and the couple who e-mailed me personally –THANK YOU!! It means a lot to know there are those around the world who notice even a change in the tone of my voice through BLOGGING and contact me to see if I’m okay. WOW! My circumstances are straightening themselves out and I am not zombie-like any longer.

So… off I go to read. And then maybe write. I HOPE. Writing has always been what relaxes me and NOT writing makes the tension grow—emotionally and physically. I become a not-so-nice person to be around when I don’t write for a long period of time. Hopefully this is a good turn for the week. Talk to ya’all later!

BTW, When Love is Not Enough I think fell of the radar scope. NO ONE is reading it/rating it. I sure hope another book of mine gets picked for publication soon! People will forget who I am!

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  1. Thank you very much! -hugs- if you need a shoulder I have two.